Serial Murder final exam

Serial murder is now a current epidemic with at least 4000 deaths per year attributed to serial murder.

Today, we suspect at least 3500 serial killers are active at any given time.

This new wave of serial murder is marked by greater torture and mutilation than ever.

Serial killers TYPICALLY cover at least five states with their murders

Bedwetting and pyromania are thought to be a cause of serial killers’ path to destruction

Serial killing accounts for about 20% of all murder victims

This appalling “disease” (serial murder) is distinctly american.

Serial killers are almost exclusively white, male, with no prior convictions

Serial killers typically have a higher than average IQ

Almost all serial killers have a single set of modus operandi

Who was known as the Demon Barber of Fleet Street?
Sweeny Todd

Terrorizing Camp Crystal Lake in the Friday 13th series was infamous
Jason Voorhees

Who worked on Wall Street by day and killed by night in American Psycho?
Patrick Bateman

Who was behind the miner’s mask in the 1981 original My Bloody Valentine?
Tom Hanniger

Who comes back from the dead to avenge his death in The Crow
Eric Draven

Who went on a killing spree in The Shining
Jack Torrance

Known as Jigsaw in the Saw films, what is his real name?
John Kramer

Based on real life Ed Gein, who is the Psycho killer
Norman Bates

Known as Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs, what is his real name?
Jame Gumb

Do you dare say his name 5 times?

According to Altheide, the major impact of the discourse of fear is to promote a sense of disorder and a belief that things are out of control.

According to Altheide, popular culture has been the key element in promoting the discourse of fear

Which of the following statements summarizes the Thomas theorem?
If people define situations as real, they are real in their consequences.

NCAVC is an acronym for
National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime

According to Altheide, fear
is normal in our time, has become more pervasive in our lives, is commonly used in public documents and is becoming a part of our everyday conversation

According to lecture, the “phenomenon” refers to the mind games associated with serial killers.

The Lucas Stereotype includes all of the following characteristics except
A killer who uses a variety of kill methods

A major “warning label” presented by Dr. Sue in the introductory lecture video is that…
students may learn more about themselves than the killers they study

Year in and out, serial murder numbers remain fairly consistent, accounting for about 20% of all homicides in the US

The class definition of ideology, first and foremost, focuses on and teaches us about

According to lecture, the number of serial murders per year in the US is estimated from 3000 to 3500

According to Haggerty, which precondition for serial murder does not have its roots in modernity?
a society in which everyone knows everyone else

According to Holmes and Holmes, a person who plans an escape route following the killing aftermath falls into which mass murderer classification?
no answer text provided

According to Holmes and Holmes, an institutional mass murderer commits mass murder as a crime of obedience when ordered by his or her leader

According to the FBI, what is killing four or more persons at one time considered to be?
Mass murder

All serial killers are psychopath

Compared to a mass murderer, a serial murderer
individualizes his or her murders

From a judicial point of view, the most serious of murders are those that are capital cases involving ___, or the willful, intentional killing of another person(s).
Premeditated murder

Hickey, in noting the degree of mobility exercised by offenders, has delineated three distinct groups of offenders: travelling serial killers, local serial killers, and serial killers who never leave their homes or places of employment.

Homicide offenders are mostly _______________

In 2012, makes accounted for ________ of all murder victims
over 77 percent

In California, the average length of time for an appeals process to be completed is
over 16 years

In his novel, American Psycho, Ellis did not explore which of the following?
Obsessive-compulsive disorder

In some mass killings an offender begins killing in one location, then moves to another location to continue. What is this phenomenon called?

John is robbing Radio Shack with his partner Eric. Eric becomes impatient with the store owner and waves his gun, which accidentally goes off. The bullet ricochets off a metal table and strike John, killing him. What crime has Eric committed?
Felony murder

One of the confounding myths of serial murder is that they are all, by definition…

Perhaps the single most critical stumbling block that currently stands in the way of understanding serial murder is the disagreement among researchers and law enforcement personal about ____
how to define the phenomenon

Stereotype of serial murderers that have formed in the minds of American society include:
the murderer is ruthless, the murderer is blood thirsty, and the murderer lives a Jekyll and Hyde existence

