PRT 266 Midterm (review)

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Which university inaugurated the first master’s-level sport administration program of study designed to prepare students for jobs in a variety of sport-related industries?
Ohio State University
Marketing is a unique aspect of sport management because…
Sport activities tend to be spontaneous
Sport performance, sport production, and sport promotion make up the model proposed by Pitts, Fielding, & Miller (1994). What is this model called?
Product type model
Sport is a powerful social institution, as evidenced by public adulation of athletes, the size of royalties paid to athlete product endorsers, and the enormous media attention.
According to the definitions of sport given by the Council of Europe (2001) and Pitts, Fielding, and Miller (1994), an activity must always be competitive to be considered sport.
The economic impact model identifies the segments of the sport industry as entertainment and recreation, products and services, and support organizations.
The panning-for-gold approach requires us to hone our ___________ skills during critical thinking.
According to the reading, money spent by sport participants, spectators,
and sponsors is called _________.
Associated economic activity
What are the three segments of the sport industry identified by Pitts, Fielding and Miller?
Sport performance, sport production, sport promotion
What is the model identifies the segments of the sport industry as entertainment and recreation, products and services, and support organizations?
economic impact model
Sport is a powerful ____________ ____________, as evidenced by public adulation of athletes, the size of royalties paid to athlete product endorsers, and the enormous media attention.
Social Institution
_________ __________ incorporates the workplace values, norms, and behaviors that produce patterns of behavior unique to an organization.
Organizational culture
Skills that a person should be able to perform in a variety of vocational settings
Transferable Skills
If someone gives you advice, help, or time, you should send a thank you letter within 24 hours.
In employee performance appraisals, the aim of constructive criticism is to allow you to discover what you can do to improve your performance.
Professional development includes:
participating in business and professional associations, commitment to lifelong learning
The qualities, attitudes, beliefs, traits, and concepts that have special significance or meaning for you are your…
Implicit norms are formally communicated rules that govern behavior.
To be an effective team member, you must…
see team success and personal success
Which of the following is the process of consciously analyzing all information gathered about yourself, various sport management occupations, and career paths?
career decision making
According to the book, during meetings general conventions include being prepared, arriving approximately 10 minutes early, turning off cell phones or to the vibrate option, and actively listen.
When should you send a thank-you letter to thank someone who gives you advice, help or time?
should be done within 24 hours
Constructive criticism that allows employees to discover what they can do to improve their work performance?
performance appraisal
North American Society for Sport Management
Supervised practical experiences designed to connect theory with practice
Field Experience (PRT 475)
What are the total number of hours required for the General Education Program at N.C. State?
39 credit hours
Which company was the first modern sport business enterprise?
A. G. Spalding & Brothers
Jackie Robinson broke the modern color barrier in professional sport when he signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1945.
Women’s participation rates in athletics grew more than 1,000% in the 20th century.
Which of the following developments made the emergence of the sport business industry possible?
technology such as the railroad and telegraph
Which group was the most important market segment for sport businesses at the turn of the 20th century?
white middle-class males
The bicycle craze of the 1890s is an example of a watershed event.
The tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs in 1973 was dubbed the Battle of the Sexes.
Who broke the modern color barrier in professional baseball?
Jackie Robinson
Who are the two men responsible for the development of the 1st spoor management academic program?
James Mason and Walter O’Malley
Who were described as revolutionaries in sport and television; bringing new and innovative ways to cover sport/Monday Night Football; Superbowl?
Roone Arledge and Pete Rozelle
What developments contributed to the success of A.G. Spalding & Brothers?
1) vertical integration,
(2) diversification,
(3) development of a modern management system, and
(4) promotional skills
To achieve their goals, organizations obtain inputs and then transform them into outputs.
The main goal of commercial organizations is to make a profit
Which of the following approaches focuses on the outputs of the organization?
goal approach
The term spatial complexity refers to…
the number of geographical locations in which an organization operates
Horizontal complexity refers to the number of levels that exist between the top executive in the organization and the lowest positions in the hierarchy.
An organization design that has no stable form of centralization or decentralization is referred to as…
Which of the following elements should be considered in order to understand change, according to Pettigrew (1987, 1990)?
content, context, process
Reciprocity refers to the creation of partnerships in order to achieve common or mutual goals or activities.
