QR Codes

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QR Code
(Quick Response)

text, URL, or other


matrix barcode (or 2D code) readable by scanners, cell phones with a camera, and smartphones

information embedded can be?

Popular and created where?

takes you to a normal web page that does not fit on the phone

takes you to a web page designed to flow into whichever device it is being opened on-laptop, tablet, or phone

good and bad uses of QR codes
web page
info sheet
your address book
contest entry
walking tour
store directory
social media
what can a QR code lead you to?
Norman Joseph Woodland
The patent for the barcode was issued

Tracking system by who?

June 26, 1974
1st product logged in grocery store by a barcoding system using the modern UPC code on pack of Wrigley’s gum
a scanning phone
the barcode and scanner have evolved over the years from a laser gun to a _______
science industry
USA Military
Health Industry
Shipping Industry
today barcode technology is used in a variety of industries to achieve a wide range of goals for example:
When you launch your app of choice, you’ll see that your phone’s camera is activated, with an on-screen framing guide. Line up the camera on your device with the QR code you want to scan, and hold the device steady until the app can read the code in front of it.
How do you read a QR code?
Display coupons
Connect to social media
Download contact information
Display your Yelp reviews
Reward loyalty program members
Display contest entry form
Make mobile payments
Offer product details
Display directions to your business
Scan a paperless ticket
Email newsletters
How can QR codes be used in Marketing?
Business cards
Brochures and pamphlets
Product packaging and inserts
Restaurant menus
Point-of-sale receipts
Good places to post QR codes:
Anything that constantly moves
Bad places to post QR codes:

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