Rec and Sport facility management

3 types of facility procedure manuals*
emergency procedure:phone #s, evacuation maps, emergency personnel ID

Manual of procedures:book with day to day procedures, hiring policies, training, crowd control

Standard Operating Procedures: day to day of

What is a facility operations manager responsible for?*
o -strategize
o -technical decisions
o -scheduling
o -staffing
o -inventory
What is the event coordinator responsible for
more day to day
-coordinates with sales/promotion
-plans events
What are the four major divisions of sport facility management? *
oSales and marketing
o Concessions and catering
o Facility operations
What are the six elements of the maintenance planning process
Routine inspection,
preventative maintenance,
cyclical repairs,
breakdown maintenance,
repair projects, housekeeping and janitorial
What does a facility audit deal with?
Entire facility, energy audit (every 3-5 years), space audit, program audit, staff audit.
How do we use standards in facility repair? Benchmarking?
Benchmarking: check or evaluate by comparison to standards, monitor repairs.
what is marketing plan?*
how are you going to sell your facility?the actual game plan that the agency should follow in the development of a structured document with: measureable goals &objectives, expectations, and specific strategies to complete the desired outcome marketing blueprint, updated regularly, need to have one to have a successful agency
Who develops a marketing plan?*
Committee of all divisions, key management personnel or an outside consultant
What is the difference between promotion, advertising & public relations?*
Promotion: the balance of the 4 p’s, an awareness
Advertising: you pay for, you get what you give
Public relations: cannot buy, you earn it
What is the difference between an anchor tenant & an annual special event?*
anchor tenant: brings in other tenants by prestige
Annual special event: an event that bring in other people
What are the ten components of a marketing plan?*
executive summary: overview of the plan, last component of the plan to be written
oAnalysis of product/service: Mission statement: general purpose, objective strategies: market penetration, market development, product development, product diversification
o product extensions: the facility is enhanced through various supplementary good and services: give-aways, souvenirs
o marketing mix: the four p’s, goal: to delicately balance these four elements to satisfy your market and achieve objectives
o situational analysis: environmental influences: cooperative, competitive, economic, social, political, legal environments
o analysis of the competition: analyze their: programs, unique elements, staff/ customer service, strengths and weaknesses
o target markets: extend analysis to all segments of the marketplace
o market research: periodically survey: public perception, and statistical survey
o marketing to sponsors: sponsor support=$, must match the sponsor with facility, plan switches from analysis to action
o marketing objectives and strategies: set of specific, measurable actions
What are 4 Ps*
*needs to be balanced between the Ps
what are the three types of facility ownership?*
non profit
Name five responsibilities of management.*
customer service
o Clean, well maintained facility
o Staff and management of facility
o Marketing/advertising of event
o Security
o Finance
o operations
What are the three major elements of a contract?*
legal agreement between two parties, valid offer and acceptance, legal rights to make a contract, proper consideration for all parties, adequate time for all parties, proper format
What is a service contract? And why do we enter in to this type of an agreement?*
o Operates more effectively/efficiently, save from buying major equipment, saves facility money
when selecting a service contractor it is important to require:
present the company philosophy, describe the training procedure, discuss their customer service concepts, share the staff educaiton and background
In what division of responsibility is housekeeping located?
Operations division
What are the three major divisions of housekeeping?
cleaning, operation, and storage
what is an SOP*
daily operations–Housekeeping reports, checklist of responsibilities, responsibilities by position, preventive maintenance responsibility, annual maintenance responsibility
why do we call training an ongoing process?
new equipment, new methods, new supplies, skilled positions
2 reasons why people come back to a facility?
customer service and a clean facility
the box office is located in what division?*
characteristic of box office*
one windor for 400-700 seats in the venue, warm and well lit, most important generating revenue area, first contact with the public
what type of staff works in the box office?
box office manager(fulltime), part time staff (1-3 assistants 5-6 on event days)
who sets seat pricing? who controls complimentary seating?
coordinated by box office and sales marketing division, the stadium
3 major responsibilities of the box office?*
Record keeping
o Event summary
o General information
o Computer ticket management
o Settlements*
o General information*
Dram Shop Laws
for laws covering the liability of people serving alcoholic beverages. Under dram shop laws, a party injured by an intoxicated person can sue establishments contributing to that person’s intoxication. liquor establishments
Social Host Liability Law
a commercial activity center with a liquore license. social hosts are liable for injuries caused by guests who are served alcohol at a social function or injure themselves due to intoxication.
What are the two training programs for alcohol management?
TIPS (training for intervention procedures by serves of alcohol)
o TEAM (techniques for effective alcohol management)
Name five strategies for alcohol management.*
know your crowd**
o Proper signage
o Training
o Food
o Small containers
why do sport facilities offer concessions?
major revenue
five elements beyond the serving of food that pertains to concessions.?*
marketing, customer service, inventory, purchasing, insurance, law, cleanliness
five concession design elements.*
o Customer service*
o Trained staff
o Food quality
o Food choice
Three ways in which one can operate a concession?*
In house
o Outsourcing or privatization
o Combination of both
2 types of concession costs*
fixed costs:rent annual insurance
variable cost:labor products, utilities
contract outsourcing and why?
Contracting with an outside company to provide a service or product instead of providing it from within the organization.

