Social Media Marketing Unit 2

Social network community
The relationship zone that focuses on maintaining relationships, conversations & collaborations are the main activities
External social network
Hosting several subcultures with in a larger social networking site. Open to people not affiliated with the sponsor site
Internal social network
Internal site build by a specific organization for own use & limited to members of an organization. Like the intranet that many companies provide to employees
Social networking fatique
The need to manage multiple community accounts as well as maintain the steady streams of content flowing from the multiple networks
An online fan community supporting a brand
Identity portability
Single profile that provides access across many social networking sites with a single login & shared information
Return of emotion
Accesses the extent to which a brand has delivered a value in exchange for the emotional attachment fans have been awarded it
Levels of engagement
Emotional engagement
Self identification
Cultural competence
Auxiliary consumption
Emotional engagement
The object is meaningful in the emotional life of the fan. Example relating to a character in a show
Fan identifies with like minded fans
Cultural competence
Critical understanding of the object, it history and its meaning beyond its basic functionality
Auxiliary consumption
Fans collect and consume related items and experiences beyond the basic object. Example buy clothes, mugs with brand logo
Fans become involved in the productions the contents related to the object.
Message internalization
The process by which a consumer adopts a brand belief as his or her own
Social ads
Online display ads that incorporate user data in the ad or in the target of the ad and enable some form of social interaction
Social engagement ad
Contains ad including creative text and image along with an option courage the view to engage with the brand
Earned reach
Gained when people share positive brand opinions and branded content with others. Earned by word of mouth communications
Participatory advertising
Brands invite content fans by setting mandatory guidelines and specifications and possibly provide participants with selected brands assets like footage from prior commercials. Example user generated content. It engages the customer and helps spread the message by leveraging consumer networks.
Content marketing
Marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable relevant & consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience
Call to action
Direct request in a marketing message for a specific behavior. Example “Call now”
Organic content
Content that a person feels intrinsically motivated to prepare and share
Incentivized content
Content that is encouraged by the offer of an incentive. Like a chance to win a contest, receive free merchandise, earn cash.
Counterfeit conversation
When an organization plants content that masquerades as original material an actual consumer posted
Sponsored conversations
Paid consumer content, consumers are paid for their content creations. Brands actively seek people like bloggers, videographers and artist to participate in the campaign.
Content value ladder
Filler content
Original content
Authority building content
Pillar content
Flagship content
Flagship content
Seminal work that helps to define the phenomenon or shape the way people think about something for a long time.
Sponsored links
Paid links
E-retailers paid to be sponsored listings that put them at the top of internet searches
Organic listing
Sites that do not pay to be listed. It is based on the search engines model of delivering relevant search results
Golden triangle
The space on the screen where listings are virtually guaranteed to be viewed
Meta tag
Code embedded in a web page. Meta keywords are located here. It can be seen by viewing the source code of the page.
Search engine optimization
The process of modifying content, site characteristics and content connections to achieve improved search engine rankings
Social Media Optimization
The process that makes it more likely for content on a specific social media platform to be more visible and linkable in online communities
Search Engine Marketing
Form of online marketing that promotes websites by increasing the visibility of the sites URL’s in search engine results, both organic and sponsored
White hats
Play by the rules, provide quality content best use of keywords
Gray hats
Take liberties with the SEO system. Use keyword density, duplicate content at multiple sites
Black hats
Manipulate the SEO system by utilizing several SEO tactics that are unethicial
Keyword stuffing
The insertion of a superficially large number of keywords throughout a sites content & tags
Careful crafting of webpage title that markets the content
Three-way linking
Linking their own sites to each other in sequence and then back to the original site.
Plug ins
Share tools that appear as clickable icons on a website and enable the view to bookmark or share the page with many social media sited. 3rd party app that plug into the main site and add functionality.