The Green River Killer, Gary Ridgway, in response to a detective asking him to rank himself on a scale of 1-5, with 5 “being the worst possible evil person that could have done this kind of thing,” viewed himself as a _____.
3 because he killed them fast and didn’t torture them

This is sometimes referred to as “no fault” homicide, and usually involves the killing of someone out of necessity or duty.
justifiable homicide

Spree murder is sometimes called
cluster killings

When combining all mass murders, mini-mass murders, and attempted mass murders, the incidences of such murders remains _____.
very high

Which of the following is NOT a fact surrounding serial killers?
they have high mobility in the US

Which of the following characteristics are common to both mass and serial murderers?
For both, murder is means of control over life

Which of the following serial killers was convicted of the most murders in the history of the United States?
Gary Ridgway

Jarvis refers to the psychology of shopping in malls as a
zombie effect

As murder rates have decreased, homicide on evening news increases.

Jarvis equates modern capitalist consumerism with
violence, compulsive and extreme consumption, lewd, extravagant designer objects, yuppie charisma

Homicide is the leading cause of death for
US black men ages 15-24 and US black women ages 15-24

We are the sum of our emotions, including our loves minus our fears. This quote is attributed to
David Altheide

Even in a society of saints, some would come to be defined as criminal. This famous quote is attributed to
Emile Durkheim

Regardless of facts, when a condition, episode, person, or group of persons emerge to become defined as a threat to societal values and interests, we have a society-wide
moral panic

About 96% of the US population has at one time been the victim of SOME kind of personal violence.

Most serial murderers involved in cult-related killings are found to be:
self-styled Satanists

Peter Stubb/Stump was a:

You eat meat with your teeth and you kill things that are better than you are, and in the same respect you say how bad and even killers that your children are. You make your children what they are. This statement was uttered by
Charles Mason

Murderabilia, according to Jarvis, includes
video games, trading cards, toenail clippings, action figures

In 2001, eBay banned murderabilia.

As cited in Jarvis, objectification of women and other vulnerables is symbolized in
eroticized dolls, surrealist photography, S depictions, mannequins

According to Peck, who are “people of the lie?”
evil people

A litmus test for cult organizations is that _____ is/are part of the structure.

“Anthropophagy” refers to revulsion at eating human flesh.

A primary difference between vampires and werewolves was believed to be that vampires _____.
were sexually involved with their victims

Erich Fromm considered evil a process and not a state.

Golem syndrome refers to _____.
persons capable of murdering without remorse or feelings for the victim

How many serial murder cases are linked directly to Satanic worship or cult-related activities?
less than 5 percent

In each of the cases of this killer, the victim’s breasts had been mutilated and cut off with a knife or piano wire.
Robin Gecht

In this 1984 case in California, seven people were accused of the ritualistic torture of children. After the longest trial in the U.S. history, the key suspects were acquitted.
the McMartin preschool case

It is believed this 15th-century killer murdered several hundred children, drank their blood and engaged in necrophilia, sometimes having the heads of his child victims stuck on upright rods.
Gilles de Rais

What did Finkelhor conclude in his book Nursery Crimes?
Daycare centers do not have abnormally high rates of abuse.

Lycanthropy refers to _____.
transformation of humans into wolves

Who was Josef Mengele?
an aspiring geneticist who conducted identical twin research for the

Which of the following serial killers claimed that he had multiple personalities as his defense for his murders?
Kenneth Bianchi

This killer was a college graduate and once worked as a fishing guide and security guard. He later became a police officer who had a fantasy for taking young women into the woods and hanging them.
Gerard Schaefer

Most serial murderers involved in cult-related killings are found to be _____.
self-styled Satanists

Peter Stubb/Stump was a _____.

The family of this 17th-century killer robbed, murdered, and ate unsuspecting travelers.
Sawney Beane

The Satanic Bible was written by _____.
Anton LaVey

This idea is intangible and unmeasurable and is often used as a misnomer for inappropriate behavior.

What may well be the epitome of narcissism?
total domination of others

A doctrine asserting that individuals are born with access to certain ideas and knowledge is

The view that humans acquire all, or almost all, of their behavioral traits from “nurture” or the environment is known as
tabula rasa

Mental rehearsals, which seem to contribute to the maintenance and escalation of serial killing, seems to be a contributor to many serial killers’ repertoire. These mental rehearsals are commonly known as

According to Singer and Hensley, the primary source of humiliation for serial killers is/are
one or both parents

According to Singer and Hensley, the primary source of humiliation for serial killers is/are
one or both parents

Firesetting is known to be a known cause of serial murder.

