Tangerine Part 2 Study Guide

What happens in Tangerine Middle School’s second game?
Paul gets to play goalie and scores a goal. Victor comes out of the game because he gets a red card.

What is the specific topic that Paul’s group chooses for the cross-curricular project?
Florida citrus fruits

What do Paul and Luis have in common?
They both play/played goalie.

top goal-scorer in county for middle school soccer

leader/captain for TMS soccer team

leader/captain for LWMS soccer team

Ms. Bright
TMS soccer coach with impressive athletic career

Mr. Donnelly
Writer for Tangerine Times

Why does Paul’s family not have time to eat dinner with the family anymore?
She is busy with soccer games, football games, and school.

True or False: Erik’s family laughed at him when he appeared on the sports bloopers on the evening news.

How is TMS different from LWMS?
There are more minorities, co-ed soccer team, no portables, and they have older jerseys.

True or False: The TMS soccer team won the title of District/County Champions.

Why did Paul cry when he got off the bus after the last game?
He was so overcome with happiness because they were the champions and he had contributed as goalie.

Why hadn’t Mr. Fisher responded to the college football offers that had arrived for Erik?
He was holding out for the top Florida schools.

What are the nicknames people have given Paul throughout the novel?
Fisher Man, Eclipse Boy, and Mars

Who is TMS mascot?
War Eagles

Who is the LWMS mascot?

The Homeowner’s Association of Lake Windsor Downs met in the Fisher’s home on Oct. 4. What concerns did they discuss?
the pond’s fish population, lightning rods on Donnelly’s house, robberies in the homes, and the termite problem.

What nickname is Joey Costello given?
Charlie the Tuna

Why did Joey try to take off Mike’s shoes after Mike was struck by lightning?
Mike always felt better when he got his shoes off.

Who is Paul’s escort on his first and second day at Tangerine Middle School?
Theresa Cruz

Theresa’s twin brother

starting goalie on the TMS soccer team

developer of the Golden Dawn Tangerine

new student at TMS who does not like it there

Who seems to have a crush on Paul?
Kerri Gardner

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