Sports Marketing 1.05 – Features & Benefits/Attendance Motivation

describes an actual part of a product or service
how a product or service will directly offer a user a solution or positive result
Obvious Benefits
easy to recognize benefits. Example: alloy rims vs factory grade implies status and luxery.
Unique Benefits
specific to the product or service. Example: hands free voice dialing
Hidden Benefits
implied benefits but not obvious. Example: NASCAR provides research for innovation in automobiles and tires.
Feature-Benefit Selling
providing product features to satisfy customers offering them a benefit they need or want
Feature-Benefit Chart
Graphic that compares the features and benefits of several products/services in a chart form.
Service Feature (examples)
Examples: Sports Spa/Gym – massages, Yoga classes, weightlifting classes
Service Benefit (examples)
Examples: Sports Spa/Gym – better health, fewer injuries, better performance
Product Feature (examples)
Examples: Golf Clubs – loft, weight, graphite vs steel, woods vs irons.
Product Benefit (examples)
Examples: Golf Clubs – control, durability, backspin, low score
Target Market
a specific group of customers that you want to reach
research method in which information is obtained by asking many individuals a fixed set of questions
Social Media
electronic media that allows people with similar interests to participate in a social network
Online journals where people post their thoughts, usually on a narrowly defined topic
Face to face
in person; in a situation where two people can see each other and speak to each other directly; not over the phone or by email
Blind sampling
sampling of a product while blindfolded so as not to bias the outcome
Focus groups
small groups of people who are interviewed, typically to provide advertising or public relations professionals with detailed information
short-term incentives to encourage trial or usage of a product or service
a promotional program that allows the consumer the opportunity to try a product or service for free
temporary price reductions, often employed to boost sales
the use of satisfied customers and celebrities to endorse a product in advertising
usually a paid for recommendation regarding the use or quality of a good or service
not shared with others
Recognition or respect from others
be a regular customer or client of; brand loyalty
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