The “Inheritance” school of thought is accepted by most researchers today because the support of such is based on a preponderance of evidence.

According to Eysenck, what is the foundation for criminality?
interactions of environmental conditions and inherited personality traits

At his trial, Ted Kaczynski was found to be _____.
paranoid schizophrenic

According to Hickey, what is the most likely explanation for serial murder?
childhood trauma

Criminal psychopaths make up about what percentage of the male inmate population in prison?

Dissociative identity disorder is sometimes referred to as the “UFO of psychiatry.”

In her study of psychopathology and mass murder, Souza found that most of these have a history of mental illness.
mass murderers

In _____, the Supreme Court ruled that insanity may continue after the criminal act, and therefore the offender could be placed in a psychiatric facility until such time when he or she is determined to have recovered from his or her afflictions.
Jones V. US

Recent research has suggested that serotonin has no role in creating violent behavior.

The Brawner Rule intends to exclude _____ from using the insanity defense.
defendants with antisocial personality disorders

What is the condition of the primary psychopath?
always a social chameleon

There is a correlation between head trauma and violent behavior.

The role of _____ in violent crime is of growing importance in understanding the dynamics of the interactions among the forces of biology, psychological factors, and our environment.

This type is a pervasive pattern of detachment from relationships, including limited expression of emotions.

What did Reiss and Roth find?
inhibited children are less prone to violence and aggression

What percentage of all criminal cases uses the insanity defense?
less than 1 percent

Which can best be attributed to the term “insanity?”
Insanity is a legal term and judicial determination.

According to Bandura, how can aggressive and violent behavior be substantially reduced?
providing appropriate non-violent role models

According to Brown, et al., what is the culture of honor hypothesis?
States that place high regard on social status and strength in regards to one’s property, reputation, and family will have higher rates of violence and aggression than states classified as non-culture-of-honor states.

According to the public health model of violence, which of the following is NOT true:
Everyone in the same environment is prone to equal risk factors

According to researchers, what is the social learning of violence a direct result of?
viewing violence

According to Grossman, we have strong evidence that humans possess
A strong inherent inhibition against killing

According to social process theory, family has no significant effect on youths’ delinquent or violent behavior.

A general argument posited by feminists regarding serial murder is that women are usually selected as victims because of their _____.
relative powerlessness

As children at risk become adolescents, some of them will find themselves engaged in what Goffman referred to as _____ or places where routine degradation processes are the norm for stripping away individualism in order for conformity, compliance, and altruism to flourish.
total institutions

How does Becker describe “moral entrepreneurs?”
people who create rules

Classical control theory contends that punishment deters prospective murderers.

Cline outlined a four-factor syndrome involving pornography. Which of the following is NOT one of those factors?

For the psychopath, becoming adept as a serial killer requires perfecting this.
rationalization and unconscious pretense

Erving Goffman was a ________ theorist who focused on ___________.
labeling, institutions

Howard Becker describes “moral entrepreneurs” as:
people who create rules

Some theorists argue that people have a proclivity toward violence. This expert argues the opposite — that humans possess an inherent inhibition against killing.

The MacDonald Triad is widely accepted as embracing the primary causes of serial killing.

The theory that emphasizes gender influence on perpetration and victim selection is

The theory asserting that most people “drift” between conventional and deviant behavior is

One of Athens’ cases is about the boy who witnessed his father denigrate and then beat the boy’s mother. Athens would classify this example as
personal horrification

Athens theory of violentization primarily uses _________ to understand why certain people develop a criminal career (as opposed to one or two violent episodes).
social experiences of violent crimes

Athens believes that the violentization process may be completed in a few months, producing what he refers to as
cataclysmic experience

The four stages in Athens’ theory of violentization include
brutalization, belligerency, violent performances, and virulency

Athens, as an experiential theorist and humanitarian, advocates for:
incapacitation of a dangerous violent criminal for whom rehabilitative efforts have failed, selective rehabilitation over selective incapcitation, preventing people from completing the violentization process, general prevention over selective rehabilitation

Athens describes a case in which the violent aggressor became known as a “crazy ass motherf**ker” and a reputation of being somewhat “mad” or mentally unbalanced. For Athens, this is a clearcut mark of the _____ stage.

