Pros and Cons of Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery Essay Example
Pros and Cons of Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery Essay Example

Pros and Cons of Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery Essay Example

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  • Published: February 9, 2022
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Plastic surgery is a technology that is meant to improve the appearance of an individual’s body parts. Surgeons specialized in plastic surgery can help one to have a desired appearance. Plastic surgery is quickly becoming a favored option for those who would like to restore their outward looks. However, there are still others who are opposing the idea of plastic surgery. This paper aims at looking at both the pros and cons of plastic surgery, also known as cosmetic surgery.

Pros of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery helps to improve the outer appearance of an individual. There are plastic surgeons that can help one to have great transformation in accordance with what an individual desires. Apart from that plastic or cosmetic surgery can help to boost ones self image and ultimately self confidence. When individuals do not like how they l


ook like, they can develop low self esteem and may not feel loved or even fit into their peer groups. However, with plastic surgery, their looks can have an improved appearance and they can start feeling good about themselves and also feel appreciated and loved.

Plastic surgery therefore helps to boost people’s self confidence. In addition, undergoing plastic surgery can be vital and help since it will help one to build damaged personal relationships. As such, intimate relationships that will be formed again and people starts to be interact and become social again due to the fact that their former confidence returns and they feel better about themselves and other people start to love and associate with themagain.Finally, plastic surgery can help a person to have an improved health. In men for instance the removal or elimination of the breas

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tissue can greatly reduce health risks especially cancer in such a tissue while in women especially with those that have large breasts, plastic surgery can help to eliminate or reduce back pains (Bolton et al ,2003).

Cons of Plastic Surgery

On the other side of the coin, plastic surgery has its disadvantages. Plastic surgery is associated with huge costs. These procedures are expensive yet they are rarely covered in health insurance. In elective surgeries, huge cost is not usually a deterrent factor to prevent one from having plastic surgery as high cost incurred in surgical procedures often guarantee one to have high quality services. Therefore quality cannot be compromised in favor of low cost surgical procedures for as long as one wants to have desire results. Plastic surgery is not therefore the right option for those who do not have enough money to meet the costly services associated with plastic surgery.

Apart from the huge costs that are incurred by those who desire transformative results that improve their outward appearance, plastic surgery usually does not bring realistic expectations. An individual may be left struggling with more complex issues despite the fact that desired outward appearance has improved or restored. Feelings of guilt that bites ones’ conscience may still lurk inside a person who has undergone plastic surgery. This can further doing more damage to an individual’s self worth and self confidence despite having better looks. Therefore, it only sound reasonable when an individual to consult a surgeon who will elaborate to them the real outcomes that goes with plastic surgery. Plastic surgery can also bring health complications like hemorrhage or take longer period of times for one to

recover. It also requires constant check ups to see how one is progressing (Bolton et al, 2003).

Cosmetic or plastic surgery has several advantages among them improved appearance, self confidence as well as having improved or better relationships. However one can develop poor self image due to those procedures and also bring health complications. As such it is advisable for one to consult a surgeon for medical advice. Afterwards one ought to make a well thought decision that will bring acceptable and realistic expectations.


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