Sodium orthovanadate Na3O4V structure

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Molecular FormulaNa3O4V
Average mass183.908 Da
Boiling Point
Flash Point
Molar Refractivity
Surface Tension
Molar Volume
  • Experimental data
  • Predicted – ACD/Labs
  • Predicted – ChemAxon
  • Experimental Physico-chemical Properties
    • Experimental Melting Point:

      850-866 Ā°C Alfa Aesar
      850-866 Ā°C Alfa Aesar 81104
    • Experimental Solubility:

      Soluble to 100 mM in water Tocris Bioscience 2821
  • Miscellaneous
    • Safety:

      20/22-36/37/38 Alfa Aesar 81104
      26-36/37 Alfa Aesar 81104
      DANGER: POISON, teratogen, mutagen, GI/liver/kidney damage Alfa Aesar 81104
    • Target Organs:

      ATPase inhibitor TargetMol T2189
    • Bio Activity:

      (Na,K)-ATPase TargetMol T2189
      Enzymes Tocris Bioscience 2821
      Inhibitor of protein tyrosine phosphatases, alkaline phosphatases and ATPases. Suppresses p53-mediated apoptosis by transcription-dependent and -independent pathways. Tocris Bioscience 2821
      Membrane Transporter/Ion Channel TargetMol T2189
      Phosphatases Tocris Bioscience 2821
      Protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitor Tocris Bioscience 2821
      Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases Tocris Bioscience 2821

Predicted data is generated using the ACD/Labs Percepta Platform – PhysChem Module

No predicted properties have been calculated for this compound.

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