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Performance management consists of all of the following distinct components except
low involvement of subordinates in developing the system
A technique that allows researchers to code various characteristics and determine which weighed most heavily in decision making is called ______.
policy capturing
Psychometric training involves
making the raters aware of common rating distortions
Research indicates that the relationships among the different types of performance measures are
Which of the following types of performance ratings is least likely to provide useful information when measuring performance?
When a rater avoids choosing an extreme score, _____ error may occur
central tendency
An employee is asked to create a spreadsheet to compile revenue projections for the up-coming year. A manager then reviews the quality of the spreadsheet. This is an example of a(n) ______ performance measure.
One solution for the problem of conflicting stakeholder goals is to
use multiple performance evaluation systems, each for a different purpose
Which of the following frame-of-reference training steps is incorrect
Asking raters to practice making different types of rating errors
Collectivist cultures such as China tend to be higher in _____ than individualistic cultures like the U.S.
modesty bias
Sales volume, customer complaints, and output data are examples of
objective measures
To implement 360 degree feedback effectively, all of the following guidelines are useful except
make sure to provide names of sources for further feedback.
Negative feedback that is directed toward personal characteristics rather than job-related behaviors is called ______.
destructive criticism
An employee who recently received a performance evaluation feels that the respectfulness and personal tone of the communications surrounding his evaluation were improper. Which type of justice is this worker referring to?
All of the following are examples of performance rating formats except
observation scales.
An admissions office examines the correlation between students’ entrance exam scores and their grades after completing one year of college. In this scenario, students’ grades would be an example of
criterion data
Which of the following scales requires the rater to consider how frequently an employee has been seen to act in a particular way?
behavioral observation scale
Which of the following errors occurs if a rater is unusually easy?
Culture affects performance evaluations in all of the following ways except
Collectivist cultures have lower reliability on performance evaluations.
If a rater assigns the same rating to an employee on multiple dimensions, _____ error may occur.
Company X is looking to hire individuals to fill 8 positions. So far, 18 people have applied for the job. The selection ratio in this case would be
2. A researcher correlates a test score with a performance measure in order to make an inference that people with higher test scores perform better. This is an example of _____ validity.
3. When using multiple regression techniques, it is common to try out the resulting equation on a second sample to see if it still fits well. This process is known as
4. Which of the following models gathers information about candidates to predict the likelihood of their success on job demands?
comprehensive staffing
5. A manager evaluates the test scores of 10 applicants for a customer service position and decides who to hire based only on the test data. This is an example of __________ decision making
6. The percentage of the current workforce that is performing successfully is called the _____.
base rate
7. A group of applicants have test scores ranging from 63% to 92%. Based on the range, anyone who scored below 77% did not qualify. The 77% score is called the _____.
cute score
8. _______________ referenced cut-scores are established by considering the desired level of performance for a new hire and finding the test score that corresponds to that level.
9. If an employer is accused of unknowingly discriminating against a group of employees, the accusation would be considered as a case of adverse ___________.
10. The relationship between the number of individuals assessed and the number actually hired is called _____.
selection ratio
11. All of the following are common validity designs except
correlation related
12. _______________ is being used when individuals with similar test scores are grouped together in a category from which selection decisions are made.
score banding
13. An individual does poorly on a written section of a test but later performs extremely well on a performance section. If the performance score can supplement for the written test score, it is a _____ system.
14. If there are ten applicants for one position, the selection ratio would be
15. Collectivist cultures prefer staffing techniques and strategies characterized by
objective measures
16. _______ referenced cut-scores are based on the average score of the test takers, rather than job performance.
17. If an individual was hired into an organization based on his test scores, but did not perform well on the job, this would be an example of a
false positive
18. An individual does poorly on a written section of a test but later performs extremely well on a performance section. If the performance score cannot supplement for the written score, it is called a _____ system.
19. Expert witnesses are
witnesses who are allowed to voice opinions in a lawsuit.
20. Which of the following is true concerning the concept of utility as it relates to staffing?
It addresses the cost/benefit ratio of one staffing strategy over another
In Kirkpatrick’s four-level model, which level measures impressions of the program?
level 1 (reaction)
Behavior modification is based on
reinforcement theory.
A college student who crams for a test the night before is using
massed practice.
Declarative knowledge is an example of a __________ learning outcome.
_______________________ is concerned with the link between individual training outcomes and the outcomes at higher levels of the organization.
Vertical Transfer
A graphic designer for an Internet web design company goes through a six-week training program. Various technical skills for using software applications are acquired. This type of learning outcome is
skill based
Objectives are important for training programs because
they clarify what is to be learned in the training program.
Which type of orientation emphasizes doing well in training and being evaluated positively?
performance orientation
The belief in one’s capability to perform a specific task or reach a specific goal is called
Which type of orientation views mistakes as a part of the learning process?
mastery orientation
When a task is over-learned and can be performed with limited attention, the result is
Police recruits who participate in target practice in order to refine their shooting skills are performing
active practice
Training needs analysis includes all of the following except
motivational analysis
According to Skinner, ________ increases the probability that a behavior will be repeated.
positive reinforcement
The systematic acquisition of skills, concepts, or attitudes that result in improved performance is called
Coaching is
a practical, goal-focused form of personal, one-on-one learning.
A modification in attitudes or beliefs is an example of a(n) __________ learning outcome.
learning outcome
Brandi just started a new training program at work. Two days a week she receives live instruction, and the other three days she receives video instruction. Which term best describes the instructional approach Brandi’s work is using?
blended learning approach
When training transfers across different levels of an organization, it is referred to as
Vertical Transfer
All of the following are features of learning organizations except
they encourage structure
The type of training method that allows learners to practice material that they previously had difficulty with is called
branching programming
A college student who prepares for a test by studying for 2 hours over the last 4 nights before an exam is using
Distributed Practice
A trainee in a financial firm is assigned to follow a manager for a day in order to observe how to handle various situations. This example is based on principles of
social learning theory
When sexual compliance is stated as necessary for a person to receive a raise or a promotion, there is evidence for ___________________ harassment.
Quid Pro Quo
Training that involves pilots practicing in a flight simulator that mirrors the actual layout of a real airplane cockpit has
Physical fidelity
The systematic collection of information that can be used to make effective training decisions is called
Training Evaluation
In Kirkpatrick’s four-level model, which level provides measures of how well the training can be related to organizational outcomes?
Level 4 (results)

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