Principles of Marketing Chapter 14 Quiz

In the dynamic arena of IMC​ decisions, the marketing manager must respond to many recent changes in the marketplace. Which of the following is currently an issue with which marketers must​ deal?
The existence of more fragmented markets
Some industry experts predict that the traditional​ mass-media communication model will become obsolete for all of the following reason but one. Which of the following is driving IMC decisions away from the​ mass-communication model?
​Mass-media cost increases
One very personalized version of​ communications, which can be very important in communicating about the brand but over which the marketer has little​ control, is called​ what?
​Word-of-mouth influence
A consumer is ready to buy a new refrigerator and has done some comparison shopping. She heads to Home Depot to do one last comparison between two​ side-by-side units with the external ice dispenser
What is currently considered to be the​ “hottest” element of the market mix given the rapidity with which it​ changes?
Integrated marketing communications​ (IMC)
In the communication​ process, what are the two parties who are involved in the​ process?
Sender and receiver
To develop an effective integrated marketing communications​ program, the first step is to identify the target market. Four of the following five elements are steps in the process. Which of the following steps is second in the​ process?
Determination of the communication objectives.
A marketing manager is concerned about the execution of an ad series being developed for multiple video media. He is concerned about the​ colors, layout,​ actors, costuming,​ background, and sound qualities. About what is he specifically​ concerned?
The marketer is developing an appeal to buyers that tells a story about a daughter leaving for college and her parents being​ sad, and then going to The Olive Garden where the message is​ communicated, “You’re​ family.” What is the appeal of this​ message?
The marketing communicator needs to know where in the​ buyer-readiness hierarchy the target audience now stands and to what stage it needs to be moved. What is the final stage in the​ six-stage process?
​McDonald’s has been running the​ “I’m Lovin’​ it” ad campaign for several years. What part of the communication model is described as the process of putting thought into symbolic meaning and​ words, “I’m​ Lovin’ it?”
Of the five tools that comprise the​ IMC, which is more directed to the channels and less towards the final​ consumer?
Personal selling
To deliver a clear and compelling​ message, each tool of the promotional mix must be fully coordinated with what​ concept?
Integrated marketing communications​ (IMC)
To improve the communication process and ensure the message is fully​ communicated, what is advised in the relationship of the sender and the​ receiver?
There should be experience overlap between the sender and receiver.
Which method is not one of the four common methods used to set the total budget for​ advertising?
The​ multi-channel method
As the marketer begins to develop an effective​ message, he is advised to follow the AIDA model. What is the final element of​ AIDA?
Although​ advertising, particularly TV​ advertising, is very​ expensive, there are distinct advantages to using it as a promotional tool. Why does the IMC manager use TV​ advertising?
It has a large reach at a low cost per exposure.
​McDonald’s, which has​ 38% of the​ fast-food market​ share, sets its monthly promotional budget in the United States at​ $22M. Wendy’s has​ 15% of the​ fast-food market share and allocates​ $19M to its promotional budget. What method is​ Wendy’s using to determine the​ budget?
The​ competitive-parity method
If a firm allocates​ 65% of its IMC budget primarily to personal selling and trade promotion toward channel members to induce them to carry the product and promote it to final​ consumers, what strategy is being​ used?
Push strategy
​Coca-Cola has developed a video ad campaign that encompasses several different viewing platforms including​ TV, digital,​ mobile, and social media. What is this approach that combines and integrates multiple media​ options?
Digital video ad convergence
What are marketers called who no longer simply just develop and place TV ads or print ads but instead​ create, inspire, and share brand messages and conversations with and among customers across a fluid mix of​ paid, owned,​ earned, and shared communication​ channels?
Content marketing managers
Which of the IMC tool mixes includes​ broadcast, print,​ online, mobile,​ outdoor, and other forms of​ communication?
How should a marketing manager begin the process of auditing the communication​ process?
Analyze of all the touch points.
Of the five tools that comprise the​ IMC, which is typically designed to achieve​ short-term goals?
Sales promotions
There are several categories of nonpersonal communication channels including major media and what are the​ others?
Atmospheres and events

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