Simply stated, the manner in which you and other employees treat your customers and each other as you deliver your company’s product(s) or other deliverables is known as
The key component in a customer-focused environment is the::
A learning organization
A term which describes an organization that uses knowledge as a competitive advantage is
Quality and quantity
The two top potential areas of a customers satisfaction or dissatisfaction about a deliverable are
The customer service is made up of six components of which customer, organiz
A type of business that is independently owned and operated and is not dominant in its field of operations is a
Number of rejections to offers
Employees who perform telemarketing service need strong self-confidence and other personal skills because of the
A term applies to an ongoing trend of information, knowledge and resources sharing around the world is
Organization culture
__________ ______________ is a element of an organization that the customer experience
Management rewards random employee efforts
All are common characteristics for leading edge customer- focused organizations except
Makes themselves clearly visible to front-line employees
In successful organizations, upper management
Service Philosophy or mission
The direction to vision of an organization that supports day to day interaction with customers is the
Customer Feedback
Service measurements can be in terms of
Make a commitment to the customer and establish an environment to support
When customers service problems occur and the culture is not customer-focused, the important question for the organization is “How do we fix our system?” and the answer is
The word used to describe the giving of decision-of lower-level employees the giving and problem solving authority
Get everyone involved in the organization in planning and brainstorming
The best way to create a service culture is to
Recognition, timely service, courtesy empathy and patience, among others
Customers want and expect common things if they are to keep doing business with you, such as
Non- initiative
Successful small business employees possess all but one of the following
The status quo is acceptable
All of these are good practices for separating average companies from excellent companies, except
Service delivery Systems
The mechanism or strategies used by an organization to provide service to customers is known as
Recognize how you tend to communicate by asking those who know you best for feedback
A key element in making your interactions successful is to
The methods to encode and decode, as well as feedback, fillers and noise
The interpersonal Communication Model contains the environment, sender, the receiver , message channel and
Putting in all unnecessary details
Planning before you come into contact with a customer involves all of these, except
Deal with the human being first
To deliver quality service effectively, you must
Be a positive or negative affect, depending on content or delivery
Feedback can
Verbal feedback
The response to senders message that allows both the sender and receiver to know that a message was receive correctly is
Remaining emotional when providing feedback
All of the following are effective ways to provide feedback, except
Projecting a presence that assured, confident and capable without appearing aggressive or arrogant is know as you level of
This is the term used to describe the method through which people communicate messages
A practice of a message receiver giving back in his or her own word what he or she believes the sender said
Your words are typically overridden by facial and vocal cues
Knowing 7% of the meaning is received by the actual words used between two people you realize that
Body Language
Noverbal communication cues that send powerful messages through gestures, vocal qualities, manner of dress and grooming are known as
Use a lot of jargon (technical or industry-related terms)
One way you might damage the customer-provided relationship is to
That they are also very similar to you
If you are to understand and serve people who might be different from you, you must first become aware
A firm but not overly loose or firm handshake
All of the following can cause relationship breakdowns as the may annoy customers except
Providing the negative feedback to eliminate the issue
Perception checking involves all of the following except
Notify the customer tel him or her the reasons and offer service alternatives if available
If service is going to be delayed or take longer than planned
Financial losses increase
Which of the following is not a likely result of being courteous
Crossing arms
All of these are positive nonverbal communication behavior except
Spatial cue
Non verbal messages sent on the basis of how close or how far someone stands from another person are

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