Principles of Marketing Chapter 15 Quiz

Although advertising is used mostly by business​ firms, a wide range of​ not-for-profit organizations,​ professionals, and social agencies also use advertising to promote their causes to various target publics. The forty-ninth largest advertising spender is what​ organization?
The U.S. government
When developing an advertising​ program, marketing managers must make four important decisions. Which one of the following is the fourth one of those four​ steps?
Evaluating advertising campaigns
There are several different objectives that an advertisement might be designed to accomplish in reaching a specified target within a distinct period of time. Which one of the following is an element of consumer behavior and is not directly related to advertising​ objectives?
An iPad competitor details its advantages over the iPad in a TV ad and concludes by jokingly​ saying, “Do you still think I am​ pretty?” What is the objective task of the Microsoft​ Surface’s ad?
How does the​ brand’s market share affect the amount spent on the advertising budget for the​ brand?
Building the market or taking market share from competitors requires larger advertising spending than does simply maintaining current share.
What are the two major elements that make up advertising​ strategy?
Creating advertising messages and selecting advertising media
What does the term​ “Madison and​ Vine” mean?
The merging of advertising and entertainment
The movie Castaways was written to have the main character work for FedEx and end up on an island in a FedEx plane crash. His only​ “companion” was a volleyball made by Wilson sporting goods. Wilson became the​ survivor’s sole companion and included getting a face drawn on him. What category does this tactic​ exemplify?
Branded entertainment
Budweiser ran an ad during the Super Bowl in January​ 2012, following​ 9-11, in which the team of Clydesdales hauled the Budweiser​ dray, stood in front of the Hudson River across from the Twin Towers where the World Trade Center had​ stood, and the entire team bowed in respect. This ad style builds​ __________ around the product or​ service, such as​ beauty, love,​ intrigue, serenity, or pride.
a mood or image
Maytag, for​ years, ran a campaign around the Maytag​ repairman, who was the​ “loneliest man in​ town.” The same actor played the role for several decades and was seen doing crossword​ puzzles, playing​ cards, or reading and waiting for a Maytag machine to break. What is the execution employed in this​ campaign?
Which of the following are legitimate characteristics of advertising​ appeals?
Meaningful, believable, and distinctive
Frito-Lay was looking for new flavors for potato chips and ran a​ multi-stage contest among consumers who submitted ideas for new chips. Those entries eventually were narrowed to three flavors which were then manufactured and tested in the market. What tactic was​ Frito-Lay employing?
Consumer-generated content
The Progressive Insurance Ad campaign knows that the average person in the target market is exposed to the message 13 times in 3 months. What does this​ measure?
A print ad for a new BMW model​ says, “More powerful than Big​ Bertha,” has a picture of the​ car, and has two brief paragraphs describing the​ car’s power sources. What are the two paragraphs​ called?
What is the difference between consumer impressions and consumer​ expressions?
Impressions are the actual number of people who were exposed to the​ ad, and expressions are the number of comments generated by consumers.
How do media planners compute the cost for various​ media?
Cost per​ 1,000
There are several sequential decisions a marketer needs to make in developing an advertising program. What is the first step in this​ process? Which of the following is not a step correctly identified according to its position in the​ sequence?
Step​ 2: Determining what the advertising objectives are
What is the final step in the process of developing the advertising​ program?
Evaluating the communication
Which promotional tool is the least used of the major tools but has the ability to create a very favorable company image and build consumer awareness and preference at a low​ cost?
Public Relations
PR offers the IMC manager many advantages over other promotional tools. Which of the following primary benefits of public relations​ (PR) is​ inaccurate?
The cost per​ 1,000 is relatively high.
When the Milk Processor Education Program​ (MilkPEP), known for its successful​ “Got Milk?” campaign in previous​ years, created a campaign to promote the health benefits and boost consumption of chocolate milk through schools and other​ communities, what promotional tool did MilkPEP​ use?
Public relations
Where are the costs derived for public​ relations?
Hiring staff to develop stories and press releases about the firm or brand
The PR Department in a firm performs many functions. Which one of the following is allocated to personnel in marketing other than the public relations​ staff?
Distribution of samples of the product
Marketers use several public relations tools. Which one of the following tools is used in the realm of marketing and not​ PR?
Contests and sweepstakes
Public relations people use a variety of materiPublic relations people use a variety of materials including annual​ reports, brochures,​ articles, company​ newsletters, and magazines to reach and influence their target markets. What are these materials​ called?als including annual​ reports, brochures,​ articles, company​ newsletters, and magazines to reach and influence their target markets. What are these materials​ called?
Written materials

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