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Brown-tree Snake predation
Dr. Julie Savidge concluded that ______________ was the cause of declines of forest bird populations on Guam.
Recently, the National Park Service banned _____________ in Denali National Park.
The National Audubon Society of today is an offshoot of the _____________ state Audubon society.
Wildlife issues or other enviornmental issues should be resolved based on public opinion as the majority is never wrong.
Following the passage of the net ban amendment in Florida, some commercial fishers tried to use ______ to catch fish.
Recently monocrotophos was implicated in the poisoning deaths of Swainson’s Hawks in _____________.
the public
Management efforts on the Kaibab Plateau were aimed mostly at pleasing ___________
__________ is the state with the largest number of wild burros.
generate positive propaganda
When campaining for a certain cause it is important to win whenever possible to _______________________.
The waterfowl belong to the taxonomic order _________________
Bear-baiting is still practiced in Pakistan and India.
____________ was the Soviet geneticist..
The original Biological Survey was under the Department of _________________
The pro-boating group in Florida is made up exclusively of boat owners.
According to Moulton there are basically ___ categories of wildlife issues.
Pittman-Robertson money is only used legally for game species.
concerned about the issue
In order for the public to effectively resolve wildlife issues they must first be ___________________
Beliefs can be transformed into facts if enough people believe in them.
_____________ is a western state in the lower 48 that has no wild horses.
captive breeding
When the use of Greater Sandhill Cranes as surrogate mothers failed as a conservation measure for Whooping Cranes, scientists turned to ____________________
certain water birds
The passage of the clean water act in the early 1970s led to the return of mummichog to New York Harbor, which benefited ________________.
In the early 1900s, many people in the US supported the extermination of wolves in _____________ National Park.
_____________ is the state where a tax in soft drink cans was used to fund non-game wildlife research.
National Park Service
In the 1990s, snow mobiling was banned in Denali National Park by the __________________
gain support from the masses
Propaganda is used in order to __________________
Burros were introduced to the US in the _____ century
_________ are just a state of mind
According to Guither, animals advocates fall into _____ general groups
Most of the so-called upland game birds belong to the order _____________
Issues involving rare and endangered species generally fall under the U.S. Department of _______________
green-backed heron
The ______________ is an example of a non-game wading bird.
____________ was a popular English pastime that was outlawed by the Parliament in 1582.
In 1985-86 the division called Animal Damage Control was transferred to the US Department of _______________
when they become rare
Game species may become non-game species _____________________
________ is not considered a wildlife management practice.
Beaver and muskrats are classified as ______________
In 1994 the Florida DEP became concerned about the high number of deaths by ______________
Beau Geste Effect, Over-simplification, and fear-mongering
____________ are hallmarks of propaganda.
The penny a pound crop tax
________________ is not a method used by states for funding non-game wildlife conservation and research
One proposed way to kill non-indigenous Mute Swans is to pour ________ on the eggs.
MPPs had been filed by ___ of 13 countries
Wise Use
______________ has a name that is itself propaganda.
Punt guns were commonly used for commercially harvesting ___________
In 2002, ________ reversed the decision to ban recreational snow-mobiling in National Parks
Animal Reformists
According to Moulton, the Wildlife Management view basically follows that of ______________
Trumpeter Swans
Wisconsin wants to kill introduced Mute Swans as they are thought to threaten native ___________________
The majority of vertebrate species in Florida and Colorado are properly classified as ___________ species.
California Condors vanished from the wild in California in about ______.
for sport
Game species are those that are hunted ______________
According to Time magazine survey of 10007 adults, _____ claimed to be vegetarians.
predator control
In the late 19th century, the Office of Economic Ornithology and Mammology spent most of its efforts on _________________________
In 1996, six California Condors were released in the state of __________
Australians use the Judas technique to manage populations of _____________
on the ground
Kirtland’s Warblers build their nests _______________
As defined by Moulton, wildlife management practices are always intentional.
According to Moulton, humans can successfully manage wildlife.
