Redox Reactions

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The process of losing electrons
Oxidation number increases
The process of gaining electrons
Oxidation number decreases
Oxidizing Agent
Whatever species is being reduced/gaining electrons
Reduction Agent
Whatever species is being oxidized/losing electrons
Decomposing a chemical using electricity
Combination Reactions
Two or more substances combine to form a single product
A + B ==> AB
Don’t have to be redox
Water and metallic oxide react to form
Metal hydroxide
Water and nonmetallic oxide react to form
Decomposition Reactions
The breakdown of a compound into two of more components
AB ==> A + B
Don’t have to be redox
Electrolysis (decomposition)
Breaks compound down into elemental form
Metallic chlorates when heated (decomposition)
Metal chlorides and oxygen gas
Metal carbonates (decomposition)
Metallic oxide and carbon dioxide
Metal Displacement
Any neutral metal will replace a metal below it (toward F) on the activity
Alkali metal/CaBaSr (can be in hydride form) + water
Metal hydroxide and hydrogen gas
Metals more reactive than H+ added to an acid
Salt and hydrogen
Unreactive metal and oxyacid
Nonmetallic oxide gas + water + salt
Halogen displacement
Disproportiation reaction
An element in one oxidation state is both oxidized and reduced
Combustion reaction
Compound + oxygen gas
Combustion reaction with carbon and hydrogen
Carbon dioxide and water

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