SimChart Ch 1

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All of the above
Patient chart
Patient record
Electronic health record
A physical collection of an individuals healthcare information is termed
The Civil War
Early medical documentation of present day posttraumatic stress syndrome was first seen in
College transcripts
Which of the following is NOT found in the patient medical record?
Living Will
A legal document that may include a “do not resuscitate order” would be called?
An individual who is responsible for recording data in the patient record is called a
Which of the following is NOT a documenter of the patient chart?
May be documented by the medical assistant into the patient chart
Patient information
The reason for the visit
When accompanying a patient into the exam room, the MA commonly documents
Both A and B
May be included as part of an interoperable EHR
Includes administrative functions like appointment books and billing
Practice management software
All of the above
Voice recognition software:
patient appointment times
The receptionist would commonly document
belongs to the one who creates and maintains the record
Ownership of the physical medical record
In SimChart for the Medical Office, a patient visit with a provider is called an
All of the above are core functions
Health information management
Results management
Patient support
Reporting and population health
Which of the following is not a core function of a well-designed EHR?
patient support
The doctor asks the medical assistant to print a handout on hypertension for the patient to take home. This is an example of which EHR core function?
orders management
The doctor prescribes the patient an antibiotic for a URI. It is sent directly to the patient’s pharmacy. This pharmacist notices the patient is allergic to this medication and informs the doctor. This is an example of which core function?
Electronic communication and connectivity
Geraldine has been referred to a cardiologist for an MVP. The EHR allows the specialist to gain access to Geraldine’s relevant heart history with her permission. This is an example of which core function?
administrative processes
The patient statement for outstanding balance is printed from the EHR after the patient visit. This is an example of which core function?
Reporting and population health
Incidence of the swine flu can be monitored with the help of which core EHR function?
Which of the following sets standards for what each software system should be able to accomplish?
____ allows practitioner to tailor the care of an individual patient by making sure it adheres to published guidelines for the patient’s specific diagnoses.
A fixed amount of money a patient is contracted to pay out of pocket at each visit is called?
documenting patient visits results
Practice Management software does all of the following except
Should have his/her insurance card to be copied at each visit
An established patient
Which of the following would be documented using computerized provider order entry (CPOE)?
patient information form
A form used to gather data about the patient, including basic demographic information, payer information, and emergency contact is called
day sheet
The ___ is a statement for the daily business transactions. It includes the list of check and balances for the office for a specific date of service.
A standard electronic format that facilitates the claims processing for doctors and suppliers:
short training period
Which of the following would most likely affect EHR user satisfaction?
knowledge of medical terminology
Skills for using the EHRs include

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