save money on the equipment, experience, training program

human resources management*
1.hiring process
2, classification process
3.evaluation process
managerial functions*
planning, organizing, controlling, implementing
setting vision, mission, goals, and objectives
types of plans
strategic plan-master plan, helps to achieve highest level goals
operational plans-more detailed, event or function related
functional plans-operational plans, task oriented
Management by Objective (MBO)*
the process of developing a management strategy of objectives that is realistic and achievable through the input of employees

must be measurable, objective a timeline and who is responsible

organizational culture*
the personality of the facility/sftaff.. what a personality is to a person
organizational structure*
authority, communication, responsibility, relationships
business planning*
product, marketing, legal, financial. (general business outlook).
coordination of resources. employees-human capital, financial, capital-structure, technological
execution, the process of meeting the goals and objectives
employee awareness and focus
monitoring the process, evaluation.. the must be “objective”, potential change, building pride and a successful team
human resources*
human capital, staff, employees
most important part of management!
HR types of employee*
professional, seasonal, volunteers, contractual,
privatization and outsourcing contracts*
typically a public of non-for-profit agency will enter into an aggreement for a private company to take over and existing responsibility or service

offered by private companies

strengths of privatization*
network, contacts, professional support, shared data base,effective, efficent, budget oriented, save you money in long run
cons of privatization*
typically adds a management and incentive fees, control, loyalty, too agressive.. in money saving mode, possible managemetn over-turn
hiring process*
interview committee
info of affirmative action and EEO policies
job description
job announcement
advertising plan
screening applications
verifying the credentials
selecting a candidtate
negotiating the appointment
interview committee*
immediate supervisor, interested third party, and HR
employee manual review*
hours, policies and procedure, dress codes
performance evaluation*
employee evaluations includes everyone!

-agreement of job tasks
-self evaluation
-performance appraisal
-final appraisal

more likely to donate
why do ppl volunteer*
want to do something useful to help others
must be satisfying
role of volunteer*
typically supports the organization
job description (current)
roles well defined
skills and experience may be required
need to be challenged
training important
where do you find volunteers*
word of mouth
highschool, university, churches, community service groups
planning committee*
representatives from the community
-stakeholders,interest groups, community factions, politicians, neighbors, financiers, engineers, architects
what does planning committee do*
organize public meetings, public input, develop vision, goals, objectives..concensus
establish funding, select an architect, recommend general contractor, construction firm
sport facility development –5 elements*
needs assessment
feasibility study
economic impact
site selection and acquisition
needs assessment*
determines need
why a new/renovated facility?
community suitability
-#/type of events, size, attendance/ capacity
types of impact*
economic impact
multiplier effect
community impact
economic impact*
-to a community/region/state
-depends on-facility, function, purpose
-“new money” into the are economy
-economic impact study- food, lodging, retail, gas, entertainment
-major league vs minor league
community impact*
new sports facilility will bring community:
-new business
-contractual agreements-security, catering and concessions, exposition services
how to finance a new sport facility*
-public funds-bonds
-private funds-bonds
-hotel/motel tax
-luxury tax
-local,state, federal grants
GO bonds*
gov’t financed
low interest rates
backed by “full faith and credit”of agency
most popular
revenue bonds*
higher interest rates
paid by the revenue generation of the facility
revenue generation includes ticket sales, memberships, corporate suits, naming rights, advertising, parking fees, concessions, sport stores, rentals, specialty merchandise
TIF tax increment finacning*
governmental unit involved
-paid by the increase in the taxes over the existing taxes prior to the facility being built
phases of facility planning*
-programming phase
-design phase
-construction phase
-occupancy phase
build new or renovate*
-facility downtime
-construction area
-green buildings-potential for specialized care
-value-based engineering
-must completely analyze the project (wants needs reality)
Budget cycle (4 steps)*
-budget preparation
types of budgets*
-line item budget-traditional budget
-perforamnce based budget
-zero based budgeting- a contemporary process using the line item format
-computerized budgeting systems
facility operations managers
-planning, prioritize, manage staff,strategize, event set up, process design, technical decisions, quality maintenace and control-capacity
inventory-maintenance-suplly manager
layout design-production and staffing
-master production scheduling
security management*
-basically safeguarding persons,places, and items
inside and outside of the facility
crowd management& supervision
security planning*
staff size
an item of value-land equipment
debts that are owed-bond payments
financial statements*
income statement-revenue expenses
balance sheet-assets n liabilities
cash flow statement- amt of cash available at any given day
moral, normative,righteous, correct,proper honest,
standards of conduct
personal code of conduct
professional code of conduct

doing what is right

resolving ethics 3 ways*
consequential decision making
rules decision making
moral decision making
consequential decision making*
who does it effect
rule decision making*
are there rules ? policies? procedures?

define the paremeters

moral decision making*
values, personal moral compass, whats the right thing to do? vould be very subjective
system theory
management theory details three elements including inputs processes and outputs
3 “publics” that facility managers deal with are
internal constituents, external constituents, and customers

also responsible for crowd control and protect patrons and provide safe environment

first country to develop multi use lighted sport and athletic facility
risk management process in/out of the facility
crowd security
coordination go security agencies
tracking photo takers
proper key access for staff
security identification
contigency planning
alternatives for security
width of spacexspeedxdensity
vulnerability audit
can be completed with respect to security issues
private management trends include
reduced labor costs, more flexibility, less regulation, and less transfer of risk
public financing
special revenue sources, 3 types of bonds, and a potential tax levy
what division is typically responsible for programming and scheduling events in a sport facility
discrete recurring events include what characteristincs
permanent facility
specific starting time
an approx ending time
regional multi venue events include
various venues
venues with in the same area
same approx starting time

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