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Before 1000 B.C.E., the two most influential people’s for the formation of early Mesoamerican culture were the _____ and ____
The staple crops that were domesticated during the archaic period in Mesoamerican history were _____ and ____
Domesticated animals
The people of the Americas most likely never developed the wheel because they had no large _______ _______
The best known _____ works of art are massive stone heads.
Ruler priests
The monumental architecture at San Lorenzo suggest that Olmec society was dominated by an elite class of _____-____
The first true city-state of Mesoamerica was ______.
The name of modern-day Mexico comes from the term used by the _____ to refer to themselves.
Flowery war
The Aztec conducted “______ ____” to capture prisoners for sacrifice.
The ______ civilization influenced the Aztec in terms of religion and mythology
The civilization of the ____ conducted an impressive system of roads throughout its empire.
Tikal; chichen itsa
The largest urban centers of the Mayan were ____ and _____
children of the sun
The inca called themselves _____ ___ ___ ____
Obsidian glass
The razor sharp weapons of the Aztec warriors were made from ______ ____
Francisco Pizarro
_______was the Spanish conquestidor who led the conquest of the inca America
Human sacrifice
To appease huitzilopochtli, and thus delay the ultimate destruction of their world the Aztec practiced _____ _____
The oldest Mesoamerican civilization that laid the foundation for kingship, art,and architecture for future Mesoamerican civilization was that of the ____
The Mesoamerican ball game was a great ritual mythological drama in which the losing team was often ____ to the gods
The inca conquered most of highland and coastal Peru under their greatest ruler _________
Written language
A unique feature of the inca empire is that they conquered and governed an area compromising modern day Peru,chile, Ecuador and Bolivia all without a ______ _____
The ancient city of Tikal is today located in the modern country of ______
Head of a human sacrifice
In the Mesoamerican ball game the ball represented _________
The inca had no writing system but kept records using a system of knotted strings called _____
Machu picchu
Built 8000 feat above sea level in the Andean mountains is the incas magnificent city _____ ____
Most of the Aztec population belonged to large kinship groups called _____
The Aztec capital was
Monte alban
______ ____ is especially noted for hundreds of sculptures of captured, tortured, and dead enemies.
The palace at palenque was built by the _____
The pyramid of the sun is closely associated with the _____ civilization
Hernan Cortes
The spaniard responsible for the demise of the Aztec civilization was _______ ______
Francisco Pizarro
The Spanish conquistador who conquered the Incan empire was ______ ______
Ball game
The _____ _____ was the universal sport of pre-Colombian Mesoamerica.
Architecture using huge blocks of irregular cut stones fitting together like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle and assembled without mortar could be found in the ______ enpire
As the guiding deity of the entire population _______ was the supreme Aztec god
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