Recital Essay Example
Recital Essay Example

Recital Essay Example

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  • Published: May 23, 2018
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In the Solo Recital Essay, various repeated sounds and notes were present throughout the performance. The tempo was determined by the song being played, with faster tempos and short notes present during upbeat moments and slower tempos with longer notes during more serious portions. Despite featuring two instruments, the violin and piano, the texture remained monophonic, with the piano only accenting the violin's notes. The melody was energetic and repetitive, while the harmony was dissonant. As someone who typically enjoys rap and hip hop, this type of music was


not accustomed to me, as violins are often associated with more somber emotions. However, having played violin for five years myself, I still found the recital to be enjoyable. It even made me miss playing the instrument and recall the many challenges and techniques involved in properly holding it.After recalling, I realized that the bow used horse string and required tightening before playing, rosin to be applied, and loosening after use before storage. This course has altered the way I perceive music, as there is more to appreciate beyond auditory stimulation.

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