pre-lab 1 – Chemistry

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applied scientific method
1. define problem
2. action plan
3. gather evidence
4. develop hypothesis
5. test hypothesis
6. reach conclusion
7. report results
exteremly potenet irreversible cholinesterase inhibitor
types of organophophates
1. sarin
2. VX
what happens when acetylcholine does not break down
nerves continuous state of firing which lead to violent muscle tremors and death
what does atropine bind to
muscarinic acetylcholine receptor
the purpose of atropine binding
acetylcholine not cause continuous muscle contractions
what is the precursor to atropine
what was the yield of tropinone in 1901
what was the yield of tropinone in 1917
greater than 90%
what drug did tropinone help identify
five categories of organic lab
1. research
2. organic reaction
3. separation
4. purification
5. analysis
preparing mentally
organic reaction
making new compound or understand organic properties
removing any unwanted starting materials or byproducts
purifying desired product
identify product or any chemical compound
what direction should equilibrium lie to get 100% yield
all the way to the right
carboxylic functional group
what pka is the stronger acid
lower pka
what type of conjugate bases do strong acids have
what is the difference between sodium benzoate and benzoic acid
benzoic acid is not a salt, it is an organic molecule
is benzoic acid harmful
how to obseve new chemical formed
what are tools needed to separate solids and liquids
1. wetted filter paper
2. buchner funnel
3. filter vac
4. filter flask
5. vaccum filtration apparatus
6. hose to vacuum
how to rinse benzoic acid to prevent loss of product
little ice-cold water as possible
what is density
why is benzoic acid acidic
1. double bond on the O pulls electrons away (inductive effect)
2. benzene ring resonance
why is Cl- more stable than sodium benzoate
less electronegative than O, more able to absorb charge
why is sodium benzoate more stable than CH3O-
has resonance which makes it mores stable
why wouldn;t you choose ethanol to wash the benzoic acid product
ethanol react with benzoic acd which would dissolve the product
purpose of continuing the vacuum on benzoic acid after filtration and washed
make sure product is completely dry = more accurate mass
best way to get accurate mass
1. filter
2. dry
3. scrape onto tared watch glass
how to decrease ratio of 155 to equilibrium
1. decrease acidity
2. use acid with higher Ka

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