Athens describes a case in which the boy’s friends beat up a guy, dunk his head in the toilet, and tell him to bob for apples. As they bragged about their accomplishment, the boy became fascinated with their stories. This is an example of
vicarious enjoyment, violent coaching, brutalization

Athens agrees that much can be derived from combining more general theories of criminal behavior, each of which may contribute various components of precursors to violent behavior.

According to Athens, ANY person who does ultimately complete the virulency stage, and consequently the entire violentization process, will become a dangerous violent criminal.

Athens’ purpose for advancing his model of violent career criminals is:
understanding self-images of violent actors, to understand violence from actor’s perspective, base theory on experiences of violent actors, empirical research on violent actors

Athens Model #2 allows for three kinds of violent “careers”, as follows:
stable, escalating, de-escalating

According to Athens Model #1, no one can become a dangerous violent criminal without having first completed a stage of brutalization.

In Athens #1 model, the concept that refers to an extremely hostile or violent state of mind is

Athens Model #2 emphasizes the __________ as a starting point for the process of becoming a violent dangerous criminal.
phantom community

Of the following statements, Athens would be most likely to agree with:
most boys likely start the violentization process just prior to their teens, girl’s completion of the process probably occurs much later, data and the current state of theoretical development do not permit a defenitive answer to the question of onset and end of the violentization process

Less than _____ of all homicides in the United States are committed by juveniles.

Offenders may suppress traumatic event(s) to the point where he or she cannot consciously recall the experience(s). What may this be called?
splitting off the experience

Serial killers generally deny the victim according to neutralization theory.

This killer of 10 victims, including his grandparents and mother, explained that “he was killing his mother all along.”
Ed Kemper

What are the four types of juvenile killers that Myers identified in his study?
explosive, predatory, revenge, displaced matricide

What does Patterson’s “coercive family interaction patterns” suggest about abused children over time?
view abuse as normal

What does Price & Dodge’s intention-cue detection refer to?
attributional bias

What does the “Mephisto Syndrome” describe?
a combonation of dissociation and psychopathy

What is the term for sociological theories that focus primarily upon an individual’s socioeconomic standing to explain crime?
social structure theories

What percentage of the time is a child’s enuresis considered to be a “red flag” of something more serious?

What should parents or guardians do when children are cruel to animals, according to Margaret Mead and other researchers?
always hold the child responsible through discipline

Which of the following is not part of the MacDonald Triad?

Which of the following statements is correct?
question was wrong. all answers were correct

Who perpetrates the most mass murders in grammar schools, junior high, and high schools?

An unidentified rapist has been working the Manhattan area for several years. He exerts physical control and strength, cleans up, and often compliments or asks for evaluations of performance. He most likely fits the profile of
power-reassurance, gentleman rapist, and power rapist

According to lecture, the classification that most closely aligns with strength, power, and control to compensate for inadequate masculinity describes
power rapists

According to lecture, a personality profile that demonstrates high extroversion, high impulsivity, and high hostility is known as

Arrigo and Purcell conclude that clinical treatment and prevention for lust murder, as we now know it, is impossible.

Of the rapists profiled in the lecture on rapists, which was most clearly characterized as having the most paraphilias?

Erotophonophilia refers to
lust murder

The classification that most closely aligns with sexual arousal by psychological and physical suffering of others is
sadistic rapists

According to Money and Werlas, what does a paraphilia involve?
an obsessive dependence on an unusual stimulus, either physical or fantasy

For the offender, the sexual attack in certain serial killings is not an integral part of the murder, both psychologically and physiologically.

Lawson identified four subtypes of female offenders. Which is not one of these?
heterosexual nurturers

Most serial murders are sexual in nature.

Of the five types of female offenders Mathews identified, which are women with histories of personal abuse and substance addictions who act alone in efforts to find emotional intimacy?
the predisposed child molester

Rather than groom victims, these offenders are opportunistic and will molest children both in private and in public places, even when unsuspecting parents are close by.
child molesters

Sexual offenders often commit only one crime.

