Quiz: Sound Byte – File Management

Flashcard maker : Lily Taylor
Which key do you hold down to select a group of contiguous files?
How do you keep a group of associated files together?
You put them in a folder.
What happens to the files in a folder when you right-click a folder on your hard drive and choose Delete?
They are moved into the Recycle Bin.
Which of the following is NOT shown when you look at your files in Details view?
file image
How do you sort files by date?
You click the column date header in Details view.
Which of the following is NOT an advantage of organizing files?
It stores all files in alphabetical order.
What is one of the first steps in creating a file management system?
create new folders
Which of the following statements is correct?
Files are stored in folders.
Which of the following is NOT something you do to maintain the file management system on your computer?
restore files from the Recycle Bin
What is an advantage of the Recycle Bin?
You can retrieve files you deleted in error.

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