Stress Exam 1

The term Òpresenteeism is a corporate business term to describe high productivity levels often motivated by one’s optimal stress level
According to research by Holmes and Rahe, a person who scores more than ____ points on the Social Readjustment Rating Scale is quite vulnerable to stress.
This factor(s), above all else, determines one’s degree of stress
One’s perception or interpretation
All but one of these factors is thought to negatively impact on sleep hygiene.
Ambient light
The word health really means Òto be whole
This type of stress is most commonly associated with illness and disease.
Chronic stress
Emotional well-being is best described as Òthe ability to feel and express the entire range of emotions but to control them, not be controlled by them
One who suffers from insomnia would fall into one of these three categories
Transient, intermittent, or chronic
In today’s rapidly paced world, the terms ÒchangeÓ and ÒstressÓ are often used synonymously, by experts and ordinary people alike, to mean the same thing.
Regarding stress management, the holistic wellness paradigm suggests that:
All of the above
Which of the following characteristics is not typically experienced in the fight-or-flight response?
Increased gastric movement
A paradigm shift means adopting Eastern philosophies in the Western culture and society.
The dualism of mind and body, which has so strongly influenced Western medicine, was conceived and advocated by Isaac Newton.
Which of the following is not in the sequence of the fight-or-flight response?
Limbic systems releases ACTH from the hypothaamus
Experts suggest that most stressors fall in this category.
Psychointerpersonal influences
This stressor would be classified as a bioecological influence
Inadequate sunlight
Social influences are the influences most likely to cause stress in one’s life.
The western paradigm of health is based on the philosophy of this renowned scholar
Holmes and Rahe, creators of the Social Readjustment Rating Scale, point out that a person who obtains more than 200 LCUs suggests a Òmoderate life crisis
There are many physiological cycles affected by environmental stressors. Which of the following cycles occurs in more than once in a 24-hour period?
Ultradian cycles
Hans Selye listed this as the first stage of his General Adaptation Syndrome.
In terms of Òtechnostress,Ó the rate of change with technology seems to have outpaced the level of responsibility and moral codes that accompany it.
Stressfully speaking, the anxiety from the digital divide, information overload, and cell phone proliferation can be summed up in one expression
It is suggested that attitudes and behaviors about race and gender begin in
Grade school
The key to helping relieve the stress of PTSD appears to be releasing memories from the unconscious mind.
ÒTend and befriendÓ is a coping style used more by cancer patients than war veterans under stress.
Conceptually speaking, the model of holistic wellness paradigm is similar to the model of energy layers that comprise the human energy field.
Conceptually speaking, the holistic paradigm of health was inspired by the philosophy made famous by RenŽ Descartes.
Conceptually speaking,
The stress response is antiquated in today’s high tech society where few stressors are of physical nature
The Yerkes-Dodson principle suggests that:
After a certain point, stress can impede on’s performance/health
Experts agree that stress can best be defined as the “rate of wear and tear on the body.”
It is not the situation that one finds oneself in that is stressful, but the perception (interpretation) of the situation that determines one’s level of stress.
College students have their own Òlife changesÓ or stressors. According to experts who track this information, these three ÒeventsÓ top the list of most stressful events during the academic year.
Death of a family member, death of a friend, and parental divorce
By and large, healing and curing mean the same thing.
The Yerkes-Dodson Theory suggests that:
There is optimal stress level that promotes performance
The tend and befriend theory proposed by Shelley Taylor, speaks best to the coping technique used by
In his stress theory, Richard Lazarus says that Òdaily hasslesÓ cause stress. Which is a cause of hassles according to Lazarus?
Unmet expecations
Secondary Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) refers to:
Stress experienced by family members of those with PTSD
From split-brain research, what have we learned about stress management?
Left brain thinking is closelt associated with perception of stress
Synesthesia is a term to describe:
Sensory crossover
This rock group is thought to be responsible for bringing meditation to the West.
The Beatles
“What is the sound of one hand clapping?” is known in meditation circles as a:
Ineffability, which may occur during meditation, gives this sensation.
Unable to verbally express oneself
Transcendental Meditation (TM) is an example of:
Exclusive mediation
According to Dr. Herbert Benson, these four components are needed to achieve the Relaxation Response.
Quietness, a mental device, a passive attitude, and a comfortable position
The relaxation response is virtually the same thing as
Transcendental mediation
Meditation can best be described as:
Increased concentration that leads to increased awarness
________ waves are most associated with the relaxation response in the act of meditation
The primary difference between inclusive and exclusive meditation is that with inclusive meditation, you need to have:
Detached observation
A tratak is a _________ mantra.