Sexual sadism is to sexual masochism as _____ is to _____.
the punisher, the punished

The need to control is rarely present in primary paraphilia.

These people seldom marry, are not sexually attracted to other adults, and in their own twisted perspective do not harm children because they care about them.

The sex murderer appears to harbor deep-seated fantasies, whereas the lust murderer kills out of fear and a desire to silence his victim.

This killer may have murdered over 100 victims. He was usually able to lure the intended victims to his car by asking them for assistance. He was always polite and friendly and sometimes wore his arm in a sling to appear as a harmless, well-bred young man simply in need of help. At other times he was known to lurk in dark shadows and attack women who were alone.
Ted Bundy

This killer placed Internet requests for young homosexual men interested in “slaughter and consumption” and received many serious responses. After meeting and rejecting four men because they were not suitable, he found a willing man in an Internet chat room. After the killing, the victim was butchered and kept in a refrigerator. By the time the homosexual paraphiliac was caught he had cannibalized most of the victim.
Armin Meiwes

what does lust killing involve
postmortem acts of mutilation and desecration

North American Man/Boy Love Association

What is another term for scopophilia (voyeurism)?
peeping tom

Which is not another term for the “signature” or personal marking of an offender?
the MO or method of operating

Which is NOT TRUE regarding compensatory rapists?
they use extreme violence against their victims

Which of the following is the very essence of the sadistic drive?
the pleasure in the complete domination over another person

Between 1996 and 1997, this offender lived in Yosemite National Park where he worked as a handyman at several hotels. Those who knew him described him as likeable loner who never dated and was not inclined to close friendships.
Cary Stayner

Each year in the United States about how many children are abducted, sexually assaulted, and killed by sexual predators?
about 150

Sarrel and Masters identified four typologies of female sex offenders. Which is not one of these?
mother abuse

This killer’s fantasy for greater sexual pleasure led him, on November 26, 1968, to strangle Jan Whitney, 23 with a postal strap. After killing Whitney, he had sexual intercourse with the corpse, then cut off the right breast and made an epoxy mold of the organ. Before dumping her body in the river, he took pictures of the corpse.
jerry brudos

What is a common fetish in Britain?
gas-mask fetish

What is the act or fantasy of engaging in sexual activity with prepubescent children as a preferred means of achieving sexual gratification and/or arousal?

Which is not considered an attack paraphilia?

Which of the following is considered to be a paraphilic serial killer?
Charles Albright

Which of the following paraphilia involves sexual arousal through the use of enemas?

As of 2012, how many states currently impose the death penalty?

As of 2014, what percentage of serial killers used guns as their sole means of killing?

Between 1977 and 1978, seven females in Georgia, most of whom were elderly, were sexually assaulted and strangled to death. The offender was referred to as the “Stocking Strangler.”
Carlton Gary

Females who have solitary, secluded lifestyles appear to have the highest risk of becoming victimized by a male serial killer.

Male offenders reported which of the following as the most frequent motive for killing at least one or more of their victims?

Most serial killers are found to be legally insane.

Serial killers generally don’t kill strangers.

Since 1975, among male offenders, which of the following mobility types killed the greatest number of victims per offender?

The “Zebra Murders” involved the killing of _____ by _____.
white males by black males

This is a transient attraction to corpses rather than a preference for them.

This killer began a 4-month killing rampage that would cover seven states and include at least 18 victims, including children, teenagers, adults, and elderly persons.
John Paul Knowles

This young man raped and strangled elderly women who lived in the Park Plaza Hotel where he worked as a porter.
Calvin Jackson

What is one of the weaknesses of psychopaths?

Which of the following statements is true?
most male offenders killed at lease one female victim

Which of the following is most likely to occur to male serial killers once they have been apprehended?
prison sentences

According to the FBI, who was the first documented female serial killer?
Aileen Wuornos

According to the FBI, which of the following would best fit the definition of male serial killer?
Aileen Wuornos

Among serial killers who had at least one partner and traveled from state to state, a _____ proportion involved female offenders.

Female serial killers were most likely to be _____ in their mobility.

Female serial killers are most likely to be _____.
given life in prison

Female serial killers tend to be typical in terms of female criminality.

Females represent what percentage of all serial killers in Hickey’s study?

