Promotion test 1

Promotion refers to all of the..
activities a seller uses to persuade consumers to buy
some promotion activities are intended to _____ and ____ consumers
inform and remind
other promotional actives exist ____ and______
engage and entertain
in the 21st century, promotion has become much more focused on ______ and ______ because as consumers we are _______
entertainment and engagement, OVERCONNECTED
sharing economy is also known as:
collaborative economy, peer to peer economy or collaborative consumption
in a sharing economy, people share _____ directly with each-other, coordinated via the internet, bypassing commercial enterprises
businesses can benefit from sharing economies through events such as:
flash sales, in app purchases and shopping parties
fauxsumerism is the preference for:
shopping over buying
social shopping is an e-commerce method that combines ________ and _____
social networking and shopping
examples of social shopping sites:
etsy and polyvore
social shopping mimics:
experiences found in physical stores
offline retailers describes
the event of online stores building physical stores, such as birchbox and nastygal
pop up shops are:
temporary retail spaces that spring up in unusual places
omnichannel retailing is the evolution of:
a seamless approach to the consumer experience through all available shopping channels such as mobile internet devices computers brick and mortar stores television radio, etc.
disruptive innovation is a term coined by
Clayton Christenson
disruptive innovation describes a process by which…
a product or service takes root initially in simple applications at the bottom of a market and then relentlessly moves up market, eventually displacing established competitors, the people who do this are referred to as disruptors
cause marketing involves a cooperative effort between
a for profit business and a non-profit org
marketing is defined as:
the activity, set of institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients partners and society at large
marketing mix:
product price place promotion
branding is the process involved in:
creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumer’s mind through promotion
communication refers to:
the transmission or exchange of information
there must be ____ _____between the message receiver and the message sender for communication
common thinking
communication begins with the _______
the arrangement if words and symbols is termed _____
_______ are the methods by which the message is translated
buzz marketing also known as _____, manages what?
viral marketing, word of mouth discussions
once the message has been sent, the receiver must ______ the message, which means transform in back into thought
feedback is:
the response from the receiver back to the sender and lets the sender know that it was received and how it was understood
the tools used to achieve marketing and communication goals are referred to as the _____ ____
promotion mix
in fashion, the promotion mix categories include:
advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, fashion shows, special events and visual merchandising
advertising can be ____ or ____
traditional or digital
advertising is any:
non-personal message paid for, placed in the media, and controlled by the sponsor
_____ ____ described the process by which organizations communicate directly with target customers to generate response or transaction
direct marketing
sales promotion refers to the activities that:
provide extra value or incentives to customers, distributers or employees to generate immediate sales
_____ _____ is a distinctive management function that helps establish and maintain mutual lines of communication, understanding, acceptance and cooperation between an org and its publics
public relations
public relations shapes ___ _____
public opinion
_______ ____ is the direct interaction between the consumer and the seller for the purpose of making a sale
personal selling
a ____ ___ is a one-time occurrence with planned activities focused on a specific purpose
special event
___ ____ is the physical presentation of products in a nonpersonal approach to promote the image of a firm and the sale of merchandise to consumers
visual merchandising
Integrated marketing communications involves:
coordinating the different promotional elements with other marketing activities, USE OF ONE BRANDING MESSAGE THROUGHOUT ALL
some _____ AND _____ considerations when promoting are: persuasion, ethics, gender, globalization, children, cultural diversity
social and ethical
_____ ______ researches study the decision marking processes
fashion _____ is the act of acquiring and using products
___ ___ is the process of choosing among possible alternatives
shopping at the same store for the same brand without much thought is:
routine decision making
products that are inexpensive and of low risk to us result in
low-involvement purchases
internal influences on consumers to refer to:
those elements that are part of the internal makeup of the consumer such as attitude, perceptions, personalities and motives
consumers have _____ towards products
the behavioral intentions sequence:
____ is the process of becoming aware of something through senses
personality is the combination of:
characteristics or qualities that form an individuals distinctive character
____ are the reasons customers buy
_____ ____ on consumers are elements that are not part of their internal makeup and are learned from being around others
external influences
external influencers include:
culture, status, values and reference groups
the multidimensional characteristics of culture:
culture is human made,
culture is learned
culture is prescriptive
culture is a group phenomenon
culture changes
____ refers to a persons social group or professional standing
_____ are our principle standards of bahvior
a ____ ___ is a group of people related to us or with similar values that we use to inform attitudes and behavior
reference group
a ____ is a system for putting things into groups according to their similarities
____ are the earliest adopters of fashion
the rise stage is associated with:
early adopters and opinion leaders
obsolescence is associated with fashion _______
laggards, 16 PERCENT OF BUYERS
_____ _____ involves dividing a large population of consumers into subsets of consumers called ___ ___ or ___ ____
market segmentation, target market or market segment
demographic segmentation groups consumers based on the:
statistical characteristics of a population
the time in which a consumer was bord creates a bond with other consumers born in this time greating groups called:
age cohorts
personal income is:
gross amount of income from all sources: wages and salary, interest and dividends
disposable income is
personal income minus taxes
discretionary income is what is left over after all ___ have been covered
race is the…
biological heritage of an individual
_____ is the description of a group bound together by ties of cultural homogenieity
___ ___ groups consumers by geopgraphical areas
geographic segmentation
___ ___ groups consumers based on social class, lifestyle characteristics, activities, interests and opinions
psychographic segmentation
____ ___ groups consumers based on specific patterns of hebior they display when making purchase decisions
behavioral segmentation
_____ segmentation groups consumers based on their needs or problems and the benefits they will get from buying
research data is obtained from two sources:
primary and secondary
the three types of primary research are:
exploratory, descriptive, casual
primary data is achieved through these three:
observational research, survey research, experimental research, focus group research
types of secondary research are:
holistic, data driven, consumer-centric and storytelling
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