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Religion Means
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a common element often found in religion is
feelings of wonder
belief in many gods is called
belief in one God is called
a mystical orientation in religion is characterized by
the seeking of a union with something greater than oneself
A sacramental orientation in religion is characterized by
a belief that certain rituals and ceremonies help one achieve salvation
Pantheism is the belief
that all reality is divine
One religion that particularly values and makes use of silence is
zen buddhism
one name of an early female deity was
among many reasons for the existence of religions, religions exist to help people
deal with the certainty of death
female images in religions may be seen in
spirals and eggs
the conception of time that is found in religions that emphasize a creation and cosmic purpose is usually
literally, theology means
study of the God/devine
the goddess Pele is associated with
volcanoes and fire
Which of the following has been of special value in the new appreciation for and understanding of indigenous religions
the ready availability of cameras and recorders
the teachings of indigenous religions are typically conveyed by all of the following except
sacred scripture
biophilia refers to
a love of all forms of life
in a holistic culture,
virtually every object and act may have religious meaning
compared with indigenous religions, today’s dominant religions
much younger
Animism holds that
the life force exists in every part of the universe
Many African Religions tell how the High God created the world and then
abandoned it
the sacrifice of an animal may occur
in order to placate a spirit after a taboo has been broken
a special ability to know or even enter the spirit world is associated with
the shaman
divination is employed to
read the past or look into the future
Christmas, though a Christian holy day, began as a celebration of
the winter solstice
indigenous religions today are especially threatened by
destruction of habitat
sacred time tends to focus on the
distant past
sacred space is often constituted by
a great mountain or tree
indigenous religions
frequently make little or no distinction between a god and an ancestor
often exist regarding sex, marriage, and birth
to “atone” means
to do something to show regret for wrongdoing
in many Native American religions
human beings and animals are often viewed as coming into existence together
Sacred time in indigenous religions is
the word that means liberation is
the word veddas is related to the english word
a mantra is
short chant
what animal is treated with special devotion and care by Hindus
the oldest and most important of the vedas is
Rig Veda
The Upanishads are
about 100 written works that discuss the nature of spiritual reality
the term maya may be translated
Bhakti means
devotion to a god
The idean of causing no harm to anything that can suffer is
The modern Indian who used nonviolent means to help lead India to independence in 1947 was
Mohandas Ghandi
The religious practice of ordinary Hindus is primarily
devotion to the deities
The law of moral cause and effect is called the law of
A Hindu social class, sanctioned by religion, is called a
A brahmin is a
Om is a well-known example of a
a guru
religious teacher
the absolute or divine reality is known as
A sannyasin is a
wandering holy man
In Hinduism, the dead body is disposed by
the river that lies northwest of India is
the Indus
the goal of ultimate liberation from egotism and from rebirth is called
the yoga path that involves striving to do all useful work unselfishly without a desire for reward is
Siddhartha Gautama is the name of
the person who became who became known as Buddha
Tradition holds that which relative of the Buddha died soon after the birth of Buddha
Regarding his social class, the Buddha was
an aristocrat
The Buddha lived about this time
fifth century B.C.E
The Buddha was particularly troubled by the problem of
suffering and death
The buddha was shocked into going on a religious search by
the Four Passing Sights
The Buddha left home to begin his life of wandering at the age of
The Buddha was enlightened at what age
Buddha died at what age
The basic outlook on life, formulated by Buddhism, is contained in
The Four Noble Truths
One of the essential Buddhist teachings is
everything is changing
regarding the common belief in a permanent soul, the Buddha seems to have taught that
there is none
Buddhism began in
A major goal of Buddhism is
inner peace
A person of great compassion, willing to be reborn constantly to help others, is called
The essential collection of sacred books of Buddhism is called
Tripitaka (Tipitaka)
Zen comes from a word that means
Tibetan Buddhism includes elements of
the general name for that category of books that is said to give the words of the Buddha is
The unconditioned state of reality that is the highest goal Buddhism is called
Buddhism came to tibet from
Concerning words, Zen stresses that words are
not adequate
what is most important in Zen is
enlightened awareness
The name for the Buddhist community of monks and nuns is
to lessen suffering, the Buddha recommended
lessening desire
Buddhism focuses especially on
maintaining inner peace
the Buddha opposed
the caste system
Vinaya refers to
a collection of rules for monks and nuns
an essential practice in Zen is
manual labor
one appeal of Buddhism for many westerners is
the emphasis on self-reliance and insight
Jainism places great emphasis on
The Jain worldview holds that a Creator
does not exist
Hylozoism, the metaphysical philosophy of Jainism,
sees life in everything, even what is inanimiate
Jains allow and even recommend
gentle suicide after a long life of virtue
The Jains consider Mahavira to be
the twenty- fourth crossing-maker
Jain monks differ from Buddhist monks in
allowing nakedness
In the story of their lives, Mahavira and the Buddha show similarities, such as
their both practicing extreme asceticism
Jainism sees reality as made up of
life (jiva) and nonlife (ajiva)
Tirthankara is the jain name that is translated as
a crossing-maker
Confucius was a man of
peace and harmony
Which is not one of Life’s Ultimate Questions
Who am i responsible for
What is a syncretic religion
the fusion of two religions
Sikhism is a blend of wjat twp re;ogopms
Hindu and Islam
Religion is based on
Religion serves as the basis for

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