In terms of psychopathy, Verona and Vitale note that females likely have differing norms for aggression that may require a higher level of this in order to for them to engage in violent behavior.
psychopathic traits

In the Heckert and Ferraiolo study, most respondents imagined this of female serial killers.
they used guns to dispatch victimss

Since 1975, female serial killers have been more likely to target which type of victim?

Since 1975, the number of _____ female offenders has appeared to have dropped considerably, while their male counterparts have remained about the same.

This offender, a Texas nurse, was continually employed in a hospital long after numerous complaints and charges that she was injuring the children in her ward.
Genene Jones

Most common motivation for female serial murderers

When family members are the victims of female serial killers _____ are the primary targets.

Which of the following is false of female serial killers?
Average age is 40

Which of the following statements is correct?
Since the turn of the 20th century the number of victims per case killed by female serial offenders has fluctuated.

Which of the following is true of U.S. female serial killers?
few killed from all age groups

Who are the “quiet killers”?
female serial killers

Wolfgang noted a preponderance of killings among the _____, where interpersonal violence was more “acceptable.”
lower socioeconomic classes

Women who kill rarely do so as a result of domestic conflicts and tend to kill multiple times.

BTK stands for
bind, torture, kill

In his infamous signature “BTK,” Dennis Rader often made the “B” look like
women’s breasts

Dennis Rader’s last kill was in

The spokesperson who reported to the press and sent “coded” messages to BTK was
the head of homicide, Ken Landwehr

In her presentation on interviewing killer, Dr. Williams reported on three cases. The case most likely to involve a serial killer, or perhaps a future serial killer was

Lt. Landwehr and Det. Relph reported on the case of
`Dennis Rader

BTK was responsible for ___ killings.

Dr. Williams interviewed
incarcerated juvenile offenders convicted of murder

In recent years cases of team serial murder in the United States have:
decreased slightly

In some cases of _____ team killing, offenders were easier to detect because bodies of victims were discovered quickly.

Of all serial killers, which of the following groups had the highest criminal records for sex-related crimes?

Which of the following statements is most accurate regarding victim selection by team serial killers in the United States? Offenders were more prone to kill _____.
both male and female stangers

In Dr. Sue’s presentation, “Jacob” was convicted of
2nd degree murder

According to Dr Sue’s quickstart presentation, violence in the media — with regards to its role in societal violence — is best characterized as
facilitator for at-risk individuals

America’s Most Wanted was inspired by the murder and decapitation of 6-year-old Adam Walsh. Who is Walsh’s killer officially identified as?
Ottis Toole

Among team serial killers which of the following categories is the most common relationship groupings?

By 2014, the media had stopped assigning these to serial-killer teams.

Hickey found that about _____ percent of all serial killers had histories of various psychiatric problems.

According to Hickey, team killers are found that to each average _____ victims per case.
4 to 5

Of all weapons used by team serial murderers _____ was the most common.

Risk-takers such as _____ have appeared to be at greater risk of murder than those who avoid such lifestyles.
prostitutes and hitchhikers

Team killers were likely to come in contact with one another as a result of chance meetings.

Which of the following statements is not true regarding team offenders and cult-related killings?
most team offenders were involved in ritualistic torture of victims

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which types of abductions accounted for the greatest percentage of children found dead?

Dr. Wayne Lord, former director of the FBI’s child abduction unit, found that of the 3,200 to 4,600 annual occurrences of non-familial child abductions, _____ were by predators who sexually assaulted and/or killed their child victims.

In Dr. Sue’s presentation, she is bound to report “Jacob’s” possible crimes because she is a mandated reporter.

Heterosexual serial killers target gay men how often?

Krystal Surles is a survivor after an attack by serial killer
Tommy Lynn Sells

This offender became known by the media as the “Scorecard Killer.”
Randy Kraft

This was the primary motive for killing children reported by male serial offenders.
Sexual gratification

What is the primary motive reported by female serial offenders for killing children?
Monetary gain

Who is at greatest risk of victimization in cases of serial murder?
young women and children

Most missing children are returned home alive or are located. Of the .2 percent not located or returned home, most were _____.
runaways from instituitons

Most serial offenders who are white usually are also lower middle class or middle class, and their homicides tend to be _____.

