Quiz 5 – Classroom Management for Middle and High School Teachers

Establishing expectations for student behavior is intended to help students feel secure and prevent problems from occurring.
Activities on the first day of school should be difficult in order to challenge the students and give them an idea of the type of work they’ll be expected to do during the upcoming year.
Secondary students already know what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable behavior at school, so teachers do not need to spend valuable time going over behavioral and procedural expectations.
Presenting major course requirements and expectations via a course syllabus is an effective practice.
A teacher should avoid teaching content lessons on the first day of school because the students will probably be too nervous and excited to concentrate.
Telling students your expectations for their behavior on the first day of class is important, but does not guarantee that they will follow them.
It is the first week of school. Which activity(ies) would be appropriate to undertake?
A & D only

having the whole class read a selection and discuss its plot, characters, and theme

previewing some of the topics the class will learn over the year

Mr. Brunson begins his Algebra class each day by greeting the students as they enter the room, giving them a problem to work on while he takes roll, going over homework, and then introducing new concepts/skills. Mr. Brunson’s sequence is
effective, because it helps students make the transition into his classroom in an orderly manner.
Tonya has not brought pencils or paper to school for 2 weeks. You suspect that she comes from a family that can’t afford the materials. What do you do?
A & D

provide the materials for Tonya from your class stores

look into school resources that can be used to purchase supplies for her

During the first week of classes, the teacher should plan lessons that
use mainly a whole-class format.
Ms. Martin plans to use small groups for a major project later in the school year. She regards good performance on this project as essential for her objectives. According to the guidelines for beginning school, it will probably be best for her to
delay using the groups until students have learned appropriate behavior in whole class activities.
On the first day of class, Ms. Brown allowed students to choose their own seats and then proceeded to introduce herself and the classroom rules and some major procedures. Students were given an overview of course content and a preview of some alternative projects they might later choose to work on. Students were then required to complete a short worksheet reviewing some basic concepts from the previous year’s work in the prerequisite course, and were dismissed by Ms. Brown when the bell rang. According to guidelines and examples in the text, Ms. Brown
On the first day of school, Mr. Haddad told his 9th grade classes, “You are in high school and old enough to know right from wrong. If you do, we can have a lot of fun in this class. I plan to allow many opportunities for interaction and games. I don’t have a list of rules, but I do expect that you will behave yourselves. If you have any questions about how to behave, just raise your hands now and I’ll answer questions.” (Pauses for awhile.) “OK, let’s get started looking at our course. I will hand out my course description and go over my grading criteria and course requirements…A potential difficulty with Mr. Haddad’s beginning is that
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