Something either Good or Bad That Change My Life Essay Example
Something either Good or Bad That Change My Life Essay Example

Something either Good or Bad That Change My Life Essay Example

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  • Published: May 7, 2017
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At 25, a significant shift occurred in my life as I continued to explore and understand the essence of womanhood despite no longer being classified as a girl.

Encountering a man from an uncommon place was a crucial event in my existence, as it demonstrated that there were still numerous things to uncover despite my age of 25 and feeling knowledgeable. I was charmed by his mesmerizing eyes.

Despite my usual resistance, I am inexplicably drawn to his demeanor. Nevertheless, I would prefer if he discovered and pursued his own path.

My goal is to confirm his true love for me, his identity as the one I've been searching for, and our destiny together. We engaged in standard date activities where we exchanged numerous stories and confidences. Our love was radiant, resulting in the creation of my beloved child - my true love.

When I was 25, I anticipated th


e arrival of my first child. Despite not knowing their gender, I eagerly bought baby items and imagined future experiences with them such as shopping trips, celebrating milestones, camping adventures, dining out together and attending their wedding.

However, my initial thoughts were soon replaced by the harsh reality. The beginning of my pregnancy brought about numerous developments in my physical state. Nausea was a regular occurrence, resulting in constant vomiting. Thankfully, those around me were understanding of my condition.

Expressing gratitude, I was grateful to have experienced relief from my perpetual struggles with vision blur and episodes of collapsing. Despite my earnest efforts to avoid the embarrassment caused by such occurrences, my body seemed to insist on manifesting them independently.

The appearance of dark lines on certain parts of my body wa

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causing me to look unattractive and dislike my reflection. Although these areas were not very visible, seeing myself in the mirror made it seem like I was looking at a different person.

I found a great doctor during my pregnancy, thanks to my mother. Regular visits to this doctor gave me clarity and confidence to face the challenges ahead as they provided insightful explanations on everything I needed to know.

Despite experiencing an increase in appetite and weight gain during pregnancy, I was able to effectively manage my stress levels with the helpful guidance provided by my advisor. She offered advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet, including tips on what to avoid. Although I did feel deprived of some of my favorite foods - such as sweets, fast food items, and other high-cholesterol and fatty options - following her recommendations proved beneficial.

On a daily basis, I made sure to have a well-balanced diet that included lean meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit. It was imperative not to overlook the consumption of milk and vitamins. Nevertheless, maintaining this healthy lifestyle proved challenging due to experiencing persistent back pain despite moving at a slower pace and refraining from wearing high-heeled shoes.

My pregnancy required me to adjust my shopping and fashion preferences, as well as my social activities. I used to frequently go out with friends, exploring bars and cinemas and even staying overnight at a buddy's place. However, since I was now responsible for another life, I had to make certain sacrifices like abstaining from alcohol consumption and avoiding smoky environments.

As time went on, my stomach expanded and I realized that the birth of my child

was near. Although I was frightened by the idea of giving birth, a small part of me wanted it to happen sooner in order to alleviate my discomfort. However, I also hoped for a miracle to postpone the event due to my extreme anxiety. Despite taking good care of myself and my baby, I surpassed the anticipated delivery date by two weeks.

Feeling a combination of nervousness and stress, I realized the need to leave the delivery room and go to the operating room for my caesarean section. Nonetheless, anxiety impeded my movement due to various factors.

Whilst experiencing the effects of a sedative, I was overwhelmed by fear. My concerns included developing stretch marks and not being able to regain my pre-operation weight, as well as apprehension about enduring pain. However, my greatest concern was for the physical health of my son. Even though I had dedicated nine months to ensuring his well-being, questions persisted: would complications arise? Would he experience pain? Would he accept me as his mother? These thoughts caused paranoia and my mind raced with them.

Despite my desire to take action, I was helpless and resorted to fervent prayer, seeking God's blessings to surmount the dire circumstance. Upon awakening in the hospital, I beheld my tearful mother cradling my child; there was no remorse.

As I held him, tears streamed down my face while I observed his tiny fingers grasping for an object. His adorable features tempted me to give him a kiss, and I recognized aspects of myself within him.

Feeling complete satisfaction and happiness, I am overjoyed to see that my son is everything I had hoped for. As a result, there are

no tears left to shed and I eagerly look forward to embarking on a new journey in life with him.

Being a parent, I have great eagerness to provide my child with all the essentials of life and share with him the valuable experiences and joys that I have had. My ultimate goal is for him to become a thoughtful and compassionate individual.

Although challenging times may arise, I am devoted to supporting my child and providing direction as a loving mother. I have faith in my capacity to nurture him and when the time comes, I will joyfully witness his transformation into an outstanding father. Throughout that phase of his life, I vow to consistently provide unwavering encouragement.

No matter what happens, I will always be there for my son. We faced many challenges during his early years until he turned four. Despite the hardships, I appreciate all the good and bad things that happened. One memory that stands out is giving him touch and massage therapy during late-night sessions.

Despite not having visual contact, we could communicate and comprehend nonverbally. While I had to frequently wake up at night to feed my child, the times we spent together while he slept were priceless. However, as he has entered the toddler stage, things have become notably more challenging.

Although it has been bothersome, I acknowledge that my son's tantrums have resulted in stressful situations. I have struggled with deciding whether to indulge his desires or encourage him to wait for an appropriate time. It is my desire to avoid spoiling him while still disciplining him with love and through proper means.

Although motherhood presents various challenges, it signifies the

beginning of a long-lasting journey that I deem valuable despite the obstacles. Despite being separated from my child's father, I have faith in my ability to be an exceptional mother and feel fortunate to own a restaurant that provides financial stability.

Although I prioritize my studies, my mother provides consistent support for my son when I am unavailable. However, at night, I maintain my role as a dedicated mother. I deeply value the unwavering presence of my mother and the companionship of friends who support me through both joyful moments and hardships.

Throughout my pregnancy and child-rearing experience, I have had the comfort of a reliable support system. I cherish happy memories from my past to the present and appreciate how both positive and negative life events have shaped who I am today.

Currently, my level of satisfaction has increased as I have realized that even small events can have a significant effect on my well-being. Age does not determine one's ability to make important alterations, as proven by the way my son altered my life despite being young.

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