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Slack is the amount of time an actvity can be delayed without delaying the entire project
A project organization
Is effective for companies with multiple large projects
Which of the following statements concerning CMP activities is FALSE?
The late finish of an activity is the earliest late start of the preceding activities
Which of the following statements regarding CPM is TRUE?
All activities on the critical path have their LS equal to the max EF of all immediate predecessors
The sales force composite forecasting method relies on salespersons’ estimates of expected sales
In a regression equation where y-hat is demand and x is advertising, a coefficient of determination(r squared) of .70 means that 70% of the variance in advertising is explained by demand
The fundamental difference between cycles and seasonality is the
Duration of the repeating patterns
If two variables were perfect correlated, what would the coefficient of the correlation r equal?
-1 or 1
A products life cycle is divided into four stages, which are
Introduction, growth, maturity, and decline
A graphic technique for defining the relationship between customer desires and product (or service) is
The house of quality
A result of concurrent engineering in product design is
Speedier product development
Which of the following typically shows the hierarchy of components, their description, the quantity of each required to make out one unit of the product?
A bill of material
A project organization works best for an organization when the project resides in only one of its functional areas
Which of the following is NOT one of the phases of project management?
Which of the following statements regarding critical paths is true
On a specific project, there can be multiple critical paths, all with exactly the same duration
One advantage of exponential smoothing is the limited amount of record keeping involved
Forecasts used for new product planning, capital expenditures, facility location or expansion, and r typically utilize a
Long-range time horizon
Which of the following statements comparing exponential smoothing to the weighted moving average technique is TRUE?
Exponential smoothing typically requires less record keeping of past data
A forecast based on the previous forecast plus a percentage of the forecast error is
Exponential smoothing forecast
When should product strategy focus on forecasting capacity requirements?
At the growth stage of the product life cycle
Quality function deployment (QFD)
Is used to determine where to deploy quality efforts
Is used early in design process
Determines what will satisfy the customer
Translates customer desires into target design
The project organization works best when which of the following conditions are satisfied?

1. Work tasks can be defined with a specific goal and deadline
2. The job is typical and familiar to existing organizations
3. The work contains interrelated tasks requiring specialized skills
4. The project is temporary but unimportant to long-term organizational success
5. The project cuts across organizational lines

A project manager is interested in crashing a project with variable activity times. Which of the following tools should he/she employ?
Mean square error and exponential smoothing are two measures of the overall error of a forecasting model.
Which of the following uses three types of participants: decision makers, staff personal, and respondents?
Delphi method
The fundamental difference between cycles and seasonality is the:
Duration of the repeating patterns
In a PERT network, non-critical activities that have little slack need to be monitored closely
Because near-critical paths could become critical paths with small delays in these activities
The difference between PERT and CPM is that
PERT employs three times estimates for each activity
Which of the following is not a type of qualitative forecasting
Moving average
The last four weekly values of sales were 80,100,105, and 90 units. The last four forecasts were 60,80,95 and 75 units. These forecasts illustrate
Activity R on a CPM network has predecessors M and N, and has successor S. R has duration 5, N’s late finish is 18, while M’s is 20. S’s late start is 14. Which of the following is definitely true?
The set of times cannot all be possible
Which of the following techniques uses variables such as price and promotional expenditures, which are related to product demand, to predict demand?
Associated models

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