Struggle for Identity and Power Essay Example
Struggle for Identity and Power Essay Example

Struggle for Identity and Power Essay Example

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  • Published: January 17, 2022
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All about eve is the struggle for identity and power, no doubt about that. Eve has been presented as an active and ambitious actress who is also manipulative. She uses her charisma to influence people like Margo Channing of Broadway and her friendship circle. Basically, eve has great influence to Margo’s lover Sampson. She also interfered with Richard and Karen. It is thus clear that eve is driven by her great desire to attain power, fame and fortune. Eve appears successful to her audience but it’s unfortunate since she is not really contented. The fact that she does not have any real relationship but progressive alliance affirms that she is in great need for power, and identity just as other characters like Addison, Bill, Lloyd, Margo, Karen, max Fabian and miss castell.

Notably, all the characters in the narrat


ion have done a lot to attain power and identity in general but eve in particular. Addison is ruthless and egotistical in most of his actions. This could probably be the need to be noticed and attainment power. However, it is important to note that one can be successful without necessarily being arrogant. A good example of this claim are characters like Bill, Lloyd and Margo who became successful without being ruthless like eve. Eve uses superficiality to attain power and identity.

Eve is navigated by her belief that hard work and ambitious desire brings about success and happiness. Probably, these ideologies were her major considerations in her perseverance for personal goal attainment. This can be vivid in eves dedication for six nights in a week, for several weeks. She also sacrificed her money and more time to be

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as successful as she wanted. Her ambitions thus resulted to identity and power which she constantly struggled for without fatigue. Unfortunately, her hard work and struggle that gave her power and identity failed to give her the happiness that she thought was obvious.

The society was patriarchal. This made the males more advantageous in attaining power at the advantage of women. All the female characters in “All about Eve” have a mindset all women had to be vigilant enough to look around just before dinner. They also need to turn around in bed to affirm they were real women. Margo is a star who has been intimidated by the traditions of her society and thus does not enjoy being a successful woman. Nevertheless, these affirm that the female gender is also in a struggle for power and identity, (All About Eve, 1).

The narration is definitely clear in presenting different characters’ quench for power and identity. Thus, it is of great need to note that different characters in the novel use unique trait for them to be recognized and be in control. Eve has majorly utilized arrogance and ruthlessness as her ultimate tools to be powerful and familiar to many. Contrary, other people like Bill and Margo are successful without exhibit arrogance characteristic traits. It is also clear that the society has used patriarchy as a tool for me to be more strong than women. Yet, all genders are in constant struggle for identity, appreciation and power regardless of whether they are arrogant or tolerant to social norms. Certainly, all about eve is the desire and struggle for absolute power and identity.

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