Psychology Chapter 1 (questions)

Psychology is best defined as the scientific study of
human thought and behavior.

As a field, psychology is
A social science, biological science, and the practice of diagnosing and treating illness.

How does psychology differ from the related field of sociology?
Psychology studies individuals; sociology studies groups.

What subdiscipline of psychology examines how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors change over the life span?
developmental psychology

A psychologist has conducted a series of studies on which part of the brain is most active during a memory task. She is probably
a behavioral neuroscientist.

The main difference between a clinical and a counseling psychologist is that counseling psychologists treat
people with less severe psychological disorders.

What perspective in psychology assumes that the unconscious is the most powerful force behind most behavior?

Who argued that thoughts, feelings, and motives are unimportant in understanding human behavior.

Positive psychology is a modern form of which school of thought?

Which phrase most accurately reflects a modern perspective in psychology?
nature through nurture

Charles Darwin’s great contribution was the theory of
how evolution works (natural selection).

Mind-body dualism proposes that
the mind and body are separate.

Which of the following is a technique we argue for integrating the many perspectives in psychology?
Using not believing everything you think; using the scientific method; making connections within and between chapters

Research on the association between vaccines and autism has shown
no connection between the two

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