Sculpture And The Environment Answers

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What type of environment sculpture is the above sculpture an example of?
natural sculpture
A site specific sculpture is __________________
a sculpture that has an integral relationship with the particular site where the exist.
______________ is a type of sculpture that was inspired by forms and processes from nature.
Natural sculpture
Why is environment sculpture debated as a form of art by academic scholars?
Environment sculpture is a relatively new form of art, and therefore there are no concrete definitions or boundaries for it.
A group of interrelated objects that exist together in a space is called a(n) _____________.
sculpture series
If you examine the images below, you will notice they are examples of sculpture. Which would not be considered an example of an environment sculpture?
An installations sculpture is ____________________
a form of site specific work, which is designed to affect the way a space is experienced.
Why is the sculpture above an example of an environment sculpture?
It was created using stones from the environment in which it is located in.
When the design for the Vietnam War Memorial (above) was chosen, what question was considered regarding the location and the environment of the memorial?
[NOT] Would the men who died during the Vietnam War feel honored by the memorial?
If an environment sculpture is removed from its environment, ________________
all of the above could occur.

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