Quiz 5

It is always present somewhere in memory.
Research suggests that once people learn something:
Ivan Pavlov was a Russian _____ who spent his life studying classical conditioning.
A reflex
An unlearned, involuntary response, such as salivating when presented with food, is
Neutral stimulus
A stimulus that has no effect on the desired people is a(n):
A conditioned stimulus
When a previously neutral stimulus, through repeated pairing with the unconditioned stimulus, begins to cause the same kind of reflexive response, the neutral stimulus has become:
The repeated pairing of the NS and the UCS is called
Whether the subject is responding to a UCS or a CS
In classical conditioning, the actual response involved in a CR and a UCR are the same. (For example, it might be salivation in both cases.) However, what makes that response (salivation) considered conditioned or unconditioned depends on:
For classical conditioning to be effective, the conditioned stimulus must be
Stimulus generalization
Four year old Joshua reacts with anxiety to the sound of the thunder. A chair slides across the wooden floor, making a sound similar to thunder. Joshua reacts with some slight anxiety. This is an example of:
When Pavlov stopped giving the dogs door after the real CS, they stopped salivating to the sound of the ticking. This is called:
Human emotional responses could be conditioned
In John Watson’s experiment with “Little Albert,” he demonstrated that
Vicarious conditioning
When children witness other children cry when getting a vaccination and the witnesses then cry before the needle even touches them, it is an example of:
When coyotes ate sheep laced with lithium chloride, got extremely sick that one time, then stopped eating sheep meat
An example of a conditioned taste aversion:
Voluntary behavior, to Skinner, was ____ behavior.
The heart of operant conditioning is the effect of _____ on behavior.
Partial reinforcement; continuous reinforcement
_____ is more resistant to extinction than _____.
Variable interval schedule of reinforcement
Fishing is an example of an activity with a
Negative reinforcement
Layla’s new puppy keeps chewing the bottoms of her favorite curtains. Now, whenever Layla sees the puppy begin chewing, she turns on a device that makes a continuous loud, annoying sound. She will not turn it off until the puppy stops chewing. Layla is using which technique to change the puppy’s behavior?
Punishment by application
Anna’s mother scolds her for lying. Anna’s mother is using:
Will only temporarily suppress a behavior
Most of the time, punishment
Applied behavior analysis (ABA)
A modern term for a form of behavior modification that uses shaping techniques to mold a desired behavior or response is
Learned to find the exit almost immediately
The second group of rats in Tolman’s maze experiment was not reinforced for finding the exit until the tenth day. Once they started getting reinforcement, the rats:
A chimp fitting one stick into another stick to reach out of his cage for a banana.
Kohler’s chimpanzee experiment involved:
Possible links between children’s exposure to violence on television and aggressive behavior towards others.
Bandura conducted some of his research to study
A five year old watches his father dunk a basketball. Since the child is unable to reach the basket in the way his father can, the child cannot learn this behavior by observing because he cannot accomplish the step of:
The cold water.
Whenever you rake a shower in your bathroom at home, the water in the shower turns icy cold just as the toilet in another bathroom is flushed, causing you to cringe. After several experiences of this occurrence, you find that you tend to cringe whenever you hear a toilet flush, even when you’re not in the shower. In this example of classical conditioning, what is the unconditioned stimulus?
The music
Dr. Rubio is conducting an experiment in classical conditioning. Shortly after playing music, she places a loaf of bread on the window sill outside her office window. After doing this a number of times, she notices that now, just as she begins to play her music, several birds fly to her window even before she presents the bread. IN this example, the conditioned stimulus is?
Stimulus generalization
Theo gets excited whenever he finds a quarter lying on the ground outside. While walking home from school one day, Theo noticed a shiny round object lying on the sidewalk and became very excited. He soon realized that the object was a bottle cap and his excitement quickly dissipated. Which of the following concepts is demonstrated in this example?
Conditioned taste aversion
Shortly after eating a piece of his great aunt’s famous coconut cake, which he’s had many times, Amad became very nauseous. Now, whenever his great aunt offers him a piece of cake, Amad quickly declines. Which of the following concepts best explains Amad’s change in behavior?
Positive reinforcement
After passing his chemistry exam, Tito was told by his parents that he would be able to have access to the family car for a week. Tito’s parents’ are using ____

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