Prod Exam 1

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Which one of the following statements regarding operations management is true?
Customer participation and information on performance are two special types of inputs to a production system.
The process that includes the activities required to produce and deliver the service or product to the customer is called the:
order fulfillment process.
Competitive priorities define the dimensions on which the firm should excel with its products or services. Which one of the following statements regarding this concept is TRUE?
Often there are trade-offs among competitive priorities; thus, the best emphasis is situational.
An emergency department physician’s service can be classified as:
high complexity and high divergence.
Which one of the following statements about process management is best?
When customization must be high, equipment should be general purpose, and employees need to perform a broader range of duties.
Front offices typically emphasize:
top quality and customization
A manufacturer that produces standard products in large volumes is likely to be using a(n):
make-to-stock strategy.
Active customer contact and personalized attention can lower cost to the customer by:
using customer efforts to reduce the service provider’s efforts.
Under which one of the following environments would you opt for a higher degree of resource flexibility?
A firm using a flexible flow strategy
Which one of the following statements on the concept of focused factories is best?
Reduces the range of demands placed on an operation so management can concentrate on fewer tasks
Process analysis focuses on:
how work is actually done.
A flowchart traces the flow of:
All of these can be traced through a process using a flow chart.
Which one of the following groups of activities is likely to be shown on a process chart?
Operation, inspection, delay
Which one of the following statements about work measurement is TRUE?
Work sampling is a technique to determine the proportion of time spent on different activities.
A process troubleshooter has to decide which problem to address first with his or her cause-and-effect diagram. The data analysis tool that will help him decide which problem to tackle first is a:
Pareto chart.
A manager of a fiberglass molding operation suspects that the number of defects is related to the number of total units produced of a particular product. A tool most useful in this analysis would be a:
scatter diagram.
At which of the following steps will the cost of detecting product defects be the highest?
Improving quality seems to be a strategic weapon in gaining market share. However, improving quality entails allocation of resources and effort. As greater effort is expended to stop defects before they occur, which one of the following costs increases?
Prevention costs
If a product initially fails to live up to the customer’s expectations, which dimension of quality might salvage the sale and the company’s reputation?
Continuous improvement is a philosophy that:
uses problem-solving techniques within work teams.
Supply Chain Management
Synchronization of a firms processes with those of its suppliers and customers to match the flow of materials, services, and info with customer demand
External Customer
A customer who is either an end user or an intermediary
Activity or group of activities that takes an input, transforms it, and provides more outpus for customers
can be human resources, capital, purchased materials & services, land, and energy.
Often services. Processes provide outputs to customers.
transformation process
the process that converts resources into finished goods and services
Core Processes
set of activities that delivers value to external customers.
Four core processes
1. Supplier relationship process 2. New service/ product developement process 3. Order fufillment process 4. customer relationship process
Support process
Provides vital resources and inputs to the core processes and is essential to management.
Supply chain view
Each activity in a process should add value to the preceding activities; waste and unnecessary cost should be eliminated
competitive priorities
the dimensions along which a firm chooses to compete: cost, quality, flexibility, delivery and service

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