Nearly 75 percent of child abduction murder victims are killed within _____ hours.
2-3 hours

In the “survivor” story, the young woman reporting her story of surviving a serial killer attack is
Krystal Surles

The fact that Japan has no diagnosed antisocial personality disorders is a result of:
their proper translation from the English version of the DSM-IV to Japanese language remains controversial

Where was the VICLAS system developed?

Which of the following is not one of the explanations given by Messner and Rosenfeld for the higher rates of homicide in the United States compared to that of Japan’s?
ratesof alcohol consumption are much lower in Japan

In the “survivor” story, the serial murder case being addressed is showcased in the book _________
through the window

In the article by Raine, a primary hypothesis is that
genes shape brain abnormalities that predispose one to antisocial behavior

Raine’s article claims that environmental factors have little to no influence on aggression in those identified as violent and dangerous.

According to brain imaging research, the ____ affects fear conditioning, which, in turn, may affect the development of a conscience.

Environmental factors can actually affect gene expression (the way it works) and, in turn, brain functioning.

The testimony of surviving a serial murder attack included
all except surviving ablizzard

According to Hickey, which of the following is NOT a key issue in exploring serial murder from a global perspective?
understanding religion as a cultural factor factor in serial murder

A man of low self-esteem, this offender killed children and young women in and around train stations. A paraphilic killer with a history of scopophilia and pedophilia, he routinely stabbed out the eyes of his victims to avoid their stare and frequently practiced anthropophagy.
Andrei Chikatilo

Few countries appear to have a problem of certain offenders being defined as “superkillers,” meaning offenders who claim outrageous victim counts.

Few serial murderers are found to be insane in the eyes of the law.

In the Harbort study, many of the German serial killers were found to be affected by this.
brain abnormalities

Japanese male offenders were more likely than their American male counterparts to murder using this method.

The United States’ murder rate is _____ times higher than Japan’s.

This offender was raised in a physically and sexually abusive home where he witnessed his alcoholic father raping his mother and sisters. He also engaged in sexually abusing his sisters and eventually ran away from home. He used hammers, knives, and scissors to kill both young girls and women. Eventually he was apprehended and sent to the guillotine.
Peter Kurten

What is a “superkiller?”
Someone who has claimed or been accused of murdering hundreds of victims.

What is the “Highway of Tears?”
a stretch of two-lane highway from Prince Rupert, B.C., to Prince George, B.C., and on to Edmonton, Alberta

Whom did Jack the Ripper particularly enjoy targeting?

According to Hickey, which of the following is the best response to reducing the number of serial murders?
reduce violence in the home

A serious problem with the dichotomous model of organized and disorganized crime scenes is _____.
the lack of rigorous reliability and validity testing

For profiling to fulfill its potential, law enforcement must do which of the following?
collaborate with academic and medical professionals

In the matter of serial killers, it seems that people are overwhelmingly in favor of _____.

Keppel examined the solvability factors involved in serial murder investigations. Which of the following is NOT one of those factors?
quality of court procedures during the preliminary hearing

Law enforcement agencies collect data, often using case studies or anecdotal information, which then is transformed into general descriptions of the types of persons most commonly associated with a certain type of criminal activity. The term that most closely matches this technique is ________.
offender profiling

Media impact, management of departmental resources, and unusual complexity of any given case are rare problems associated with serial murder cases.

Such profiling is empirically based and has not placed much value on motivation or personality. It does help law enforcement in deciding where to begin knocking on doors and setting up stakeouts.
geographical profiling

The Body Farm is an academic research facility at the University of West Georgia that studies the decomposition of the human body for forensic purposes.

This is often critical to the outcome of criminal cases.
physical forensics

This research effort aims to scientifically standardize the definition of legal terms such as “heinous,” “atrocious,” “evil,” and “depraved.”
the depravity standard

This research suggests that crimes are more likely to occur closer to an offender’s domicile and that the farther away he/she travels from home base the fewer crimes they will commit.
journey to crime

Today we know that violent criminal activity can be very complicated and well thought out in which area?
fantasy, planning and execution

Which is NOT true of offenders, according to Beauregard and Bouchard’s 2010 study?
Offenders tended to be consistent in their forensic awareness and directed most of their efforts toward removing DNA that tied them to the crime scene.

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