Sport Management Test 1

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Loyalty to sport clubs was developed by…
club structures
Sport management originated in thoroughbred racing in the form of…
Jockey Clubs
Who founded the National League?
William Hulbert
Name three teams who were inaugural members of the National League
Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati
What two themes run through this chapter’s (Ch. 1) examination of sport organizations?
Sport management structures are conceived and evolve in response to broad social changes or to address specific issues
Name three types of sport management structures
clubs, leagues, professional tournaments
What was the first sport to use sport management principles in the U.S.
Harness Racing
Who was instrumental in initiating the modern olympic games?
Pierre De Coubertin
In what year were the first modern olympic games?
Sport management structures evolve in response to…
broad social changes
What other sports developed management structures similar to jockey clubs?
Cricket and boxing
Why did thoroughbred racing in the early U.S. fail to gain popularity?
because it started becoming a “fixed” race. Corrupt.
The practice of binding a professional baseball player to his ballclub was called,…
reserve clause
The modern olympic games in 1896 were held in which city?
Athens, Greece
The first recognized jockey cluv was in what city?
The first organized group of professional baseball players was known as the…
National Association of Professional baseball players
Who was the first professional baseball team?
Red Stockings
What are the common elements used to define management?
Achievement of goals, limited resources, and people skills
Current management theory stresses the concepts of employee involvement, employee empowerment, and _
managers’ concern with the human component of employees
The under-representation of women, minorities, and people with disabilities in the sport industry is an important issue for sport managers who value ___ in the workplace
What are some appropriate titles of managers in the sport organization?
Health Club Manager, athletic director, and coach
____ is a continuous process that involves establishing organizational mission statements, goals, objectives, tactics, roles, and evaluation
The proper steps involved in recruiting and selecting the right person for getting the job done include:
reviewing applications
choosing people to interview
checking references
selecting the “best fit” person for the job
Sport managers must master their ____ in order to be successful
What are the steps of the classic model of decision making?
1. Framing the problem
2. generating alternatives
3. Evaluate alternatives
4.Select best alternative
Sport organizations, like all organizations, have two types of leaders:
formal and informal leaders
Emotional Intelligence
the ability of workers to identify and acknowledge emotions when they occur, and instead of having an emmediate emotional response, to take a step back, allowing rational thought to influence their actions
According to Kotler, the marketer’s job boils down to one action:
creating demand
Target markets
the group of consumers to whom a product is marketes
the first company to capitalize on the term official with regard to a professional sport product was:
By turning a parking garage in proximity to the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Village into a mini- NIke Town, Nike was engaged in
Ambush marketing
When working for the golden state warrior, Matt levine developed an “audience audit” which advances the practices of
sport marketing research or pass-by interviews
marketing mix
the controllable variables the company puts together to satisfy a target group
identifying subgroups of the overall marketplace based on factors such as age or income level
fan identification
personal commitment and emotional involvement customers have with a sport organization
customer retention activities demonstrating care and concern for the customer following a purchase
What are the key skills necessary to succeed in the amrketing department of a professional sports team?
1. Oral Communication
2.Written Communication
3. Data analysis skills
4. Computer capabilities
5. Personnel management
6. Sales
7. Education

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