Project Management Ch. 4 & 5 Quiz

How is project scope defined?
What you expect to deliver to your customer when the project is complete
Jose is looking at a document that outlines the specific deliverables and sub-deliverables required to complete the writing of a technical support manual. He is most likely viewing the…
Work Package
There at 5 steps involved when defining a project; which of the following is the first?
Define the Project Scope
Which of the following is NOT true regarding scope creep?
It is when the cost of the project is more than expected.
An expected output over the life of a project would be classified as…
A deliverable
The first step of project scope definition is to…
Define the overall objective to meet the customer’s needs
In reviewing the project plan, Susan sees that the first prototype must be completed by October 12. This would be best classified as a…
The ability of a 911 emergency system to identify the caller’s phone number and location is considered to be a…
Technical Requirement
“To construct a high-quality, custom home within five months at costs not to exceed $150,000” is best classified as…
An Objective
There are 5 steps involved when defining a project; which of the following is the second?
Establish Project Priorities
One of the primary jobs of a project manager is to manage the trade-offs associated with the project. Which of the following is NOT one of the basic classifications of project priorities?
After reviewing the project scope statement, the owner specifies that costs MUST stay within $400,000. This criterion is classified as…
The ____ is used to assist in making project trade-offs among schedule, budget, and performance objectives.
Project Priority Matrix
The lowest element in the hierarchical breakdown of the WBS is…
A Work Package
The highest element in the hierarchical breakdown of the WBS is…
The Project
There a 5 steps involved in defining a project; which of the following is the last?
Code the WBS for Tracking
If a project is small and does not require an elaborate system to assign tasks, which of the following is a good choice?
Responsibility Matrix
The project scope statement indicates that the client is responsible for training the people who will be using the equipment and that the project team will train the client’s trainers. This is an example of…
Limits and Exclusions
The tendency for the project deliverables to expand over time-usually by changing requirements, specifications, and priorities is called…
Scope Creep
A “Dissemination Mode”‘ is…
What defines how project communication is to occur
The process of forecasting or approximating the time and cost of completing project deliverables is called…
In practice, estimating processes are frequently classified as…
Top Down/Bottom Up
A good starting point for developing time and cost estimates is…
Past Experience
Which of the following is NOT one of the factors that need to be considered to improve quality of estimates for project times and costs?
Janet is forecasting how much money her department needs to support a new project. She estimates that two people and $25,000 in expenses will cover her needs. Because management typically insists on reducing forecasts by 20 percent, she increases her estimates to allow for that reduction. Which of the following factors is illustrated in this situation?
Padding Estimates
Which of the following is a good condition for top-down estimating?
Internal, Small Project
Which of the following is a good condition for bottom-up estimating?
When there is a fixed price contract
Which of the following does NOT help describe a bottom-up estimating approach?
They are made by someone who uses experience and/or information from someone else to determine overall project cost and duration
Which of the following methods is NOT considered a top-down approach to estimating project time and cost?
Jose is forecasting project time and cost for constructing a new building by multiplying the total square footage by a given dollar amount. Which of the following methods is he using?
Sean is forecasting the time and cost of developing a customized software program by looking at the number of inputs, outputs, inquiries, files, and interfaces. Which of the following methods is he using?
Function Point
Learning curves are more likely to be applied in situation where most of the costs are…
Which of the following would be the best method for projects where the final product is not known and the uncertainty is very large?
Phase Estimating
Rob is responsible for estimating a work package that has a significant amount of uncertainty associated with the time and cost to complete. Due to the uncertainty involved he will be making a low, an average and a high estimate. Rob is using which estimating approach?
Range Estimating
The salary of the project manager would be an example of what type of cost found in a project?
Direct Project Overhead
Typical kinds of costs found in a project include all of the following EXCEPT
All of these choices are examples of costs found in a project. (Direct Costs, Project Overhead Costs, General/Administrative Overhead Costs/Labor)
Accounting would be an example of which of the following costs typically found in a project?
General and Administrative Overhead
Which of the following would best represent direct project costs?
Labor, Materials, and Equipment
Companies are using which of the following for improving the estimating process for future projects?
Creating historical databases of previous projects
Reason why estimating time and cost are important include all of the following EXCEPT…
To help establish a project selection process
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