Science chapter 27

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Light does not pass through what kind of materials?
Light waves are
Transverse waves
What kind of electromagnetic wave has the shortest wavelength?
X Rays
Glass is transparent to visible light, but not to
Infrared & ultraviolet
The shadow produced by an object held close to a piece of paper in sunlight will be
Electromagnetic waves with higher frequencies have wavelengths that are
What is the frequency of an electromagnetic wave having a wavelength of 300,000km?
1 Hz
Compared to the velocity of radio waves, the velocity of visible light waves is
The same
Light reflects at glancing angles from nonmetallic surfaces, such as glass, water, or roads is
Polarized parallel to the surface
Light reflects from a lake surface is polarized
Compared to the wavelength of ultraviolet waves, the wavelength of infrared waves is
If an electron vibrates up and down 1000 times each second, it generates an electromagnetic wave having a
Frequecy of 1000 Hz
The main difference between a radio wave and a light wave is its
The shiny surfaces of metals have not to do with
The free electrons in metal atoms
After randomly polarized light passes through a polarized, it is
Totally polarized
The source of all electromagnetic waves is
Vibrating charged
The main difference between a radio wave and a sound wave is its
Basic nature
Heat lamps give off mostly
Infrared waves
How far is a light second
300,000 km
The purpose of glasses is to
Block glare from reflections
X Rays, radio waves, gamma rays, and light waves are all different from
Sound waves
____ is not an electromagnetic wave
Compared to its speed in air, the speed of light in water is
Clouds ____
Transmit uv light
What is the ultimate source of electromagnetic waves
Vibrating charged particles
Electromagnetic waves
Can travel through a vacuum
Polarization occurs when waves vibrate in a single direction.
Glass transmits ultraviolet and visible light waves but not infrared waves.
A total shadow is called an umbra.
Electromagnetic hear waves are called ultraviolet waves.
According go Einstein, light consists of massless bundles of electromagnetic energy called photons.
Materials allow light to pass through them in straight lines are called opaque materials.
A thin beam of light is called an x Ray.
Light sometimes acts as a wave and sometimes as a particle.
Infrared waves are responsible for sunburn.
The distance light travels in one year is called a light year.
Energy emitted by vibrating electric charges is carried by electromagnetic waves

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