Pittman-Robertson money is never used legally for habitat management
The whole motivation for protecting wild horses and burros began when _____________ suggested that hunters shoot horses and burros for sport.
canned hunts
In 2002, both houses of the US Congress had bills before them that would ban _________________
The US Forest Service is an agency under the Department of ________________
little compromise
When 2 sides differ greatly in how much power they have, issues are resolved with __________________
In the year 2000, wild burros occurred in ___ western states
______________ is the first step in the scientific method
increased public awareness
Public lands grazers in the western states are no longer as powerful as they once were, because of ____________________________
Bear farms, where bears are kept for their bile, ocur widely in __________
Scientists are presently re-introducing whooping cranes to ____________
The so-called Federal-Aid-in-Wildlife Restoration Act of 1937 is also known as ________________
so they do not become imprinted on humans
Hand puppets are used to feed baby Whooping Crane chicks ________________________________
Mexican Wolves
The Secretary of Interior Babbitt told people in NM that ______________ were “here to stay” even though someone had shot some of the introduced individuals.
that there are plenty of manatees, so it doesn’t matter
Boating rights advocates in Florida claim that increased manatee deaths must mean ______________________________
Whooping Crane
The use of surrogate mothers was an unsuccessful management practice used in the recover of the _____________
_______ is the animal rights group that opposes any use of animals by humans.
Global Warming
________________ was not one of the explanations advanced by Jenkins to explain declines of Guam’s forest birds.
white-tailed deer
RI was the first state to close the hunting season on ________________
The Mute Swan population in MA is derived from individuals introduced from _______________
The Wildlife Unification Amendment merged the GFC with the ________
_________ is the most widely used type of non-toxic shotgun shell shot
President _________ called for a ban on all recreational snow-mobiling in all National Parks
sport hunters
The Bison were saved by a coalition of nature lovers and ______________
on public rangelands
The Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act was passed to protect and manage horses and burros _______________
In 1994, the ______ imposed a moratorium on hunting black bears in Florida
Defenders of Wildlife
According to ___________________ the majority of people in the US favor the reintroduction of the Gray Wolf to Yellowstone
deer hunting was banned
To protect Mule Deer and Kaibab Plateau, 300 wolves and more than 700 mountain lions were killed and ___________________________
Animal Protection Institute
___________________ is the animal rights group that is leading the fight against using compouund 1080
photographs of dead wildlife
The net ban campaign relied heavily on the use of ____________________________
convenience, economics, and politics
In practice, _____________________ may determine wildlife managment practices
In most issues the majority of people have a strong opinion.
_______________ National Park was the first national park in the US
Economically well-developed nations are called _________
firearms and ammunition
The Pittman-Robertson Act levied a 10% on _________________.
calling out the National Guard
Once the net ban was imposed in Florida, governor Lawton Chiles threatened to enforce it by ______________________
Historically wildlife managers have focused on making ___________ happy.
Beau Geste
The situation where individuals in a group try to bluff those in another group is called ___________
gulls and terns
Black skimmers are closely related to the ________________
The Humane Society is _________________
may harm another
Wildlife management practices that favor one species ___________________
Great Auks
________________ were sea birds related to Puffins.
The so-called ____________ in Guither’s vernacular support animal welfare.
Brown-headed Cowbird
The _____________ is a brood parasite that attacks the nests of Kirtland’s Warbler.
In general, when it comes to resolving wildlife issues, the ________ is the most powerful force in America.
Historically, most of the revenue generated for wildlife management has come from _________
dominant vegetation, soil, and species of interest
Habitat may be defined in terms of _________________________
The main product that forms from the bile of bears is _____________
For every $0.75 contributed by the Pittman-Robertson Act, the state agency must contribute ______
When population sizes are not changing they are at _____________
New York Harbor
Following passage of the Clean Water Act in the early 1970s, several species of water birds have returned to _____________.
Wildlife Unification amendment
The FWC was officially formed by the ___________________
Species in the ______________ group are not considered game birds.
Propoganda does not necessarily involve the use of lies.
During the campaign for the net ban the supporters of the ban accused the MFC of “nonfeasance”
Caughley & Sinclair
According to Moulton perhaps the best definition of habitat was advanced by ________________
Currently, Mourning Doves are hunted legally in _____ states.
Bureau of Fisheries
The USFWS was formed by combining the Bureau of Biological Survey with the ____________________
The Endangered Species Act was passed in ______
Some citizens of the state of ___________ sued to halt the season on Mourning Doves in 2001.
The waterfowl management act passed in 1913 was later repealed.
Weeks-McLean Act
The ____________ Act, enacted in 1913 focused on migratory waterfowl management.
