Stages of Cellular Respiration

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Cellular respirationHarvests chemical energy from organic materials.
Glucose and Oxygenare reactants during cell respiration
Carbon dioxide and Waterare products during cellular respiration

ATPconsists of a nucleotide, adenine, a sugar, ribose, and three phosphate groups.
36 ATPThe amount of ATP produced per glucose molecule during Cellular respiration
GlycolysisThe first stage of Cellular respiration
CytoplasmWhere does glycolyis occur?
glucose is broken down into 2 molecules of pyruvateWhat happens during glycolysis?
Citric Acid CycleSecond stage of Cellular Respiration.
MitochondriaWhere does the citric acid cycle occur?
NAD+Coenzyme that helps to shuttle electrons during redox reactions
NADHNAD+ becomes reduced when it picks up two hydrogens during the redox reaction and it turns into
NADH and FADH?Delivers electrons to the electron transport chain
CristaeWhere does oxidative phosphorylation occur (Electron transport chain)
Electron transport chainWhat is the third stage of cellular respiration?
2 ATPhow many molecules of ATP are produced during glycolysis
intermediatescompounds that form between the initial reaction and the final product
The Krebs CycleSecond stage of Cellular Respiration is commonly known as
it releases carbon dioxide and yields acetyl CoAWhat happens to pyruvate before it enters the citric acid cycle (krebs cycle)
PhosphorylationProvides controllable energy primes a molecule to react
OxygenWhat is the electron acceptor in the electron transport chain?
Redox reactionthrough what type of reaction is energy released when it goes through the electron transport chain?
FermentationAllows cells to produce ATP without oxygen
GlycolysisFermentation occurs in which metabolic pathway?
two molecules of pyruvate, NADH, and 2 ATPWhat are the products of glycolysis?

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