Summer Semester 2017 Final Exam "Intro to Nevada History" TMCC

*CH: 1 & 2: The History of Nevada and the Creation of the Nevada Constitution*

1. Why was the Nevada Constitution wired to Washington, D.C. at great expense?
in order to get signed by Lincoln before the 1864 election

2. President Abraham Lincoln appointed the first Territorial Governor for the new Nevada Terroritory. He was:
James W. Nye

3. One of the 3 reasons for the settlement of Nevada was due to the discovery of gold in California.

4. The concept of Manifest Destiny involved the idea that
the United States had a duty and obligation to inhabit all land lying between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans

5. Which one of these expeditions were the first to explore the region now known as Nevada?
The Ogden and Smith Expedition

6. The Treaty of Guadalupe had Mexico giving the United States control over California but not Nevada.

7. It is alleged that 47 of the original 87 people who were trapped at Donner Lake (the Donner Party) were able to survive by cannibalizing the remains of their less fortunate companions.

8. What was the first permanent settlement in Nevada?
Mormon Station (later called Genoa)

9. The Comstock Lode dealt with the discovery of
Gold and Silver

10. What was the name of the route that became the primary emigrant route across Nevada?
The Humboldt Trail

11. The original Nevada constitution was rather unremarkable since it was based on the constitutions of
California and New York

12. It was alleged that the only way some members of the Donner Party were able to survive in the Sierras was that they:
engaged in cannibalizing

13. What action did the Nevada Territorial government take on gambling?
the made gambling illegal in Nevada

14. Which of the following is NOT true about John C Freemont and the Freemont Expedition?
he was the first Afro-American to see the Humbolt River.

15. The Nevada Terrority became a State on October 31,________

16. Both the 1863 and 1864 versions of the Nevada Constitution were based on the constitution of which of the following states?
None of the above

17. The first English speaking parties that entered and explored the Great Basin were primarily interested in
fur trapping

18. Nevada’s 1863 Constitution
was defeated by the voters due to concerns about a mining tax and William Stewart’s role in the new government

19. Which one of the following is NOT a reason why Congress was able to establish a separate Nevada territory in 1861?
the assassination of Abraham Lincoln provided an opportunity to create a separate territory without attracting attention

20. One of the main alleged incentives for Nevada’s statehood was President Lincoln’s desire for re-election and his need for Electoral Votes.

*CH: 3: Civil Rights and Liberties in Nevada*

1. Civil rights are generally defined as those positive acts of government designed to protect persons against arbitrary or discriminatory treatment by government or individuals.

2. The roots of discrimination against ethnic, religious, and other minorities do not run deep in Nevada history.

3. In Nevada, women obtained the right to vote
before the Nineteenth Amendment gave all women in the United States voting rights

4. What encouraged Las Vegas mayor Owen Gragson to announce an official end to any racially discriminatory practices in Las Vegas in 1960?
a threat of massive protests and sit-ins led by Dr. James McMillan

5. As late as 1958, the Las Vegas City Commission recommended that women
should NOT be hired as casino dealers

6. Before 1881, the Chinese in Nevada
experienced numerous acts of discrimination, including being prohibited from owning property, testifying in court, or joining miner’s unions

7. True of False: Native American children were allowed to attend public schools in Nevada before 1920

8. Which of the following is INCORRECT regarding civil rights for Gays and Lesbians in Nevada today.
Marriage between same sex couples is now illegal in Nevada

9. What is the difference between civil liberties and civil rights?
civil rights are generally “postive acts of government” that protect against arbitrary or discriminatory treatment. Civil liberties refer to “negative restraints” on the exercise of government power.

10. The Nevada Constitution’s Declaration of Rights is far more significant today than it was in 1864.

11. Fifteen states refused to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s, and Nevada was
one of the 15 that did not ratify it

*CH: 4: Political Parties and Elections*

1. The recall process allows Nevada voters to
remove a state or local official from office

2. How does the initiave process for a constitutional amendment differ from the initiative statute process?
for a constitutional amendment, the proposal goes directly to the voters and must be approved in two consectutive general elections

3. The referendum process allows Nevada voters to
approve or disapprove of any law passed by the legislature

4. Since 1912, how many times has Nevada voted for the LOSING presidential candidate?
Only twice — 1976 and 2016

5. Which of the following is a requirement to vote in Nevada today?
One must not be a felon or insane

6. Nevada has traditionally been a competitive two-party state

7. Political parties in the United States compared to the rest of the world have traditionally been
Much weaker

8. Which of the following is NOT accurate regarding term limits in Nevada?
judges may serve no more than eight years

9. Which of the following is INCORRECT pertaining to the initiative process?
a petition must be signed by 10 percent of the number of voters who voted in the last general election in at least 13 counties

or my answer…

A petition must be signed by 10 percent of the number of those who voted in the previous general election only.

10. As it was originally ratified in 1864, the state constitution originally allowed:
Only White Males of the age of 21 older to vote.

