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The implementation of teams fails sometimes because:
the team leader and team members do not receive adequate training.
True or False: The most effective job interviews are unplanned, unstructured interactions between the small business owner and the job applicant
True or False: Open-book management is when employees have access to all of a company’s records, except financial statements.
True or False: For pay-for-performance systems to work, there needs to be frequent payouts to the employees.
True or False: If an employment test measures what it is intended to measure, then the test is reliable.
________ involves giving workers at every level of the organization the authority, the freedom, and the responsibility to control their own work, to make decisions, and to take action to meet the company’s objectives.
When conducting a job analysis, an employer needs to focus on questions about:
duties and tasks to be performed daily.
In the feedback loop, the final and most important step is when the manager/small business owner:
takes action to improve performance.
True or False: Despite all of the modern communication tools available, the grapevine, the informal lines of communication that exist in every company, remains a non-important link in a company’s communication network.
True or False: Job sharing is a work arrangement in which employees work at a place other than the traditional office, such as a satellite branch closer to their homes or, in some cases, at home.
True or False: The second objective of a job analysis is to create a job specification, a written statement of the qualifications and characteristics needed for a job stated in such terms as education, skills, and experience.
A company’s culture:
plays an important part in the development of the company’s competitive advantage.
True or False: Knowing that employees are “connected” through the grapevine allow business owners to send out ideas to obtain reaction making a formal announcement.
To conduct an effective interview, the manager or small business owner should:
ask candidates for examples of both successes and failures.
True or False: Job description explains what a job entails and the duties the person filling it is expected to perform.
True or False: The primary reasons employees usually don’t do what they are expected to do has a lot to do with their motivation and desire to work.
True or False: To improve communication, leaders should use written means, e-mail, memos, notes, etc., to ensure clarity and to be able to track that instructions were given.
True or False: The first step in establishing a feedback or performance appraisal process is to decide what performance to measure.
True or False. Workers who telecommute have lower productivity but increased job satisfaction.
If a company is to succeed, a leader must perform four vital tasks which include:
motivate workers to higher levels of performance.
True or False: Praise, recognition and daily demonstrations of respect for an individual can be displayed on a regular basis at absolutely no cost.
True or False: Leadership is the process of influencing and inspiring others to work to achieve a common goal and then giving them the power and the freedom to achieve it.
True or False: Many skilled interviewers use the job analysis to explain the nature of the job and the company’s culture to the applicant.
If a business owner goes to self-directed work teams, he/she is most likely using the ________ style of management.
True or False: The most effective job interviews are unplanned, unstructured interactions between the small business owner and the job applicant.
To increase the effectiveness of communication between the small business owner and his/her employees, he/she should practice:
telling the truth and encouraging feedback.
Jackson is comparing this month’s operational costs, productivity, accident rate, etc., to the goals his boss set with him at the beginning of the year. Jackson is at what point in the feedback loop?
Comparing performance against standards
For a pay-for-performance system to work, it should:
make sure that pay and performance are clearly and closely linked.
Today’s leader is different from leaders in the past in that he/she:
is like the leader of a jazz band, guiding individual and group creativity and innovation.
A ________ outlines the duties and responsibilities associated with a job and the working conditions involved.
job description
True or False: When a small business owner moves to an empowering management style, he/she should expect to lose about 5% of the workforce because that represents the number of workers who do not want to work in that type of environment.
________ is the process of influencing and inspiring others to work to achieve a common goal and then giving them the power and the freedom to achieve it.
________ is the degree of effort an employee exerts to accomplish a task.
True or False: Tina is dismantling her assembly-line operation and giving her workers responsibility for the entire job of creating the arc welders her company sells. By doing this, Tina is using a job enrichment strategy by specifically increasing task identity.
In the feedback loop, the final and most important step is when the manager/small business owner:
takes action to improve performance.
When workers are empowered:
they are more successful on the job.
True or False: Management skills keep the leader under some degree of control.
True or False: In an interview, close-ended questions are most effective because they encourage candidates to talk.
A motivational tool that also helps to guide performance and lets the owner know that his/her company is accomplishing its operational goals is:
True or False: Job enrichment involves building motivators into a job by increasing the planning, decision-making, organizing, and controlling functions.
True or False: Information gathered during a job analysis provides the foundation for creating job descriptions and job specifications.
A job specification:
translates the duties of the position into qualifications.
True or False: In so many cases where teams prove to be ineffective the answer can be found in an entrepreneur that did not structure and create teams that could be expected to succeed.
True or False: Companies that have used teams successfully still pay members individually, but they make successful team work a major part of an individual’s performance review.
True or False: Listening is the entrepreneur’s most important communication skill.
True or False: Leaders recognize that helping workers see the company’s overarching goal is just one part of effective communication.
Open book management is one technique that supports:
the empowering of employees.
True or False: The small business leader performs four vital tasks; communicating the vision, finding the necessary resources to accomplish the vision, finding the external expertise to help accomplish the vision, and the ability to motivate his/her own workers to achieve the vision.
True or False: Effective interviewers spend about 75% of their time listening to the candidate.
When conducting the job interview, the small business owner should:
begin by explaining the job and the company and asking low key questions.
An effective performance appraisal system:
focuses on behavior, action, and results.
The first step in establishing a feedback loop is deciding:
what will be measured.
Teams can be helped to succeed by:
forming teams around natural work flows, giving them specific tasks.
True or False: An effective leader helps employees focus their efforts on goals and keeps them driving to accomplish them.
Which one of the following should NOT be part of a leader’s behavior?
Maintains distance with employees

