Discuss Environmental Issues in Latin America (version 2)

the area in which something lives; pollution is damaging this

air pollution
waste matter that contaminates the air; this is a major concern in Mexico City, Mexico

destruction or loss of forests; this is an environmental issue in Brazil

the natural environment where animals and plants live

global warming
increase of the Earths temperature due to thinning of the ozone layer; rainforest destruction contributes to this

Amazon Rainforest
the large tropical rain forest mostly in Brazil through which the Amazon river runs; its destruction is an environmental issue in Brazil

Mexico City
capital city of Mexico where air pollution is a major environmental concern

major oil-producing country in South America; oil-pollution is a problem here

a large, bowl shaped low area; Mexico City is located in one trapping air pollution

The Latin American country south of the United States; air pollution is a problem in its capital

air pollution by a mixture of smoke and fog; this is a major concern in Mexico City, Mexico

natural resources
things that come from nature that people use to meet their needs

fossil fuels
Coal, oil, natural gas, and other fuels that are ancient remains of plants and animals; burning these causes pollution

renewable energy
energy that can be continually produced such as wind power or hydroelectricity

acid rain
rain containing high amounts of chemical pollutants; air pollution in Mexico City causes this

the number of people that live in a certain place; usually the higher it is, the more pollution

Height above sea level; Mexico Citys is high meaning there is less oxygen and fuels do not burn completely, causing more air pollution

Harmful substances in the air, water, or soil

public transportation
buses, trains, subways; use of this can decrease the number of vehicles on the road and reduce air pollution

the cutting down of trees; this is destroying the Amazon Rainforest

the Amazon Rainforest is being cleared to make land for this industry that includes growing crops and raising cattle