Quiz 3 – Flashcard Test Questions

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freezing equals melting
phase equilibrium

allows molecular attractions to increase
cooling effect

P • V = k
Boyle’s Law

V/T = k
Charles’s Law

temperature at which vapor pressure = atmospheric pressure
normal boiling

The graph above can be extrapolated to determine:
(Volume of gas as a function of temperature)
Absolute zero

The volume of a given quantity of a gas must increase if:
The temperature increases and the pressure decreases

A man went to a gas station and asked the attendant to inflate the low front tire. When the attendant finished, the constant(s) for the system was (were):
None of the above

Suppose that on a hot and sticky afternoon in the spring, a tornado passes over the high school. If the air pressure in the lab (volume of 180 m3) was 1.1 atm before the storm and 0.85 atm during the storm, to what volume would the laboratory try to expand in order to make up for the large pressure difference outside?
230 m^3

Boyle’s Law represents the relationship of volume as pressure is changed. The constants of Boyle’s Law are
Temperature and number of molecules of gas

100 K =

273 K =

6 K =

143°C =

573°C =

What volume will 1.25 liters of carbon dioxide occupy at 50.0°C if the pressure changes from 0.865 atm to 0.820 atm?
1.32 L

According to the Kinetic Molecular Theory, the absolute temperature of a gas is directly related to average molecular kinetic ____ .

Researchers have now been able to cool substances to absolute zero.

The scientific study of the behavior of substances near 0 K is called pyrogenics.
The scientific study of the behavior of substances near 0 K is called pyrogenics.

Which temperature conversion is correct?
°C = K – 273

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