Stress Management Chapter 5

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Lazarus perceived stress to be a function of
Demands exceeding resources
Activities to prevent a stressor from resulting in negative consequences are known as
Interpretation of a stressor is known as
Cognitive appraisal
After a life situation is perceived as stressful, what occurs next?
Emotional arousal
In the stress model, emotional reaction leads to
Physiological arousal
All of the following are examples of physiological arousal except
Feeling overwhelmed
An unhealthy roadblock might consist of
All of the choices are correct
Which of the following is an example of eustress?
These are all examples of eustress
Stress that results in negative consequences such as decreased performance growth is called
Which of the following would be an example of taking control?
All of the above
Outcome efficacy is a form of appraisal
Regarding the ability of others
Incomplete stress management programs teach participants only one or just a few stress management techniques
The goal with stress management is to eliminate all of your stress
You are in much greater control over yourself than you may realize
Managing stress is an exercise in understanding which part of the stressor is controllable
Trying very hard to control stress will create stress
Lazarus’ idea of task-oriented coping and emotion-focused coping do NOT require an appraisal of demand
Primary appraisal is the determination of resources available to manage a stressor or threat
Taking notes from a text book to prepare for an exam is an example of emotion-focused
Coping is a necessary function of managing demands
Self-efficacy is the perception of confidence in the ability to meet a demand

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