Quiz Questions — Project Management Framework

Stakeholders exert ____________ over the project.
A project manager must aim to find resolutions to ___________ between different stakeholders.
In general, differences among stakeholders must be resolved in favor of the __________.
project management team
The _________________ is part of the project team. It includes the project manager and a few key stakeholders who are actively involved in managing the project.
Ongoing activities which help in sustaining businesses are called ____________.
A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a _________ product, service or result.
Who finally uses the project’s product?
1) Unique
2) Temporary
3) Progressively elaborated
What are the three characteristics of a project?
1) _____________
2) ____________
3) ___________
A group of related projects and operations managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and control not available from managing them individually is called a ___________.
Who acquires the project’s product, service or result?
Who provides financial and other resources for the project?
all, all
The project manager must try to identify ______ stakeholders and determine _______ requirements.
project team
The project management team is part of the __________.
The probability of successfully completing a project is lowest at the ________ of the project.
In the functional organization structure, there is no dedicated project manager. This person plays the role of an _________ (without any decision-making authority).
In the ____________ organization, a disadvantage is that team members do not have a home after the project is completed.
balanced matrix
The project manager and functional manager share power in a _________________ organizational structure.
phases, process groups
A project life cycle is made up of _________. A project management life cycle is made of of _______________.
1) Phase gates
2) Kill points
3) Phase exits
4) Toll gates
5) Milestones
6) Decision gates
Phase-end reviews can also be called?
1) ___________
2) ___________
3) ___________
4) ___________
5) ___________
6) ___________
The project management life cycle is the _______ for all projects.
1) Initiating
2) Planning
3) Executing
4) Monitor & Control
5) Closing
What are the project management process groups?
1) ___________
2) ___________
3) ___________
4) ___________
5) ___________
In a ___________, we want to attain objectives and close.
Project Management
_________________ is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements.

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