Racial Perception and Discrimination
Racial Perception and Discrimination

Racial Perception and Discrimination

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  • Published: November 10, 2021
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This research paper will study in details the acts of racism with the criminal justices system in the United States. Racism is an issue international politics especially on the effects of race in the process of sentencing in criminal justices. Political realism is an international politics view which stresses its conflictual and competitive side (Bonilla-Silva et al. 2006)
. National politics refers to law and authority`s realm while in international politics, it is usually claimed to be sphere without justice, political, active conflict among nations being its main character.

The slaughter of American natives, lynching, and slavery was once the racism blatant and were all highly manifestations of committed racism with the active authorities’ actively participating or even sanction. Today an alleviated racism is unacceptable in the United States, but the country is not free from racism and is still struggling with ethnic division and ongoing racial discrimination (Omi et al. 2014. Member of minorities races is still facing discrimination in their despite major steps being taken in the past 50years to bring to an end institutionalized racism. The research will be done under the belief that racism is still blatant in the United States, particularly within the criminal justice system. Such make it necessary to evaluate how racism has affected the process of sentencing criminal justice, a common problem in ma


ny countries.

The Research Questions

  1. Is there any difference in the US criminal justice about the race?
  2. Is there any difference in the factors affecting the sentencing system of different race?
  3. Is there any discrimination in the justices system regarding the sentence received by various people of different races?

Projection Relation to the Theory

The study will focus on the analyzing the process of sentencing in the US criminal justice. The available evidence shows that there are many biases is exercise against the minorities and black people in U.S it is projected that the black and racial minorities racial are continuously having discomfort with the justice system and the police with the common feeling that they favor white people and discriminate against them.


  1. To identify any difference in criminal justice process of U.S based Race, which is causing discomfort among the black people and the racial minorities.
  2. To find is there is any difference in the factors affecting the sentencing system of different race causing general discomfort among the black and racial minorities
  3. To find if there is there any discrimination in the justices system regarding the sentence received by different people of different races causing discomfort among the blacks and racial minorities

General hypothesis, there is a general feeling that the white people are favored by the judicial system and police while ethnic minorities and black people are biased against.

Alternative Theories/ Literature Review

The black-white people divide by racial matters. Racism is among the most enduring and critical factors in the American society, for many years, opinion polls publically have shown that the whites and the whites fundamentally differ as to what constitutes the race problem, how severe it is, an

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what can be done about it. Thus, Sigelman and Susan Welch wrote that it is hardly an overstatement to declare that whites and blacks inhibit different worlds that are perceptual (Bonilla-Silva et al. 2006). Research findings go as far as stating about the white reality and the dark reality and theories suggest that the blacks and the whites are not opposed diametrically.

Relatively, the whites and blacks do not agree whether racial discrimination exists and if it exists to what extend. Researches prove that discrimination against the blacks exists up to today. However, this agreement broke down regarding the extend of the state of discrimination currently with 49 percent of the blacks 20 percent of the whites believing that there exist discrimination (Omi et al. 2014)
. It makes sense that the blacks who do not agree that they experience equality of opportunities with the whites perceive a high discrimination level. Justice in the system of justice has become a major issue for the American criminology for many decades. Many scholars have used both quantitative and qualitative data to document that the judicial system of the American criminal are biased against the people who are black and other minorities of racism.

Therefore, as suggested by the literature review, there is the need to address the issue of discrimination and racism in the U.S criminal justice systems (Miller et al. 2008). Thus, the study proposed will try to attempt address the current need and requirement in the literature.

Research Approach

In this study, descriptive research method will be highly utilized. Through this method, it is possible the study to be quick and cheap and it can also suggest hypotheses that are not anticipated. Nonetheless, the process will be careful in ruling out explanations that are alternative and those that causations are inferred. This type of description makes use of observation throughout the study (Omi et al. 2014). This method is aimed at getting information concerning the existing current situation and describing the nature of the situation as it exists at the time of the survey. It also aims at exploring the particular causes of the given phenomena.

Case Study

The general population of the study will be made up of racial minorities such as Asians, Hispanics and African-Americans (Ouellet et al. 2007). The researcher will ensure that the sample will be a representation of all population. Due to lack of resources and time, in this study, it will be impossible to attain a sample that is a representation of all racial minorities in the city. The sample for the study will be made up of 350 ethnic minorities from the same town. New York has been chosen since it has a high concentration of racial minorities. The samples will be taken through random sampling. The researcher will ensure that the information will be regarded to high confidentiality.

In conclusion, the findings and results of the study may have an effect on the current body of knowledge, as there exist few studies that deal with racial minorities. The researcher is highly hopeful that the research will affect policies potentially.


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