Web crawlers
Automated web programs called spiders & bots that gather information from sites that ultimately form the search engines entries
Social music & television
Digital media channels that are digitally connected, encourage participation and sharable
Social entertainment
Digital & social forms of media that are otherwise addressed by the entertainment industry
Social games
Games that are social, digital interactive and shareable online with one’s network
Core games
Games that require extended lengths of time per game-play session, highly immersive and demand advanced skills for on going play, specific hardware & software requirements. Gamers value realism in contextual clues
Casual games
Games that require low level of entry, small time investment per session, easy to learn and readily available on line. Gamers value ease of use and immediate gratification
Game platform
The hardware system on which the game is played. Includes consoles like Sony Playstation, xbox, Nintendo Wii. Computers smartphones, handheld consoles like PSP and DS
Game mode
The way the game world is experienced. Single player/multiplayer, proximity of players/virtual proximity, real time/turn based play
Game milieu
Visual nature of the game. Science fiction, fantasy horror, retro
Game genre
Method of play, represented by the game market whether the games are casual, core or social.
Types of game genre
Simulation games
Action games
Role playing games RPG’s
Strategy games
Simulation games
Depict real world situations as accurately as possible
Examples racing/flight simulations, SIM games
Action games
Performer chooses the action, the game excutes
Role playing games
Gamer plays a character role with the goal of completing some mission
Strategy games
Experts play to organize and value variable sin the game system. Example alternate reality games and puzzle games
Types of in game advertising
Display ads
Static ads
Dynamic ads
Display ads
Ads integrated into a games environment like billboards, movie posters & store fronts
Static ads
Hard coded into the game @ ensure that all players view the advertising
Dynamic ads
Variable ads that change based on specific criterial
Game developed by the brand to deliver the brands message. This games are casual games and available online.
Product placement
The placement of a branded item in an entertainment property such as television program, movie or game.
Transference effect
When a brand benefits from their association with a successful game.
Fans Love of the game = fans love the brand that they encounter in the game
Social shopping
The situations where consumers interact with others during a shopping event. It opens the door for others to influence out decisions
Social commerce
A subset of e-commerce that uses social media applications to enable online shoppers to interact & collaborate during the shopping experience & to assist retailers & customers during the process
Methods of social commerce
Online rating & reviews
Shopping related apps
Deal sites and deal aggregators
Social shopping mails and storefronts
Consumer decision process
1. Problem recognition
2. Information search
3. Alternate evaluation
4. Purchase
5. Post purchase evaluation
Zero moment of truth
Consumers are influenced in several moments online prior to making the purchase decision
Assessments with detailed comments about the product in question
Scores generated by users that reflect assessments of attributes like perceived quality satisfaction or popularity on a scale
Acknowledge opinions that were invited, incentivized or facilitated by the brand
Popularity filters
Filters that enable the shopper to show products by most popular, most viewed, most favorite or most commented
Share tools
Social software plug ins that enable easy sharing of products sold on a retailers website to social networks-example pinterest
Shop together
Marketers can partner with other sites that provide a digital shopping experience akin to the one you have face to face with friends. Brand offer referral discounts to referee when friend purchase from brand
Social shopping portals
Users share products the want, need, love with the network that links the buyer to the product page on the retailers website.
Social commerce strategies
Reviews and Ratings
Popularity filters
Share tools
Shop together
Social shopping portals
Factors that influence buying
Social proof
Social proof
Arrive at a decision by observing what those around us do in a similar situation. When many people select one option, we interpret this popularity as social proof and the choice is the right one
Persuades with the opinion or recommendation of an expert in the field. The expertise can be based on specific knowledge or personal experience with the product or problem. We tend to follow that persons advice
Follow or copy those people whom they find attractive or desirable. By liking someone, we are more likely to say yes to their request or follow their belief and actions as our own
We instinctively want things more if we think we can’t have them. Techniques include time-sensitive, limited editions, limited supply.
Embedded urge to repay debts and favors whether or not we requested the help. Marketers encourage a specific brand to show locality to the brand over time.
Sales techniques include: sampling, perceived gifts, birthday and holiday cards to clients
People strive to be consistent with their beliefs, attitudes and past behaviors. Marketers use image ads, free trial periods, automatic renewals & membership offers

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