practice management and EHR, Study Guide Chapter 3

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Access levels define which areas of the program a user can view, and whether the user can only view the information or can also add, edit, or delete it.
The encounter steps include only activities that take place before the patients arrives for an office visit.
Disaster recovery plans require practices to back up computer data
A user must be online to access any of the help features for Medisoft Network Professionals and Medisoft Clinical Patient Records
Medisoft Clinical is a practice management and electronic health record program for physician practices
Medisoft Network Professional is the Medisoft application used for patient accounting
The pre-encounter steps include preregistration and appointment scheduling
Medisoft Clinical Patient Records is the personal health record component of Medisoft Clinical
The results of a claim review are sent to the provider along with the payment
Once an examination is complete and the documentation has been entered in MCPR, the services provided and the provider’s determination of the patient’s diagnoses must be assigned____________.
numeric code
A plan for resuming normal operations after a disaster such as a fire or a computer malfunction is a_________
Disaster Recovery Plan
Which of the following is a built-in security feature of Medisoft Clinical
Access Levels
The website contains a searchable___________which is a collection of up-to-date technical information about Medisoft products
knowledge base
The pre-encounter steps include___________
Appointment scheduling
The term_________ refers to a patients medical record
What is the process of copying backup files onto the office’s computer systems, facilitating a return to normal business activity
To receive payment, a medical practice must create and submit_________ to health plans.
A statement lists___________
All service performed
The amount paid by the health plan
The charges for each service preformed
Medisoft Network Professionals includes_______, a schedule program
Office hours
A student who is familiar with Medisoft should be able to________ many skills taught in this book to other similar programs
MNP is the abbreviation for
Medisoft Network Professional
What is the practice management application within Medisoft Clinical
Medisoft Network Professional (MNP)
What is the electronic health records application within Medisoft Clinical
Medisoft Clinical Patient Records (MCPR)
Medisoft Clinical is a_________ program for physician practices
practice management
electronic health record
Medisoft Clinical has security features to ensure compliance with the________ privacy and security regulations
In order to log in to Medisoft Clinical an individual must enter a(n)_______ and a(n)__________
The use of user names and passwords prevents_______ access to the program, safeguards critical patient information, and protects patient confidentiality
Medisoft Clinical can have a number of_________ created for different positions in the office
access levels
If you are in charge of Medisoft Clinical security and you want to allow the physicians and nurses to enter and edit clinical data, while permitting the billing specialists and receptionist to only view that data, determine the security option that you would use
access levels
Medisoft Clinical Patient Records stores patient information in a number of ___________
electronic database
A________ is a collection of related pieces of information
The term_________ refers to a patients medical record
Physician practices use Medisoft Network Professional to
Enter changes
Follow up on accounts
Create statements
Medisoft Network Professional includes Office Hours, a(n)_________ program
The patient’s_________ is that patient’s description of the symptoms or reasons for seeking medical care
Chief Complaint (CC)
Tasks formerly completed_______ are now performed_______ through the use of computers

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