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My husband and I visited the bowling alley several days back. I decided to break a social norm in order to find out the expected and unexpected verbal and non-verbal reactions from the people around us. For the first set of norms, I would incessantly burp loudly while drinking a Diet Pepsi. Likewise, I would hang out in the men’s league area with my husband and his friends.

For the second one, I would fart and burp at the same time during a smoking break with six other female bowlers whom I know. When I did the first norm, I received both expected and unexpected behavior from people who we know and do not know.A friend of ours asked me if I am alright, which I expected since I made really loud burps continuously. I was asked if I am feeling some stomach pains. Unexpectedly, there was one person from the other groups who looked at me as if what I just did was a crime. Of course, I am fully aware that it is against the shared code of discipline but I did not expect him to go as far as stopping from his shot and looking at me and mouthed “excuse you.

” After the burping, I proceeded with accompanying my husband in the men’s league area.He looked at me as if to warn me about being there but still allowed me to come with him. The other men in the group stared at me as if asking my husband why I am there. A number of men also felt uncomfortable with the idea of having a female go into their area.

Finally, one asked me to join the other friends I have in the female area, which I think is another way of saying I should move to the female league area. When I moved to the female league area, I asked six of my other friends to have a break. We went to the smoking area and I started farting and burping.Someone asked me what I had for lunch as she jokingly said that I should avoid it.

At the first fart I let out, most of them covered their noses and looked at me with disgust. Since most of them did not expect such behavior from me, they acted in a formal manner as they asked me how I am feeling. Afterwards, I enjoyed recalling the series of events with my husband. I could remember the shock in their faces and how some took the courage of letting me know about it. Nonetheless, I would not dare break a social norm again especially when there are numerous people around.

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