_____________ was the poison used in Colorado to kill bears.
the Bahamas
The Kirtland’s Warblers winter in ________________
native game species were so reduced by market hunters
In the early part of the twentieth century, wildlifers released numerous non-indigenous species for hunting because ______________________________
Under the reign of William the Conqueror, the penalty for killing one of the King’s deer was ____________.
The ______ formed as an offshoot of an anti-hunting group in England.
It is really not important who decides what is actually scientific and what is pseudoscientific.
jack pine
In order to nest successfully, Kirtland’s Warblers require ___________ trees with a dense understory.
on the outer continental shelf
The legislation known as CARA would provide funds for wildlife research and conservation from revenues generated by oil and gas reserves ______________.
easy to believe
One reason propoganda is so effective is that it is _______________.
Science is presumably based ______ on facts
House of Representatives
CARA was passed by ________________ in the summer 2001
Old Growth
______________ forest in the Pacific northwest is needed to protect populations of Northern Spotted Owls
potential competitors
Of the following, ________________ is not considered a component of habitat according to the traditional wildlife definition of habitat.
Teaming with Wildlife
CARA has been advanced as a superior method for funding the initiative called __________________
In South America Swainson’s Hawks were killed after they ingested ____________ poisoned by monocrotophos.
The _____________ is an example of a southeastern US game bird that, due to the effects of fire ants and habitat loss, is declining.
The largest number of wild horses occurs in the state of __________.
a constitutional amendment
A ban on commercial netting of fish within 3 miles of the Atlantic Coast was the result of ___________________
none of these (supported by hard data, absolutely true, approved by appropriate agencies even if untrue)
In arguing issues, any statements that are made must be __________
Compound 1080 was a deadly poison used primarily for killing _______________
In 1996, Congress places the NBS under the ________
Sometimes the absence of human intervention can be considered a wildlife management practice.
bald and golden eagles
In 1970, some Boy Scouts found 2 dozen dead _____________ that were killed by exposure to thallium.
BLM is an agency under the US Department of ____________
Kirtland’s Warbler currently nests almost exclusively in the state of ____________
put up for adoption
Each year wild horses and burros are removed from the wild and __________________
Americans supported the reintroduction of ___________ to Yellowstone National Park in the 1990s.
According to the Pets in America Project an estimated _____ of American households had at least one pet.
The “Theory of Acquired Characteristics” was first advanced by ___________
The _______ is an agency under the Department of Interior.
Public input is very important in LDCs.
__________ was the Soviet geneticist who argued that cold tolerant wheat could be raised simply by exposing randomly chosen wheat seeds..
desert bighorn
One native species that has been negatively impacted by wild burros is the ________________
The _________ Act was the law that ultimately stopped trade in wading bird feathers from Florida by banning interstate commerce in wildlife products.
Ring-necked Pheasants were introduced to the US from ________
__________ was the first state to have paid game wardens.
Wild horses and burros are managed by the _____
Recreational fishers
_______________ were the most vigorous supporters of the net ban campaign in Florida
The Office of Economic Ornithology and Mammalogy was established in _______
The first ring-necked Pheasant introductions into the US were made to the state of _________
Bureau of Biological Survey
The original OEOM was later renamed the ________________
feeding puppies to a snake
An animal shelter worker in Michigan was fired for ________________
Passenger Pigeons
Market hunters once sold _________________ for a dime a dozen in NY meat markets
human harvest of their eggs
The Great Auk was a seabird that was exterminated in part by ____________________
The _______ was renamed the BRD in 1996.
Peregrine Fund
California Condor re-introductions were carried out by a partnership between the USFWS and the _________________
lead poisoning
Some of the California Condors released in the 1990s were later killed by ___________________
In the Summer of 2002 there were several forest fires in _________, which could not have been the result of US Forest Service practices
Wood Thrush
Management practices that aided the brown-headed cowbird are associated with the decline of ______________
wildlife commission
California was the first state to have a _________________
The use of _________ for predator control was banned on all federal lands by President Nixon
Issues involving species of wildlife that have come pests are generally under the Department of _______________
Wild Horses presently occur in ____ western states.
the fashion industry
In the late 1800s wading birds in Florida (mostly egrets) were being killed for _______________
The main problem with the mechanisms for funding non-game wildlife research that are in place today is that they are ______________

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