Q:Skills for Success 5–Reading & Writing, Unit 1

renegade (adj)
against the usual way of doing things; unconventional; unorthodox

relay (v)
pass on or along, e.g. a message

random (adj)
lacking a regular objective, pattern, or purpose; by chance, not planned or prearranged; irregular

convey (v)
communicate; make known

disseminate (v)
spread; distribute; scatter (like seeds)

diverse (adj)
different; varied

establish (v)
start something that is meant to last a long time; to set up; to organize

confined (adj)

acknowledge (v)
agree with; admit to

commentary (n)
observations; series of notes explaining something

relevance (n)
value and usefulness

ultimately (adv)
in the end; finally

meet with s.th. (vp)
experience; receive

free-for-all (np)
a situation in which there is total freedom and anything can happen – used to show disapproval; a disorderly fight, argument, or competition in which everyone present participates

lay out (vp)
make a detailed plan for; explain the details of (something)

brave (v)
face or deal with (something dangerous or unpleasant); confront with resolution or courage

take (n); give one’s take on s.th.
the way that a particular person thinks about or understands something; informal: an interpretation or assessment, opinion

come up empty (vp)
fail to get or find something or someone; have no results

take up s.th. (vp)
begin to use (something) (somewhat old-fashioned)

take on s.th. (vp)
begin to have (a particular quality or appearance)

weed out (vp)
separate out, remove, or eliminate (anything unwanted)

account for (vp)
supply the amount of or explain

compile (v)
put together from various information sources

discourse (n)
discussion that is long and serious; a long talk or piece of writing about a subject

proliferation (n)
a big increase in number; rapid growth or increase in numbers or amount

medium (n)
a way of communication or an artistic method

anonymity (n)
secrecy about one’s name or who he or she really is; the quality or state of being unknown or unacknowledged

transform (v)
change completely

reveal (v)
make known

deny (v)
refuse to allow

distinctive (adj)
unique, special, uncommon

register (v)
put your information on an official list or Web site; sign up

improvise (v)
speak or perform without planning in advance (with little or no preparation)

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