Quiz 2

Effective communication skills are important primarily to support agents who communicate ____.
any of these
Dissatisfied clients are more likely than satisfied clients to ____.
contact the help desk repeatedly for assistance
Effective communication skills are based primarily on a support agent’s ability to ____.
any of these
Excellent customer service in a support organization is based primarily on which of these factors?
Both A and B
Which of these is not a primary strategy for a support organization that aims for customer service excellence?
Meet all of a client’s demands.
Analysis and evaluation of a user’s message are likely to occur during which type of listening?
A support agent should aim to use language that is ____ the language level that the user uses
slightly below
“I can give you a workaround for this problem, then later we can diagnose the cause of the problem so you don’t encounter it again.” is an example of ____.
A user’s first impression of a support agent comes from the ____.
incident greeting
A script to handle a support incident has ____.
several sequences of questions with multiple decision points or paths
The most effective strategy for using a script is to ____.
restate the script in your own words
Which type of nonverbal behavior is the least effective posture for support agents?
Fold arms
Which type of nonverbal behavior is suggested for effective voice quality?
All of these
Inexperienced support agents tend to speak ____ when they experience stress in a conversation with a user.
too fast
Which of these is not a recommended incident management strategy for support agents?
Don’t admit that you’re wrong or don’t know.
A support agent who feels that a user needs substantial assistance with the organization of files on his or her computer system should ____.
point the user to useful information about file organization
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) measures ____.
personality and work style preferences
A feature of a Web site where discussions are posted by members of a user community is called a ____.
user forum
A Web site that contains large numbers of misspelled words and grammatical errors fails which of these general criteria?
Posts to a user forum with commentary on a single topic, arranged in date order, are called _____.
a thread

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