*CH: 5: Interest Groups and Lobbying*

1. Regarding lobbying, a 1991 study found that the Nevada legislature was
the sixth most lobbied legislature in the country

2. What was the impact of a 1993 law that required lobbyists to list legislators on whom money was spent?
spending by lobbyists on legislators dropped 90 percent between 1993 and 1995

3. Interest groups in Nevada
seek to get policies they favor enacted into law

4. The single most important industry in the State of Nevada is:

5. According to Jon Ralson’s _The Anointed One_, gaming interest groups
forced out potential governor candidate Frankie Sue Del Papa by starving her of funds

6. forced out potential governor candidate Frankie Sue Del Papa by starving her of funds

7. Which one of the following has NOT been an effective interest group in Nevada in the last 30 years?
Advocates for welfare recipients

8. Interest groups in Nevada do not attempt to influence officials at all levels and in all branches of state government.

*CH: 6: The Nevada Legislature*

1. How many votes are necessary to pass a bill that contains no tax increase in the Nevada state legislature?
a majority of elected members of each house (11 votes in the Senate and 22 in the assembly)

2. The Governor and the State legislature have the ability to call for a special legislative session.

3. Members of the Nevada senate serve
four-year terms

4. What is the Legistlative Counsel Bureau (LCB)?
A bureau containing five divisions (legal,administrative, audit, fiscal analysis, and research)that provides information and assistance to legislators

5. The Nevada state legislature meets every other year in odd number years.

6. The Nevada State legislature meets in regular session biennially for a period of approximately 8 months.

7. Members of the Nevada assembly serve
two-year terms

8. Currently, the Nevada legislature is comprised of
42 assemby members and 21 senators

9. The only state not to have a bicameral legislature like the State of Nevada is

10. Who is the most powerful member of the state senate?
the majority leader

*CH: 7: The Nevada Executive Branch*

1. The State Constitution allows the Governor of Nevada to be recalled by the voters before his or her term has expired

2. The Governor of Nevada is limited to
Two 4 year terms

3. The age requirement to be Lt. Governor is the same as the Governor

4. The minimum age requirement to be Governor in the State of Nevada is:
25 years old

5. At every legislative session, the Governor is constitutionally required:
To deliver a State of the State address to the legislature

6. Which one of the following is NOT one of Nevada’s six elected executive branch officers?
Chief Legislator

7. The Lieutenant Governor officially also serves as:
The President of the (state) Senate

8. Nevada has a “plural executive.” What is meant by this term?
plural executive means voters elect more than one executive officer. In Nevada, six elective-branch offices are selected by the voters

9. Who is considered the “chief executive” of the state of Nevada?
the governor

10. What power does the Nevada governor possesses that the U. S. President does not?
the Nevada governor appoints heads of cabinet-level departments without approval of the legislature

*CH: 8: Nevada Judiciary*

1. How many judicial districts does the State of Nevada have?

2. District court judges are, like state supreme court justices, chosen in nonpartisan elections for six-year terms.

3. Nevada State Supreme Court justices are:
Elected for a 6-year term

4. The State of Nevada does not have all three: a state district court, a state court of appeals court and a state supreme court.

5. The Nevada State Supreme Court has both original and appellate jurisdiction.

6. The state court system of Nevada operates separately and independently of the federal court system.

7. How many justices currently sit on the Nevada State Supreme Court?

8. The Nevada State Supreme Court may issue advisory opinions.

*CH: 9: City and County Governments*

1. There are how many counties in the State of Nevada

2. City managers, like County managers:
Serve at the pleasure of the council or commission

3. Local governments (ie. cities) are considered creatures of the state and have no independent power. They may exercise only those powers given to them by the state constitution and statutes.

4. Higher Education in the state is governed by the Nevada System of Higher Education’s elected 10 member Board of Regents.

5. Most citizens pay far more attention to the actions of the national and state governments than they do to local governments such as counties and cities.

6. Cities in Nevada are governed by
city councils

7. The largest populated City in the State of Nevada is
Las Vegas

*CH: 10: State and Local Finance*

1. Nevada has four types of gaming taxes. Which one of the following is NOT a type of gaming tax in Nevada?
a tax on state lottery proceeds

2. As of January 2009, Nevada’s tax revenue came mostly from gaming and sales taxes. In general, these taxes provide an _______ tax structure.

3. Who said that taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.
Oliver Wendell Holmes

4. What two forms of taxes are prohibited by the Nevada state constitution?
a state personal income tax and a state estate tax

5. The state constitution requires the biennial budget to be balanced.

6. The capital for the State of Nevada is
Carson City

7. The Nevada State Constitution prohibits

*CH: 11: Nevada Government Today*

1. The current Attorney General for the State of Nevada is:
Adam Laxalt

2. The current Governor for the State of Nevada is:
Brian Sandoval

3. As of 2014, which one of the following is NOT one of Nevada’s congressional representatives?
Shelley Porter

4. The current Treasurer for the State of Nevada is:
Dan Schwartz

5. Nevada sends _____ representatives to the U. S. House of Representatives

6. The current Secretary of State for the State of Nevada is:
Barbara Cegavske

7. The current Lieutenant Governor for the State of Nevada is:
Mark Hutchinson

8. More than _________ percent of Nevada’s population resides in Clark County.

9. As of 2017, Nevada’s two United States Senators are
Catherine Cortez Masto and Dean Heller

10. A major issue facing the State of Nevada is:
Water, diversifying the economy, growth.

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