System Identification Training Business Area (TBA)

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is a net-centric web-based Automated Information System (AIS) designed to replace traditional paper-based training records
Is to increase readiness and improve sustainability of AF weapon systems and equipment, by improving the visibility, accuracy, and availability of training qualification and certification information, strengthen training management execution and oversight, and automaton of the AF training business process
The primary goal of TBA
That manages tasks in the Master Training Plan (MTP) and Individual Training Plans (ITP) – Allows live updating
TBA is a role-based hierarchal application
Global Combat Support System – Air Force Integration Framework (GCSS-AF IF) in DISA DECC Montgomery enclave
TBA is hosted
TBA Program Management Office (PMO) and GCSS-AF Operations & Support (O&S) Team
Management of TBA is a joint responsibility between
An air-gap to Defense Readiness Reporting System-Strategic (DRRS-S), which provides personnel training qualification data through a non-classified Cost Assessment & Program Evaluation (CAPE) website, once a month
TBA only has one interface
CFETP maintenance training, AFJQS tasks, WJQS tasks, and maintenance training course data
TBA MA is designed to contain
TBA Confidentiality level is
TBA Data Integrity level is
TBA System Availability is
TBA System categorization is
DRRS-S interface
the readiness reporting system for the DoD that provides a capability that enables multiple stakeholders throughout the national security hierarchy to make strategic, operational, and potentially tactical-level decisions based on near-real-time, capability-based readiness by pooling various pieces of data from different systems throughout the DoD

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