Sets clear goals.
Shares their vision
Rewards employees who meet or exceed the firm’s performance targets

True or False: Effective performance appraisals link the employee’s performance to his/her specific job description.
Effective leaders are noted for their:
ability to provide guidance based on values for making decisions.
When checking references, the small business owner:
should also talk with previous employers, not just the references provided.
True or False: Sometimes personal defense mechanisms and confusing verbal and nonverbal messages interfere with leader/follower communication.
________ is a group of workers from different functional areas of a company who work together as a unit largely without supervision, making decisions and performing tasks that once belonged only to managers.
Self-directed work team
True or False: Flexplace is a work arrangement in which two or more people share a single full-time job. For instance, two college students might share the same 40-hour-a-week job, one working mornings and the other working afternoons.
True or False: Open book management is a management style where the owner provides employees with access to all the company’s records, including financial statements.
True or False: It is important during the job interview to get the candidate to discuss actual situations in which he/she has used the skill or knowledge you are seeking.
True or False: A survey of small companies shows that nearly half reward their workers with bonuses or other performance-related compensation.
True or False: Hiring is very important for the small company, because the typical entry-level hire that quits in six months costs the company about $5,000 besides the wages and benefits paid.
In the stages of team development, a team is at the performance stage when it:
achieves commitment to the process and task.
True or False: One reason employees usually don’t do what they are expected to do is because they lacked the skills to perform the task.
A ________ is used by the owner of a small business to determine wage and salary increases, need for training, overall job progress, etc., among other things.
performance appraisal
Tom is counseling an employee who is facing corrective discipline for a serious error in judgment on the job. The employee is very upset. Tom is trying to understand how the employee feels and strives to tell the employee he knows that this is a tough time and that the employee is upset. Tom is using ________ to improve his communication with the employee.
True or False: The most important role the entrepreneur can play in his/her company is that of manager.
Many courses have team projects. A team can be powerfully effective in terms of performance when:
All of the above

–their mission and performance targets are realistic and known to the team members.
–the team has the needed skill.
–the nature of the work is compatible with the use of teams.

When it comes to hiring in the small business:
each hire is very important because bad hires are very expensive.
True or False: It is legal and appropriate for the entrepreneur to ask a job candidate if they have children or have been arrested.
Miguel and Jamie are talking. Miguel keeps using baseball metaphors as he is giving instructions to Jamie. Not having any experience with baseball, Jamie is only understanding about half of what Miguel is saying. Miguel and Jamie are experiencing ineffective communication because of:
ambiguity in the communication.
True or False: Flextime is an arrangement where the employees both share responsibility for a single job and may choose where and when they accomplish the assigned tasks.
Two functions are interrelated and remain a continuing challenge to achieve for leaders. They are:
staff their organization with the right people and then create the most appropriate work environment.
True or False: Leadership is like management in that it maintains order and structure in the accomplishment of goals.
Employees’ biggest complaint about performance appraisals tends to be:
that they only happen periodically, generally once a year.
Effective leaders exhibit certain behaviors. An example would be:
All of the above:

–behave with integrity in all situations and at all times.
–look into future.
–communicate with employees.

When motivating employees, small business owners need to know that:
some of the greatest motivators are the simplest — praise, recognition, etc.
The first objective of a job analysis is to develop a job description. The second objective is to create a:
If you were evaluating your college administration for effective leadership behaviors, you need to look for:

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