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Where was the first sport management program
3.34 Billion
How much was spent on sport facilities in 2008?
National Park
Which stadium was the first LEED-certified professional stadium
Event Management is a social and technical process that utilizes resources and influences human behavior to accomplish an organizations goals
Spectator safety initiatives include metal detectors, no fly zone, training security
Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats
What does S.W.O.T. stand for
Participants, Sponsors, Spectators
Event Triangle
All the above
Planning and providing an event includes; achieving goals, coordinating etc
Strategic, Conceptual, Operational, Contingency
The 4 phases of event planning
Eminent Domain
Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution permits agencies to take land away from private groups
Proper Zoning, Meeting Environmental Concerns, Physical Characteristics needed to build
Preparation of the building site includes:
Most Facilities are constructed with debt financing because rarely do sport entities have enough cash to build a facility
Request for proposal
When soliciting bid (RFP) stands for:
General Obligation, Revenue
Name the two types of bonds utilized by public entities wishing to build a sport or recreation facility
In the first half of the century sports teams primarily owned their own facilities
When did increase of public financial support for the facilities occur?
Psychic Benefit
The presence of a major professional team can signal to the rest of the country that a metropolitan area is “Big League” rather than merely another mid-sized city is an example of
Both parties give or do something as part of the contract
Most frequent accident to sport facilities
Stop and Think
Best emergency response method
Know, Understand, Appreciate
Cost of Goods Sold
Transfer of blame or care
Access, Signage, Hospitality
Sponsors Benefits include the following:
Public Accommodations
Title III protects access to disabled individuals in places of?
Mainstream and incorporate individuals into society as much as possible to ensure equal opportunity
Primary goal of Americans with Disabilities Act
Areas needed to be in ADA Compliance
A wheel-chair bound coach
ADA Legislation Title III Anderson v Little League Baseball involved
Because their influence is felt at so many levels within the organization hiring appropriate personnel is of prime importance
First and foremost in the hiring process is
Are medical questions routine in an application according to the EEOC
Title,Description, Qualifications necessary
Job Descriptions should include
Employee from a different department
Not and example of external recruitment
Subject Matter
Not included in an offer
Breach of contract is usually remedied by mediation
An agreement between two parties which is enforceable under the law?
Contracts drawn up by a facility manager
what treatment is used when the risk of loss is not so substantial as to warrant the avoidance of the activity and the risk is greater than the organization can assume on its own?
if a risk is classified as occurring frequently and having a high severity which of the follow would be the most logical treatment to use?
Performing a duty that was beyond your authority or training
Enough force to subdue someone
Reasonable person theory
All the following are components for an effective crowd management policy except?
Closed Circuit TV
According to an article distributed in class the introduction of CCTV cameras have proven to be an important component in the policing of hooligans. What does CCTV stand for
English football disaster
Move away from something in a hurriedly fashion due to perceived danger
Effective risk management plan, trained staff, ejection procedures, communication network signage and emergency plans
6 Components of an effective crowd management plan
Improve a facility’s disaster personality
An emergency management plan can
After an emergency plan is developed and implemented it should not be changed
Sin Tax, Luxury Tax and Hotel/Motel Tax

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