Tool used by people to coordinate their actions to achieve their goals
Savings originating from mass production of goods and services?
economics of scale
What are the number of geographical locations in which an organization operates?
spatial complexity
What are the elements make up the general environment?
economy, technology, politics, social and cultural forces, and demography
What are the four steps are involved in developing a strategy?
(1) identifying the goals, objectives, and mission of the organization;
(2) determining the strategic objectives, formed after conducting a SWOT analysis;
(3) identifying resources required to implement the strategy; and (4) establishing a timeline for implementing the strategy
What is the process of influencing people to work individually or collectively toward the achievement of a goal?
What are the recognized functions of a manager?
planning, staffing, organizing, directing, and controlling and evaluating
What are the three informational roles that managers perform?
monitor, disseminator, and spokesperson
What are the steps in the decision-making process?
(1) defining or framing the problem,
(2) identifying criteria for the decision,
(3) developing and evaluating alternatives,
(4) selecting an alternative,
(5) implementing the alternative, and
(6) evaluating the effectiveness of the decision
Who are “Who-Sayers of the Greatest Magnitude (Power and Influence discussion)
Judge, Priest, Chancellor, Wizard of Oz
Which of the following leadership styles best describes a leader who waits for mistakes to be made and then corrects them?
Transactional style
The primary goal of management is to exert influence on individual and group behaviors
Which of the following factor(s) is the systematic use of information about others that leads to inaccurate perceptions of diverse people in the workplace?
Which of the following management processes involves goal setting?
According to Mintzberg (1973, 1990), typical managers perform 20 roles that fall into four categories.
Charismatic, charming, and appealing leaders are know to have which of the following type(s) of power?
In sport organizations, the management process typically starts with planning and ends with controlling and evaluating.
planning and budgeting – management,
setting a direction – leadership,
aligning people – leadership,
organizing and staffing – management,
motivating and inspiring – leadership,
controlling and problem solving – management
National Hockey League was the second professional sport league.
The collective bargaining agreement is an equitable system for distributing new talent among all league members.
What legislation allowed leagues (rather than individual teams) to negotiate network TV contracts?
Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961
Licensing revenues are generated when leagues and teams grant merchandise and apparel manufacturers the right to use their names and logos.
What was the first team sport to employ professional athletes?
These four aspects of professional sport distinguish it from other industries: (1) interdependence, (2) structure and governance, (3) labor-management relations, and (4) role of radio.
What term did David Harris use to describe the notion that teams must, among other things, share revenues?
League think
The Sherman Antitrust Act pertains to which of the following professional leagues?
Major League Baseball
What are the three principals of the professional sport industry?
governance, management, and labor
What four aspects of professional sport distinguish it from other industries?
interdependence, structure and governance, labor-management relations, and role of television
What exemption pertains to Major League Baseball but to no other pro league?
Sherman Antitrust Act
What legislation allowed leagues (rather than individual teams) to negotiate network TV contracts?
Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961
What are the four primary sources of revenue for professional sport teams?
media contracts, gate receipts, licensing and merchandising, and sponsorship
What is the Compliance Officer?
Administrator that must understand NCAA and conference rules and regulations?
What is the National Junior College Athletic Association?
How is each NCAA member institution classified?
Division I, Division II, or Division III
How are division 1 sports financed?
student fees, gate receipts, television revenues, licensing revenues & private donations
What is a Conference?
a group of colleges or universities that governs the conduct of its member institutions’ athletic programs
Sport serves as a ______________, bringing people together as sport cuts across social categories such as race and class.
A society’s dominant values, attitudes, and beliefs are passed from generation to generation through a process known as ____________________.
Steering minority groups into or away from certain power positions in sport is called _______________________.
The irrational fear or intolerance of homosexuality, gay men, or lesbians…
Theory where people with money and power control sports, exploit others in an attempt to maintain the status quo.
Conflict Theory
When were the first Olympic Games held?
When was the Little League World Series first televised?
Who is the first woman to play professional basketball for the Harlem Globetrotters
Lynette Woodward, 1979
When were the first women accepted into Augusta National Golf Club as members?
When did Congress pass the Amateur Sports Act, establishing the United States Olympic Committee?
What is the day and time that are assignments are due?
Friday @ noon
What are quizzes?
Assignment that has a 10-minute limit
What is the Career Job Assignment & or quizzes?
Assignment accounting for 10% of total grade
What are midterm and final exams (20% each)
Assignments that account for 20% of Total grade
What is Sport Manager Interview
Assignment that requires you to contact sport management professional to gain insight about possible career

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