Research studies investigating the effects of meditation have found the following results.
Like exercise, meditation lowers resting heart rate and blood pressure
Zen meditation is an example of:
Inclusive mediation
Repeating the word OM would be considered a:
Which of the following is not a cognitive function associated with the left hemisphere of the brain?
Spatial orientation
Listening to ocean waves to meditate would be considered a:
Recent brain imaging (MRI) research revealed all of the following except:
Increased secretion of serotinin
Jon Kabat-Zinn is renowned for using ___________________ to help patients cope with chronic pain.
Mindfullness meditation
Diaphragmatic breathing is only effective when done lying down.
Some adept yogis can control their breathing down to one breath per minute, and remain extremely relaxed.
Nadi Shodhanam is a breathing technique where you visualize white air inhaling, and dark air exhaling
By and large, Americans tend to be thoracic breathers, yet when asleep, the body naturally returns to diaphragmatic breathing.
These are the requirements for diaphragmatic breathing to be most effective.
A comfortable position, concentration, and visualization
Abdominal breathing is known to help relieve the symptoms of chronic pain.
A commonly held belief about diaphragmatic breathing is that breath has a spiritual quality to it.
“Energy breathing” is a special technique where you visualize:
Breathing air into your head and feet
This is an example of breathing by alternating the air through each nostril
Nadi shodanam
The following is said to be true about diaphragmatic breathing.
It is used in conjunction with several other relaxation techniques
This phase of diaphragmatic breathing offers a slight pause before the next inhalation.
Phase VI
For a typical person, the average number of breath cycles per minute during a VERY relaxed state is:
Time management is actually a prime example of social orchestration, where you manipulate factors in your environment for the path of least resistance.
The foundation of sound time management skills includes these aspects
Prioritize, adequately schedule, and execute personal daily stressors to satisfaction
This is not considered one of the “Three C’s” of time management.
In time management, the Pareto principle has to do with:
Executing responsibilities
Despite the fact that most college students don’t invest money into their retirement, financial advisors recommend that you tuck away some money for the future now.
Clustering is a term used to describe someone who is extremely pressed for time with too much to do.
Experts suggest you put away this much money from your monthly income in savings.
Neuromarketing is a marketing concept based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which encourages people to buy things they THINK they really need
This technique helps one administrate scheduled responsibilities.
C and D
Having a hard time saying “No” would fall in this category of time robbers.
Lifestyle behavior
Freezing your credit cards in ice is one recommended way to keep out of debt.
Time juggling would be considered by time management experts as similar to multitasking.
The stress of “poverty consciousness” is best described this way.
The fear or not enough money
This is not considered one of the “Three P’s” of time management.
Although time awareness is thought to be a left brain function, effective time management is thought to involve both right and left brain functions
Of the three types of procrastinator, the most serious is the straightforward procrastinator because they fool themselves into thinking they have more time.
Cleaning your house is a recommended way to save money because you realize you don’t need to buy as much, or buy things you already have
Tips for “financial freedom” include all but the following:
Don’t lend money to your friends
Poetry therapy is considered to be a form of:
Journal writing
These are the three essential criteria for effective journal writing:
Identify concerns, emotions, and seek resolutions
Poetry therapy is an aspect of journal writing in that these entries may eventually be shared with others, win contests, and thus help raise one’s self-esteem.
Current research reveals that journal writing helps in the following way:
All of the above
In his efforts to study the benefits of journal writing, Ira Progoff discovered the following:
Students reported fewer cases of disease and illness
The primary purpose of journal writing to help control stress is to:
Help identify and resolve the causes of stress through self-awarness
Journal writing as a coping technique is unique in that it is thought by many to be:
A means of short-term emotional catharsis and long term insight
The best way to eliminate writer’s block is to start doodling.
The “Buzan method” of journal writing is significant for its ability to:
Access both right (feelings) and left (thoughts) brain functions
Journal writing offers a good immediate catharsis, but offers little in the way of long-term resolutions
Research shows that people who write personal letters have less stress than those who keep journals.
Research shows that keeping a blog about one’s thoughts and feelings is more effective than writing in a notebook for a healthy catharsis.
The long-term effects of journal writing are most noticeable when the writer reads previous entries as an impartial, outside observer
Experts suggest that the Internet has offered an effective means of journal writing through email and blogs
Journal writing can be thought of as a means of exclusive meditation.

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