section 3 questions and answers

What were Andrew Carnegie’s management and business strategies?
he offered people stocks and found ways to make product better and cheaper he also attempted to control as much as he could
What strategies enabled business to eliminate competition?
they did horizontal integration and monopolized and formed trust agreements
How did economic factors limit industrialization in the South ?
The south was still recovering from civil war needed. Made it worse economically.
How did industrial working conditions contribute to the growth of labor movement?
created many labor unions
How did craft unions and industrial unions differ?
Craft unions were for unskilled and skilled workers
How did the 1877 strike and Haymarket cause the public to resent the labor movement?
troops would interfere strikes and strikes got so violent involved bombing
What factors made the Triangle Shirtwaist fire so lethal?
Women were locked in a room during a fire and there was no escape out except window

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