Sport Facility Management (Ch. 10-12) Knowledge Quizzes

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Performing a duty that was beyond your authority or training
The courts look for all of the following to be shown by a defendant in order to use the assumption of risk defense EXCEPT:
The plaintiff must demonstrate that sovereign immunity was a viable option
A __________________ is an individual who uses another person’s property with her or his permission.
Recreational user
A __________________ is a person who enters the premises without the permission of the owner/operator
A ___________ is a contract where one agrees not to pursue legal action for an injury occurring as a result of negligence
A __________________ is an individual who has been allowed, without expectation of monetary exchange, to use the premises
What does KUA stand for?
Know Understand and Appreciate
__________________is the connection or bridge between the “breach of duty” and the “damage” or “loss”.
Proximate cause
________________________ are the most frequent negligence incident claims brought against sport and entertainment providers
Slips & falls
A ___________________ is an individual who has paid a fee or can be expected to pay a fee in the future for the use of the facility.
Most fans and athletes are classified as invitees?
The Taylor Report was a comprehensive investigation of English football that emanated from the 1989 __________________ disaster which claimed 96 lives.
What does CCTV stand for?
Closed circuit television
___________________________________ is an organizational strategy designed to assist facility or event administrators in providing a safe and enjoyable environment for their guest by implementing the facility or event’s policies and procedures.
Crowd management
The “Reasonable Person Theory” is best described as:
Using enough force to subdue an individual
N OHIO, those who trespass during a game face a misdemeanor with a $100 fine and jail time?
What kind of games do hooligans attend?
A__________ occurs when patrons hurriedly move away from something of perceived danger.
A ___________ occurs when patrons move toward something of perceived value
All of the following are components for an effective crowd management policy EXEPT:
Critical components of an sport-facility emergency-management plan include all of the following EXCEPT:
Letting fans follow their instincts
A _____________ emergency is confined to a single setting, such as a school gym, athletic contest, or sports event.
A ____________ emergency requires the involvement of several groups outside the organization or event.
A _____________ emergency may involve the entire community in which an event takes place.
According to FEMA, _________________________ is defined as the process of preparing for, mitigating, responding to and recovering from an emergency.
Emergency Management
What does EPT stand for?
Emergency Planning Team
The proper response in an emergency is to:
Stop, breathe, think, act
An emergency management plan can:
Improve a facility’s disaster personality
After an emergency management plan is developed and implemented, it should not be changed, since doing so will only cause confusion among staff members.
What does EMP stand for?
Emergency Management Plan

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